How to Guide – Choosing the Perfect Portable Vaporizer

When it comes to choosing the perfect portable vaporizer for you, things can get quite confusing and complicated, but they don’t have to be. We get asked all the time what the best portable vaporizers are, and which one to buy to get the best value and performance. The honest answer is that there is no one size fits all. However, there are a number of things to take into consideration before purchasing a vaporizer that can help you make the best, most informed decision for your preferences and your budget. In this how to guide, we will help you find the perfect portable vaporizer for you. To each section, we will be indicating which portable vaporizers are the most popular amongst our customers, so you can get an idea of what others like and prefer.

Before we can recommend your perfect portable vaporizer, we have a few crucial questions. First, are you looking for a smaller, personal device that won’t necessarily need to last a long time, or do you want a unit you can pass around that is hefty and has an extended battery life? Next, how important is the stealth of your portable vaporizer? Do you want a device that you can pack with a lot of product, or are you looking for something more modest? Do you want a device with the fastest heat up times? How important are accessories to you? Do you want a vape with all the bells and whistles, or are you okay with the minimalist approach? Lastly, what products do you want to vape? Do you want to vape dry herbs exclusively, concentrates only, or do you want a device that has the capabilities to do both? Answering these questions will give you a crucial jumping off point to making the best decision you can.

Battery Life and Performance

It’s no surprise that the portable vaporizers with the best battery life also tend to perform the best as well. When it comes to battery life and performance, the Mighty is a real crowd pleaser, lasting up to an hour and a half off of a single charge. Devices made by manufacturers Storz and Bickel tend to show up quite a bit on these types of guides and lists, as they rarely, if ever, put out anything but top-notch products. The Mighty features a combination of convection and conduction heating, so it is also one of the best performers on the market today. The Mighty can vape both dry herbs and concentrates. It is also easy to use. One drawback is the fact that the Mighty does not offer interchangeable battery option and uses a proprietary battery that is sold exclusively by Storz and Bickel, so you might experience a bit of trouble if you need a new one. Most of our customers don’t seem to have any issues, though. The Mighty is a bit bulky, just like its name suggests, so it is not the stealthiest. It packs about 0.25 grams of dry herb, and there are units that can do better than that. But the Mighty is one of the best all around choices for the beginner vaporizer and experienced user alike. Read our review about the Mighty vaporizer and find out if it is worth the price.

Another portable vaporizer with a great battery life is the PAX 3. The PAX 3, weather the complete kit or the basic kit also last 90 minutes on one charge and can vape both dry herbs and concentrates using conduction heating system. The PAX 3 also heats up as fast or faster than any other unit on the market, reaching its highest temperature setting in a mere 10 seconds.

One drawback on the PAX 3 is that it is a bit pricey, so might not be the best choice for newbies. Its vapor path is also entirely metal, so you might get rips that are a bit harsh from time to time – but nothing that bad at all. Most of our customers love their PAX 3’s for its battery life and lightning-quick heat up time and the ability to customize their unit through the mobile application.

Stealth and Chamber Size

When it comes to stealth and chamber size, one portable vaporizer sticks out to us just about more than any other. That is the Atmos Vicod 5G Second Generation. While the original Vicod 5G is also a top seller, the 2nd generation is a step above even that model. This model is one of the bestselling in the vape industry for a good reason, as it can pack up to 0.3 gram of your favorite dry herbs. It can also vape concentrates, and can pack quite a bit of those as well. The 5G 2nd Gen. is only 3.5″ in height x 1.5″ in width x 0.5″ in thickness, so it fits comfortably and in the palm of any hand and is easily concealed.

Read our review about the Atmos Vicod 5G.

Portable Vaporizers for Dry Herbs

Now that you’ve got a better idea about the important features of the most popular portable vaporizers, let’s take a look at which devices sell the best for specific uses. According to our customer reviews and sales, our most popular vaporizers for us with dry herbs are the Crafty, the Mighty , the Utillian 420, the Utillian 721, the Davinci IQ, the Firefly 2, and the Atmos Vicod 5 G. Be sure to check out all of our reviews on these devices to get an even better idea of which one will work for you and also take a look at customer’s honest reviews on each product page under the review tab.

Portable Vaporizers for Concentrates

For concentrate specific portable vaporizers, our customers love the Source Orb models. Both the Source Orb 4 Premium Kit and the Source Orb 4 Signature Kit are two of our top sellers because of the value. Those units come with extra 6-8 atomizers which you don’t typically get with other wax vaporizers and that saves money, time and headache down the road as these atomizers will need to be replaced for any units.  The Pulsar APX WAX is also extremely popular due to its super compact size. When it comes to vaporizers that are designed exclusively for oil, the KandyPens Rubi dominates because it offers a refillable leak proof cartridge which is convenient and valuable in comparison to other portable vapes like the Juul or the Bo, as these units only use pre-filled cartridges. The Rubi is perfect for those who like to fill their own cartridges with e-juice or cannabis oil and save money as these cartridges can last up to 15 refills depending on the viscosity and type of oil used. The thinner the oil, the longer the cartridge will last.

Read our review about the Kandypens Rubi.

Both Herbs and Concentrates

A lot of our customers are seeking portable vaporizers that can vape both concentrate and dry herbs. Because of this, you’ll see a bit of crossover from the dry herb list. Our top sellers for portable vaporizers are the Crafty, the Mighty , the Utillian 721, the Firefly 2, the Atmos Vicod 5 G. and the Pax 3 Complete Kit.

What do you think? Did we cover the most important bases of how to choose your perfect portable vaporizer? Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments.

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