Dr. Dabber Light Review

Author Rating: 7.5/10

Ease of Use: 9/10
Temperature Settings: 7/10
Chamber & Heating System: 7/10
Vapor Quality: 7/10
Battery Life: 7/10
Aesthetics & Manufacturing Quality: 8/10

The market for compact and inexpensive wax vape pens has been gaining some serious popularity over the last few years or so. We are regularly seeing more and more manufacturers release LED vape pen products with the hopes of competing in this growing niche.

The Dr. Dabber brand produces a wide variety of vaporizers – from the hefty home-based Switch, to the compact LED vape pen, the Light. The Dr. Dabber Light is highly compact, not much larger than a tobacco cigarette, but obviously without the harmful combustion and smoke. Is the Dr. Dabber Light right for you? Let’s get into it.

Product Features:

  • Instant Heat Up Time
  • Compact and Sleek Design
  • One Button Operation
  • Wax Container Included
  • Titanium Technology

How it Works and Ease of Use:

The Dr. Dabber Light instructions are minimal, because there’s only one button to press to operate the device, and one temperature setting. Its basic design consists of only three components – the mouthpiece, atomizer and battery. To use the Light, remove the mouthpiece, and load some wax onto the coils and put the mouthpiece back on. To turn the device on, you click the button five times, and it heats up instantly. Just hold the button down to inhale. It’s really as simple as that.

Dr. Dabber Light Wax Pen

Dr. Dabber Light Temperature Settings:

The Dr. Dabber Light only has one temperature setting, which might be a positive for newbies, but for experienced vape users, that’s going to be a drawback. The voltage (110v) or wattage cannot be changed on the Light, either.

On/Off Button

Dabber Light Atomizer:

The atomizer on the Dr. Dabber light is a wire made of titanium that is wrapped around a wick made of ceramic. The coils are recessed in the device, meaning they are lower than other devices. While this does help to prevent leakages and makes it easier to pack your device, the coils themselves don’t last all that long, and they aren’t cheap to replace. It will work well for a light vape user, but not for someone who likes to use their device every day or several times a week.

Vapor Quality

Dr. Dabber Light Vapor Quality:

The vapor quality from the Dr. Dabber Light is about average, maybe slightly above average. It’s not going to be anything special, but there are worse units out there. The plastic mouthpiece leaves a bit to be desired as far as the flavor quality. However, the titanium technology on the Light will heat up your materials slowly. This helps give a smoother vape rip, and the first few sessions won’t taste metallic. However, once the atomizers start to degrade, the quality goes downhill. There are replacement atomizers with the device, but there are other wax pens that don’t need their components replaced that often.

Dr. Dabber Light Coil and Mouthpiece

Dabber Light Battery Life:

The Dr. Dabber Light battery is small, but it gets the job done for what the device is. It usually lasts most casual vape enthusiasts about a few days or so. Heavy users will probably have to charge the device daily. The manufacturer’s website claims that you’ll get about 100 rips from a full charge, but it might be more like 75. It charges up quickly, usually under an hour.

Dr. Dabber Light Battery Life

Aesthetics and Manufacturing Quality:

The manufacturing quality on the Light isn’t bad for the price, and it certainly lives up to its name, weighing less than half a pound. The fact that the Light is 510 threaded adds some value to the device, because that allows you to vape pre-filled cartridges with it. The blue light really isn’t flashy at all, nor is it too bright. There’s nothing fancy about the aesthetics of the Light, but it gets the job done for what it is.

As we mentioned, the atomizer needs to be replaced every few weeks or so, which is certainly less than ideal and does take away from its overall value. The KanyPens Slim is a smaller pen-style vaporizer that we think looks better than the Light. It depends on your preference, that’s just our take.

Manufacturing Quality

Portability and Discreetness:

Obviously, most wax pens will be discreet, but the Light is one of the more portable and discreet on the market today. It’s about the same size as a normal writing pen and slightly larger than a cigarette, so it easily fits into any pocket. Avoiding unwanted attention isn’t much of an issue with the Light.

Portability and Size

Dr. Dabber Light Accessories:

The Dr. Dabber Light Wax Pen comes with a lithium-ion battery, two atomizers, two mouthpieces, a dab tool, a storage ball, the Dr. Dabber Light charger that is a wireless USB, and a user’s guide. The battery and charger also come with a 1-year warranty.

Dr. Dabber Light Accessories


We highly recommend giving your Light wax pen a good thorough cleaning after every session or so. The Light comes apart at three separate components, so you can access the atomizer a little easier. But if you let any gunk build-up, good luck getting it out, and this will reduce the quality of your rips significantly.

Summary and Comparison:

Overall, we were fairly neutral on the Dr. Dabber Light LED vape pen. It’s not the best LED vape pen available today, but it’s not exactly the worst, either. The battery life and vapor quality are both decent, and it’s stealthy and easy to use. However, the fact that the atomizers on the device will need replacing more often than most other devices of its kind was a drawback for us. The Dr. Dabber Light replacement parts can be pricy as well.

You might be better off just buying something like the Light’s larger siblings, such as the Dr. Dabber Ghost or the high-powered Aurora. When it comes to wax pens, we tend to prefer KandyPens models like the Slim or the Gravity instead of the Dr. Dabber Light.

What do you think about the Dr. Dabber Light? What are its strengths and weaknesses? Is it the best portable vaporizer available? If not, what do you think is the best? Let us know in the comments.

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