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Why Doesn’t Google Let Cannabis Companies Advertise

For years now, Google for some reason thinks that it is not appropriate for cannabis companies to advertise their products or services on their search engine or affiliate sites. As you might guess, the Internet conglomerate is perfectly fine with pharmaceutical companies advertising their potentially harmful pills and medications. There are many cannabis businesses that serve only the medical side, which is completely legal and backed by the support of countless medical doctors and families that have seen the healing properties that the versatile plant medicine is capable of. So what’s the deal? Why are pharmaceutical drugs okay with Google, but cannabis isn’t?

It is a bit difficult to fully answer that question, but many people speculate that it’s because there’s still a stigma attached to cannabis use – even for strict medical reasons that have a history of helping people. Google might be hesitant to give the green light to medical marijuana businesses, because there are a lot of uninformed people out there that still make the claim that medical cannabis users only want to use the plant medicine because they want to get stoned. Just like any other large corporation, is always trying to please their shareholders, and some of these shareholders might not be pleased with seeing cannabis related ads on the site. With the cannabis industry poised to continue to be one of the most lucrative markets in history, Google’s anti-weed stance simply just looks foolish at this point. How much ad revenue is this causing Google? It’s hard to say exactly, but we would venture to guess that it is somewhere in the millions.

On top of Google’s stance against legal cannabis companies, there is a real lack of quality information about the plant available online, with some so for or against it that their biases are inevitable. To some degree, at least, Google is arguably responsible for some of this – considering a majority of Internet users worldwide start with Google when they log onto the Internet. Just about everyone Googles things these days, as there is absolutely a wealth of information contained in many searches. It’s unfortunate that it’s hard to find quality, evidence-based information when it comes to medical cannabis research. It’s partly because of the lack of information at many levels; many medical professionals are left without access to the facts and studies done on medical cannabis. The fact that the U.S. government still has the drug illegal at the federal level, and still claims it has “no medicinal value”, obviously playing a damaging part in all of this as well. There are countless patients who could significantly benefit from being prescribed medical cannabis, but because there is a lack of information available to doctors these days, many of them are hesitant to recommend medical cannabis.

It goes without saying that any private business or organization has every right to set specific policies, and Google is no different. But any one who takes an intellectually honest look at the landscape of pharmaceutical medication being allowed to advertise can detect that there is a serious issue. Alas, all is not lost, as necessity is the grandparent of innovation. Just like cannabis businesses have had to think of creative ways to get business bank accounts and the like, they have also developed creative ways to promote their products without the need for Google ads. As you probably know, most marijuana business owners and professionals are forward-thinking individuals who are often a step ahead of other markets. Because of this, innovations and solutions within the legal marijuana business will only continue to improve as it grows. Every single day, there are new startups popping up within the cannabis industry. Many of them fail, like any other business sector, but many of them also succeed.

Obviously, Google is not alone in prohibiting cannabis advertising – Facebook does it as well. Both of these companies have made terrible business decisions in our opinion, but perhaps they believe they are already raking in enough money without changing their policies to reflect the will of the majority of Americans and Canadians who favor outright legalization. If it is indeed the shareholders who prevent Google from allowing cannabis ads, perhaps these shareholders should take a closer look at industry projected figures that predict that the cannabis industry will outpace that of the NFL when we get to the year 2020. Like it or not, the legal cannabis industry is here to stay, no matter what prohibitionist politicians or media conglomerates might have to say about it.

What do you think? Should Google and Facebook let cannabis businesses advertise? Or, should they continue the ban on them? Let us know in the comments.

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