Best 3-in-1 vapes – for herb, wax and oil

If you’re looking for a vape that can handle all three forms of material, then this list is the right one for you! Naturally, you’re going to be quite limited in your available options since very few devices can handle all materials. However, many weed vapes can handle concentrates quite well, so if you’re not dead-set on compatibility with oils, you have many more options available.

These vapes are designed to be used with oil/e-liquids, wax-type concentrates, and dry ground herb. Not many 3-in-1 weed vapes exist on the market, so here’s your best resource to finding what’s really out there. With exception to the custom/DIY option, we’ll admit and say we prefer dedicated devices instead from a performance standpoint.

Click our best dry herb vaporizers for 2020 list if you’re keen on a dry herb vape, and our wax pen buyers guide if you’re particularly interested in a wax pen vaporizer.

Flowermate HybridX

Flowermate has already put out the rather unknown Flowermate Hybrid. The new Flowermate HybridX has similar performance to their standard devices, like the Flowermate V5 Pro. However, it has a 510-threaded tank adaptor on the bottom of this unit, allowing you to thread on your favorite tank or use the included one for e-juice/oil. The included wax/concentrates chamber gives it that last bit of compatibility to make it a true 3-in-1 herb vape setup.

Of course, this 510-threading is compatible with all the 510 oil cartridges you can find on the market, making this device one of few true 3-in-1 weed vapes around. With up to 60W of power, a healthy temperature range of 104F (40C) up to 500F (260C), and Flowermates reliable reputation, it’s a pretty solid device.

Flowermate HybridX

Boundless CF Hybrid

The next best option for a true 3-in-1 herb vape is the Boundless CF Hybrid. Similar to the Flowermate HybridX, the CF Hybrid can shoot up to 60W to the 510-threaded tank and offers a temperature range of 140°F-446°F, which is 60°C-230°C. It also includes a wax/concentrates chamber which works alright on max temperature.

The best advantage of the Boundless CF Hybrid is the removable 18650 battery. For probably obvious reasons, we really prefer a removable battery and the removable cell of the CF Hybrid is a great option. Elsewise, the performance for all materials is pretty similar between the two devices, so it’s hard to say which is the best 3-in-1 weed vape. 

Boundless CF Hybrid

V2 Pro Series 3X/ V2 Pro Series 7

Definitely the smallest and simplest option between the available devices, the V2 Pro Series 3X and V2 Pro Series 7 use a magnetically attached cartridge/pod system. Each chamber is for the dedicated material; wax, oil, or dry herb. The smart system detects which cartridge you’ve tossed in and doesn’t require any further programming.

While the entire setup and system has a great user experience and simple to use, the performance is quite lack-luster compared to others. We’d only recommend these devices if you only occasionally use the various materials. Elsewise, the performance seriously lags behind the dedicated devices for every type of material and we’d really recommend the other units.

V2 Pro Series 3X & V2 Pro Series 7

Grizzly Eclipse & Grizzly Guru 3-in-1 herb vapes

Sporting a removable 18650 battery and also a true 3-in-1 herb vape, the Grizzly Eclipse fills an interesting niche. However, it does fall short to the dedicated devices still in terms of performance, particularly in the dry herb category. With e-liquid and wax, we find it to be quite good and a solid option.

It’s about the size of a regular e-cig, aside from the fact you’ll have to carry around the separate atomizers. With that in mind, then you might find it worth it to go for a DIY/Custom setup to really get the performance up a level. The Grizzly Guru is a rather similar device, but with a slightly different form factor

Grizzly Eclipse & Grizzly Guru

A DIY/Custom setup

Definitely requiring a learning curve and the most expensive option around, a custom setup is by far the best way to get top notch performance with each material choice.  If you’re already familiar with nicotine vapes/e-cigs, this won’t be too different than what you already know.

What you’re going to need is a 510-threaded battery, like a Joyetech eVic or Wismec Sinuous P80. These will allow you to thread on the appropriate atomizers for each type of material. With a dedicated atomizer for each material, you can guarantee the best performance. Choosing a battery/mod which uses a removable 18650 battery and firmware updates is highly recommended.

An example of a 510-threaded wax atomizer would be something like the Saionara atomizer, DC Gen 3 wax atomizer, or Hercules atomizer. These have strong customization options with the atomizer and can provide a real dab-like experience. These can range from $50-$100.

Examples of a 510-threaded herb atomizer are the RBT Splinter, MistVape Imp, DC Gen 2, and ModPodLabs Stempod. These can range from $30-$200 and can even match the performance of some seriously high-end devices which cost twice as much.

510-threaded oil cartridges of all types can be used as well. Standard carts like the CCell TH2 and PCKT SPRK will fit no problem and offer great performance. Just ensure you adjust your output power to not accidentally blow the atomizer out!

So while you may have to lug around a few different atomizers, this is by far the best way to get the absolute best performance. No jack-of-all-trades device will be able to keep up with the performance of this modular and custom setup; however they will be significantly easier to use. Overall, you can expect to spend up to $300 for an entire custom setup, including mod, atomizers, and batteries.


Honestly, we’d recommend a dedicated device for each type, or at least a wax/herb vape and an oil vaporizer separately. The cost will likely come out to be very similar and you’ll enjoy much better performance and vapor quality across the board. An exception to this would be a DIY 510-threaded weed vape setup.

If we had to pick one of the three, we’d opt for the Boundless CF Hybrid with its removable 18650, Boundless reputation, and ability to use all three materials pretty well. Still, 3-in-1 vapes are still behind the curve and need some improvements to be made in order to be a viable option. 

Plenty of good budget herb vapes are available at a great price, and both good wax and oil vapes can be found for easily under $40 each. We’d really opt for this route if you’re budget-conscious.  Check out our vaporizer buyers guide to help you understand how dry herb vapes work and which is right for you. Our wax pen buyers guide will also help sort you out on the dabbing side of things!

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