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The Classic Volcano Desktop Vaporizer Review

The Classic Volcano desktop vaporizer is one of the best of its kind, if not the best. The Volcano is inarguably a top of the line device that is another impressive offering from German manufacturers Storz and Bickel. When people think of a memorable vaping experience at a party or a cannabis industry live event, they’re probably thinking of the Volcano. Some vaporizer enthusiasts still have their Volcanoes that they purchased in the early 2000’s, and they’re still working perfectly. That is an ultimate test to the quality and longevity of this desktop vaporizer.

The user-friendly functionality and design of this desktop vaporizer is second-to none. Couple that with the superior vapor quality and thickness, and this is a perfect for parties and more intimate home sessions. When it comes to a workhouse that delivers the best tasting, thickets clouds possible, the Volcano is up there with the best of the best. Continue reading

Boundless CF Vaporizer Review – Hybrid Vaporizer!

The CF portable vaporizer, manufactured by Boundless, offers a top-shelf hybrid-heating element that gives you thick, delicious vapor clouds from either dry herb or concentrates. The battery life and the size of the bowl both compete with most of its kind on the market today. If you’re in the market for a portable vaporizer that fits in your pocket, heats up quickly and can vape either extracts or dry herbs without spending an arm and a leg, there’s a good chance that the CF from Boundless is for you.

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Arizer Air 2 Review – Is it better than the Air 1?

The Arizer Air 2 portable vaporizer features noticeable upgrades and improvements over the original Arizer Air, such as precision temperature control and an eye-catching OLED screen. The Air 2 dry herb unit still keeps many of the same features that led to the popularity of the first model, like interchangeable batteries and a high quality, durable mouthpiece and airway made from glass, which won’t degrade any vapor flavor like plastic can. Many enthusiasts consider the Arizer Air 2 to be the best of its kind when it comes to delicious vapor quality. Continue reading

Mighty Vaporizer Review – Is it worth the price?


German engineering is world famous when it comes to designing sleek, new, innovative products in many industries. And no, it’s not just automobiles like Mercedes and BMW. Proving this engineering excellence are German manufacturers Storz and Bickel, makers of the Mighty Vaporizer. The Mighty’s closest relative is the Crafty, which was at one time one of the most popular portable vaporizers on the market. The Mighty has a bowl for dry herbs that is double in size of that of the Crafty, and its battery lasts more than twice as long. Storz and Bickel are also known for their plug in units, the Plenty and desktop based Volcano Vaporizer, both intended for home use.

One knock on this particular vaporizer might be that some dry herb enthusiasts find the Mighty is a bit too large to enjoy discreet vaping because of its size – the unit weighs a half a pound and is five and a half inches long by three inches wide. It definitely does live up to its name of the Mighty to some people. If you aren’t all that worried about personal and discreet vaping and are looking for a big, tough, powerful device – you might love the Mighty. Continue reading

Exxus Mini Review – Smallest vaporizer on the market

Exxus Mini Review

If you’re in the market for a small vaporizer, the Exxus Mini could be a solid choice. This product is supposedly the smallest of its kind on the market today. Clocking in at only an inch wide and four inches high, it is the mini version of the Exxus Dry Herb Vaporizer. Despite its allegedly record-setting compact size, the Exxus Mini’s performance is still above average and mostly holds its own against more expensive models. Operation and Functionality Continue reading

Arizer Solo 2 Vaporizer Review – The More Powerfull Version

Arizer Solo 2 Review  

In this review we are going to test and operate the new Airzer Solo 2 vaporizer and its new features including:  the digital display, complete temperature control, adjustable start & shut off presets, extended battery life.   We are going to analyze and compare, in detail, the original Arizer Solo with the new Arizer Solo 2.

We have broken this review down into the following sections: Operation, Temperature Range, Vapor Quality, Battery Life, Device Quality, Warranty, Portability, Maintenance, Comparison and our final thoughts on this unit.

There is not a lot of options when it comes to colour as the Arizer Solo 2 vaporizer is only available in Mystic Blue and Carbon Black. It is made by Arizer, a well known Canadian vaporizer brand and it’s the new release of the original Solo vaporizer line. It is also the Arizer Air’s older brother. The Arizer Solo was released in 2011 and since then Arizer has been gathering customers feedback and making modifications to the Solo line and now that day is finally here!  Without any more delay let’s get into this review and put the Arizer Solo 2 to the test. Continue reading

Boundless CFV Vaporizer Review – Flavorful Convection

Boundless CFV Review

Boundless Technology, despite many challenges and serious competition, is making its way to the top through their introduction of highly unique and innovative technology in the portable vaporizer industry, including the Boundless CFV, the CFX and more. We are going to review the Boundless CFV vaporizer which features a full convection oven and comes with unique accessories including interchangeable oven rings, made of wood and quartz, to change the flavor profile. Without further ado let’s get rolling! Continue reading

AirVape XS Vaporizer Review – Credit Card Thin Vaporizer!

The product in the spotlight today is Apollo’s Airvape XS . This vaporizer has an incredibly thin frame, one of the smallest we have seen. It comes with a ceramic heating chamber, accurate temp control, fully customizable duration time for vaping, as well as a glass mouthpiece. Now let’s break it down and see what we think of it when it’s under a microscope. Continue reading

DaVinci Ascent Review — Start Vaping In Seconds!

DaVinci Ascent Evaluation

Discreet, Portable and Stylish – Ascent by DaVinci Has It All!

With an attractive design and long-lasting battery, DaVinci Ascent is a portable vaporizer produced by Organicix, LLC. The device has a solid built and offers customized vaping sessions.

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Dual Chamber Vaping Fun-Haze Portable Vaporizer

Stumped for gift ideas for your husband’s birthday? Get the Dual Chamber Vaping Fun-Haze Portable Vaporizer and see his eyes light up!

There are many reasons why this particular vaporizer unit would make the perfect gift. Given the Good Design Award in 2015, the vaporizer was also included in this year’s Oscars ‘Everyone Wins’ gift bags that are presented to nominees.

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