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So you’ve bought your first dry herb vaporizer but it doesn’t quite cut it for sessions? Or perhaps you want something to sesh on with your sweetheart or a group of friends and want something that’s easy to use and can satisfy multiple. Fear not, our easy list here will help you find the best herb vape for sharing and group sessions.

If you’re new to the herb vape scene, check out our ‘What is a dry herb vape’ article to find out some more good info!

Storz & Bickel Volcano Hybrid

Number one at our list is coincidentally the most expensive. For a good reason though, the Volcano Hybrid is an absolute powerhouse which can tank through a massive chamber and hit you right upside the head with perfect hits of smooth flavor and powerful potency.

 It’s versatile and can fill balloons or offer direct draw with a whip for any purpose. Set it down on your coffee table and pass the hose around with multiple people. The large chamber will accommodate a ton of herb and easily do the trick for 5 people, depending on tolerances of course.

If you’re on a bit of a budget, the Storz & Bickel Plenty is a great choice as it still has a massive bowl and a long cable, also allowing it to be passed around. It may resemble a strange power-tool, but this aesthetic is fitting since it hits you just like one.

 They’re well priced and believe me, I nearly greened out from a full chamber at high temperature after just a couple of hits – and there were 7 other people hitting it! Definitely an under-appreciated device.

Volcano Hybrid Herb Vape

Storz & Bickel Crafty+ and Mighty

On the portable side of the equation is the two high-end herb vapes S&B have also dropped, the Crafty+ and Mighty. Both of these feature a reasonably large bowl at around 0.25-0.3 grams, allowing you to pack in enough to share comfortably with 3 or so people. If you want to be unrestricted by cables, then these are a solid pick.

While at a pretty high price, we find them to be worth it and you can check out our Crafty+ review and Mighty vape review to see exactly why!

Crafty Plus and Mighty Herb Vaporizers

Utillian 722

We find the Utillian 722 to be an excellent alternative to the Crafty+ as it comes in at a noticeably lower cost but retains much of the performance and power while sacrificing a couple of the not-so-needed features. The healthy bowl size and top notch vapor quality makes it a great portable herb vape for sharing and solo use. We recommend it for small groups up to 3 people.

Checkout our Utillian 722 Review to learn more about it.

Utillian 722

Boundless CFX

An alternative to the king of vapes, the Mighty, the Boundless CFX shares a similar form factor but has a monstrous 0.5 gram herb chamber! If you want a portable herb vape with a big chamber, this is your go-to. The battery life is very solid and it hits as big as the size is.

While it’s not the best portable herb vape in terms of size, it’s awesome for sharing and group sessions! You can easily pass it around with 5 people no problem thanks to the large 0.5 gram bowl and put out some pretty impressive clouds.

Boundless CFX Dry Herb Vaporizer

Arizer Extreme Q

An alternative to the beloved Volcano Hybrid, the Arizer Extreme Q offers the same level of versatility for a fraction of the cost. The king of budget desktop herb vapes, this plug-in device sacrifices battery power for tons of power. 

The bowl can hold over 0.5 grams with ease and you’ll never have to worry about running out of juice or the unit overheating. You can use it with a whip or fill balloons and the remote is especially useful for distant control of heating settings and such.

For the price you can find them at, the Arizer Extreme Q is seriously hard to beat, and certainly mods like the Arizer Extreme Q DDave mod can make the performance even better! For a good budget desktop herb vape with the idea of sharing in mind, the EQ is a perfect fit!

Checkout this detailed Arizer Extreme Q review we did.

Arizer Extreme Q Desktop Vaporizer

Arizer Solo 2

Okay so the Solo 2 doesn’t have a large bowl by any means, however it’s very great for extended sessions. When sitting down and watching a movie, puffing away for 15-30 minutes, we can’t think of a better portable herb vape than the Solo 2. This one is girlfriend approved and super easy to use. 

You won’t get completely blitzed and for more than 2 people, the Solo 2 falls a bit short, but if you want a chill session for sharing with one friend and never have to worry about over-heating or letting it run, then it’s a perfect pic. Bonus that it’s well-priced and by a great company!

If you want to learn more about this vape checkout our Arizer Solo 2 Reivew.

Herb Vape Arizer Solo 2

Bonus: Lamart Tetra P80

For the real tech-heads out there, the Tetra P80 by Lamart is a real powerhouse and luxury pick. The Swiss creator personally customized the firmware and made the wood body and heater all himself – a true artisans vape. What do you get though? Well, none other but the single most powerful portable dry herb vape around!

We liken its performance to match that of the Arizer Extreme Q, a bold statement to make! Fitting up to 0.5 grams of herb in a full stem-pack but also doing great with microdoses, it’s an attractive and truly artisanal device indeed. The catch? It’s rather expensive and there’s a waiting time for it to be built. 

With desktop-like performance but not restricted to cables, you can pass it around and deliver some truly powerful hits of vapor with amazing flavor and nicely smooth. Pair it with a while for ultimate convenience. It deserves a top among the elite for dry herb vaporizers. Just make sure you have some extra batteries too.

Lamart Tetra P80


So there you have it, our favorite and the best dry herb vapes for group sessions and sharing! In the end, the best herb vape for group sessions would probably be a desktop unit since they often have larger bowls and an unrestricted power supply.

 If you’re dead-set on a portable dry herb vape for sharing, then the others mentioned in the list are what we consider to be the best option. Of course, you can always reload a chamber with other devices, but that can break the flow and fun of a group sesh.

We hope we helped you out and if you have any questions, message us on Reddit or any social media, or leave a comment down below and we’ll be glad to help you out immediately! Until next time, thanks for reading!

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