Dr. Dabber Boost Review

Author Rating: 8.2/10

Ease of Use: 8/10
Temperature Settings: 7/10
Chamber & Heating System: 9/10
Vapor Quality: 8/10
Battery Life: 8/10
Aesthetics & Manufacturing Quality: 9/10

The Dr. Dabber Boost was one of the very first of its kind, as there weren’t many other portable dab rigs on the market when it made its debut make in 2015. The manufacturers set out to design a unit that could take all the awesomeness of doing traditional dabs and allow users to take it on the go. Since it uses its own battery like your typical portable vaporizer, there is no need for using blow torches that are potentially dangerous and can look sketchy to some people that don’t understand dabbing. The Boost sought to change all of that. The Doctor Dabber Black Edition was released not too long ago as well, which is basically the same unit; only it heats up quicker and comes with nails that are bigger in size.

This device is only for vaping waxes and other concentrates, as the name should imply. However, sometimes it’s necessary to point out what seems to be obvious, just to make sure people don’t get confused. Does the Doctor Dabber really compare to dab rigs that are for home use? Keep reading and you be the judge.

dr. dabber boost black edition

Battery on the Dr. Dabber Boost

Some users have complained about the generic 510-thread battery that comes with the Doctor Dabber Boost, claiming that it isn’t a powerful as name brand ones. It is a standard battery that clocks in at 2500 mAh. Thankfully, better batteries of that particular kind are not at all hard to find, so you might find yourself wanting to purchase a replacement and using the included battery as a back up. The Dabber Boost heats up anywhere between 25 to 60 seconds, depending on what nail you decide to use. The new Black Edition does heat up more quickly, as previously mentioned.

The device does draw quite a bit of power from the battery, so it might not last as long as your portable vaporizer does. Opinions on the battery vary widely, with some users saying that they can dab up to 40 times with the Doctor Dabber, others saying less than 15 or 20. We suspect it’s dependent on how big of a dab you’re trying to take and if you’re toking alone. The battery can also take a while to charge up, so we recommend leaving it on the charger every day, unless you have a back up battery.

dabber boost battery

Using the Dr. Dabber Boost

Just like water pipes, the Doctor Dabber Boost will give smooth hits because of the filter. We also think the sound it makes is kind of cool. To dab with the nail that is made out of titanium, hit the ON button rapidly three times to get it nice and hot. A white light tells it’s heating up. When it’s time to dab, the light switches to blue. With the titanium nail, it heats up to 515 degrees Fahrenheit in about 25 seconds, and 610 degrees in about 45.

If you want to use either the nail made out of ceramic or the nail made from quartz, you press the ON button rapidly five times instead of three. Just like the nail made with titanium, first the light is blue and then it turn to a white light when it’s ready for a nice tasty dab rip. These nails heat up to 520 degrees Fahrenheit in about a time of 40 seconds, and 600 degrees Fahrenheit. Those are some scorching temperatures you might see on the planet of Mercury, so be extremely careful when handling the device or you will burn yourself. Even after only one toke, it can be dangerous. While some might claim (especially the manufacturer) that the Doctor Dabber is discreet and portable, most users seem to disagree. The unit is very noticeable and you might struggle to take a rip without setting it down and using both hands.

 Size & Portability

Vapor Quality on the Dr Dabber Boost

Some users have complained that the original Dabber only comes with two temperatures, which means taking tokes at lower levels. The bigger nails with the new black edition do improve the vapor production a bit, though.

dr. dabber e-nail

What Comes With the Doctor Dabber Boost?

As we already, mentioned, you will get a total of three separate and unique nails with this device. You will also get two containers made from silicone, a nifty keychain, a standard tool to dab with, and a carb aka “shotgun” cap. Even though the Dr Dabber only comes with a 1-year warranty that only covers the batteries and the components used to charge said batteries, many vape lovers don’t mind that, and hold the warranty in high regard – with the company shipping replacement parts out often the very next day after a request was received, without any explanations required.

All accessories


  • The Dr. Dabber boost boasts excellent vapor taste, with the liquid filtration similar to a water pipe bringing smooth rips.
  • Batteries can be swapped out, and the device will work with any 510’s you might have.
  • More easily portable than your typical e-nail.
  • Comes with three nails – one made of titanium, one made of quartz and one made of ceramic, which is a nice additional that provides versatility.


  • Some newbie vape users have complained that the device is confusing and hard to understand how to load.
  • Most users think that it doesn’t exactly replicate taking a “real” dab.
  • Not exactly portable as claimed.
  • Can get caked on with residue rather quickly, requiring frequent cleaning.
  • The warranty only covers batteries and charging.
  • The glass parts can break easily.  

What are your thoughts on the Doctor Dabber Boost? Do you own one of these devices or know someone who does? Let us know in the comments.

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