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Puffco, from Los Angeles, California, is an award-winning, premium vaporizer brand. They produce some of the best concentrate devices we have ever seen. The flavor on both the Puffco Peak electric dab rig and the Puffco Plus wax pen is as good or better than anything on the concentrate vape market today.

The professionals at Puffco were consumers who weren’t satisfied with the current state of concentrates. Other brands might put out budget vaporizers to cater to a specific market, but the vaporizers from the Puffco brand have been designed with the true concentrate connoisseur in mind. They have only released a few products so far, but everything they release is top-notch.

Their team of cutting-edge engineers designs some of the best concentrate vaporizers money can buy. Additionally, they are working on some really interesting 3D printed accessories. They stays on the cutting edge of innovation and engineering, all while maintaining a laid back and friendly Cali vibe. We can’t wait to see some of the awesome devices they will put out in the years to come.

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