Exxus Mini Review – Smallest vaporizer on the market

Author Rating: 7.5/10

Ease of Use: 9/10
Temperature Settings: 10/10
Chamber & Heating System: 7/10
Vapor Quality: 6/10
Battery Life: 6/10
Aesthetics & Manufacturing Quality: 7/10

If you’re in the market for a small vaporizer, the Exxus Mini could be a solid choice. This product is supposedly the smallest of its kind on the market today. Clocking in at only an inch wide and four inches high, it is the mini version of the Exxus Dry Herb Vaporizer. Despite its allegedly record-setting compact size, the Exxus Mini’s performance is still above average and mostly holds its own against more expensive models. Operation and Functionality

Simple, user-friendly functionality is one of the best features of this small vaporizer. To power up the unit, simply press the ON button five times and press the unlock symbol. If you’re wondering why the product doesn’t turn on with one press, it’s because many people keep their portable vaporizers in their pockets as they go about their days. You don’t want a phantom power up on your vape draining your battery life. The battery typically will last you 90 minutes.Exxus Mini All Accessories

Once the vape is powered up, the LCD screen displays the current temperature and allows you to set your desired temperature. Just press the up and down arrows to raise or lower the temp you want to set. It doesn’t get much more simple than that.
The temperature spectrum is from 320 degrees to 410 degrees Fahrenheit (160 degrees – 210 degrees Celsius). This is a fairly wide temperature spectrum, especially for a small vaporizer. This gives you flexibility depending on how you like to vape.
Since this unit has an anodized steel heating unit, the silicon mouthpiece and the vapor can get very hot. Use caution after hitting it several times. Because of this, we recommend you stick to 370 degrees or less. Otherwise, you might heat your herbs up too quickly and get hot vapor and a harsh puff. Loading the chamber about halfway is also recommended so you don’t clog the device. We found that around 0.2 – 0.3 grams is the right amount per bowl.

After you’ve enjoyed a nice session and are fully medicated, the device will automatically shut off after five minutes of inactivity. This is another great feature for preserving precious battery life, especially since this model doesn’t allow for multiple batteries.

Exxus Mini Mouthpiece Inside

Vapor Quality

One of the biggest concerns for most users when it comes to purchasing portable vaporizers is vape quality. Even though it’s supposed to be the smallest of its kind though, you aren’t sacrificing all that vapor quality when using this device for small puffs. We have found that the vapor quality from the Exxus Mini is better than that of its biggest competitor, the G Pen Elite. This model is best for personal and discreet solo tokes, but passing it to one friend shouldn’t be an issue. This device has a 30 second heat up time, and we found that it delivers hits smoothly and evenly as long as you don’t heat it up too much.

Exxus Mini Chamber

Product Maintenance and Details

Because the heating chamber is so tiny, the Exxus Mini can get dirty pretty quickly. This can be hard to keep up with if you don’t nip it in the bud every three or four sessions. To clean the device, we soaked a Q-tip in rubbing alcohol to wipe off the heating chamber and remove residue. It is best to avoid saturating the Q-tip with alcohol and holding the vape upside down to clean. This helps ensure no alcohol drips inside the heating chamber. After a thorough cleaning, we set it to the hottest temperature to burn off any excess alcohol that might have still been in the unit. In case anything should happen to your device, the Exxus Mini comes with a two-year warranty. This is about industry standard when it comes to portable vaporizers.Exxus Mini Mouthpiece & Cover

Criticisms of the Exxus Mini

As with anything in life, this product isn’t perfect. As such, there are a few knocks on the Exxus Mini – four to be exact. First of all, some users seem to think the vapor quality is fine for what the device is, while others find the unit lacking in that department. We found it was fine for small, personal sessions. It really all depends on your preferences and tastes.
Secondly, some vape enthusiasts have said that the $170 price tag for a small toker is a bit steep – especially since it is for herb use only, and can’t vape concentrates with it. With this product, you are basically paying for the convenience of its one of a kind size and portability.
The third criticism would be that the mouthpiece and the vapor get too hot to enjoy using the device. Some users that might like to use higher temperatures reported burning their lips on the mouthpiece. They also said that the vapor got too hot too quickly. While we didn’t experience these issues below 370 degrees, we can definitely see where they are coming from.
The fourth and final negative point about the Exxus Mini is the lack of replaceable batteries. This is definitely an area where this unit comes up short in comparison to others on the market today.

Exxus Mini & Pax Size Comparison

Bottom Line

If you’re a connoisseur who owns multiple vapes and is looking for a product with top shelf vapor quality, the Exxus Mini most likely isn’t for you. But this model is perfect for the newbie vape user or someone looking for a portable replacement to their home version. If you want an herb vape with top-notch portability and solid vapor quality, the Exxus Mini might be for you.
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