How To Choose a Weed Vape Pen

Things to consider before choosing your weed vape pen?

Thinking about investing in a good weed vape pen? Read this guide before you bust out your credit card.

How many of you have access to authentic vape pens? Let’s face it, even in 2017, a large number of vapors do not have access to safe cannabis oil-filled vape pens! As a matter of fact, most vapors tend to buy them from the black market.

Consequently, stoners are not able to get a weed vape pen of their choice and are forced to buy from the local areas. This proves to be a huge setback for vaping enthusiasts as it deprives them of a pleasant marijuana vaping experience.

But, this should not happen to you. So, what are the factors that you should keep in mind while selecting the ideal weed vape pen? Here are a few points which should help:

Buy vape pens with temperature regulators and low voltage battery

The ideal vaping experience is when vapors can smell the marijuana while making it less harmful for the body.

A good weed vape pen is one which could actually vaporize the oil while also reducing your exposure to smoke significantly. It is said that the higher the vaping temperature, the more carcinogens you might be inhaling. Thus, it is highly recommended to use weed pens with adjustable temperature settings, such that the weed pen would actually vaporize the cannabis oil instead of burning the coil.

Having said that, what should be the ideal temperature range? If you are starting off, the temperature of 280 degrees F would be good. You could increase it as you go more into the smoking zone while keeping yourself in the vapor zone. However, it is imperative to be mindful here such that the temperature does not go past 380 degrees F to 400 degrees F. So, while choosing the ideal vape pen, make sure that the temperature can be controlled.

Also, it is highly recommended to buy vape pens with the low-voltage battery as they prove to be more useful for smokers. The 3.3-volt batteries work better than the 5-volt batteries when additives like propylene glycol are added to the cannabis oil.

Choose oil with the right consistency

Regular weed smokers would understand the importance of having oil with the right consistency. You would not want hash oil that is either Man Smoking a Weed Pentoo thick or too thin. The ideal consistency is to get something that is neither too thin nor too viscous.

Let us understand the two extremes of the hash oil consistency. For instance, if the oil is too viscous, the hash oil tries to hold on to the plant chlorophyll and cuticle waxes. These are components of the cannabis plant that one would want to avoid. In the other situation, when the oil is too thin and comes with more of a liquid appearance, there are high chances that some synthetic flavoring chemicals or propylene glycol have been added to it.

It is easy to be fooled by the packaging of the oil. Even when it says 100% pure cannabis oil and appears to be purely liquid, the probability is high that it would contain a mixture of synthetic chemicals. The best way to choose hash oil is to keep a point of reference. If you get oil that has the same consistency as honey, you are sure to enjoy genuine marijuana vaping experience!

Buy the oil that pleases your taste buds

Cannabis Vaping Oil

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The golden rule for choosing the right cannabis oil-filled vape pens is simple. If it tastes bad, you should not vape it. Our taste buds are prepared to pick up tastes from different chemicals. If it tastes bad, there are high chances that the oil contains formaldehyde and some synthetic chemicals which might be bad for you.

For instance, a lot of black market vendors are now adding organic compounds from cannabis oil into the hash oil. This produces the smell of cannabis but is far away from it. This, however, makes you feel that you are consuming pure cannabis. Further, these chemicals not only taste bad but can also prove to be dangerous to your body. Why is it so? The additional chemicals can be producing carcinogens at high temperatures, thus proving harmful for your body.

So, in order to be sure that the oil is good enough, it is best to have a small taste of it. If it has even the lightest of smells, you should avoid it at all costs!

Your Turn

These are some of the factors you must consider while choosing the ideal vape pen. Although these are only parameters to be kept in mind, it takes a lot of experience for a smoker to identify the real oil.

But the strangest part about using oil-filled weed vaping pens is the fact that you might not have a lot of knowledge about it. It is very difficultKanydpens Elite All Colours to trap the entire market and know all the carcinogens while conducting your research or studies. There are possibly a lot more carcinogens that can be found in oil which become active at different temperatures. The main reason for this lack of conclusive results is the absence of sufficient data.

There is also a common question doing the rounds. Is vaping weed oil as dangerous as smoking cigarettes? There is a possibility that this is true. There are some vaporizers in the market that make it a bad experience. There are some others that might give more importance to safety. It is difficult to say for sure since we do not have adequate data available for us.

Jahan Marcu, the Chief Scientific Officer, from Americans for Safe Access suggests conducting a research on yourself, by noting down the amount of marijuana consumed, the appearance, and by taking pictures. These can be compared later to bring out some solid results!

What are your views on this? What all considerations do you keep in mind while choosing a weed vape pen? Let us know in the comments.

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