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Vaping VS Smoking – Which One is a Better Option?

Vaping VS Smoking is the big question when it comes to marijuana inhalation.

Weed, pot, hash, Mary Jane—whatever you like to call it—is one of the most widely used medication.

It creates a mind-altering ‘high’ that is, sometimes, described as heavenly by some of its users.

Some might argue that vaporizers might not lead to the same effect as smoking; however, this assumption couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Here are some considerable benefits of vaporizing marijuana instead of smoking it:

It Is Healthier

Although the negative effects of smoking marijuana are not as severe as that of smoking tobacco, there are still some significant damages that it can cause. When the dried leaves or flowers are burnt, smokers can be at increased risk of bronchitis and respiratory infections.

This risk can be avoided by the use of vaporizers. Since these devices heat dried cannabis to a temperature below the point of combustion, they do not release harmful carcinogenic toxins.

This means that these devices release cannabinoids (chemicals producing the high) without the dangerous by-products.

It Preserves the ‘Throat Hit’

An essential component of the smoking experience, the ‘throat hit’ is a sensation at the back of the throat and lungs when smoke is inhaled. Smokers often cite this as their excuse for not wanting to try any other method of inhalation.

Blog32However, with vaporization, this excuse gets invalid. It produces the same ‘throat hit’ sensation that is experienced when smoking.

It’s Unobtrusive

Although the smell of the herb is still there, the cloud of smoke is not as obtrusive. Also, vaporizing pens are more discreet than a smoking joint. This comes in quite handy when vaporizing in public.

It Comes In a Variety of Shapes, Colours and Sizes

From digital vaporizers to vape pens, there are quite a few vaporization products available in the market.

They are cool, stylish and come in all the different shapes, colors and sizes. Most of them come with a battery and can be charged by a USB.

It is a Cost-Effective Option

Although buying a vaporizer will mean spending a few dollars, it will be a good investment. According to a study published in the Journal of Psychoactive Drugs, patients rated vaporizing as an efficient method of marijuana intake, as it required lower doses when compared with smoking.

Moreover, another study found that vaporizers had the ability to convert around 46 percent of THC into vapors, whereas an average joint could convert less than 25 percent.

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