DynaVap OmniVonG

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DynaVap OmniVonG

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Dry Herb Vaporizer Conduction
  • Warranty: Lifetime
  • Adjustable Bowl Size
  • Adjustable Airflow
  • Manual Heating
  • Super Portable
  • Made in USA

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DynaVap OmniVonG Vaporizer Description:

The VapCap line continues to establish itself as the industry standard in manually heated portable vaporizers. The OmniVonG is the top of the VapCap line that is compatible with glass. Just like its siblings, the OmniVonG is practically indestructible and features valves that allow you to tailor the airflow for exactly the way you like to vape. The OmniVonG attaches to any female fitting that is 14mm. The need for charging your vaporizers will be a thing of the past with the OmniVonG.

World’s Best One-Hitter

The OmniVonG is unlike any other one-hitter you’ve ever experienced, measuring in at only 3.5 inches long. You might be surprised as to how thick the clouds can get when ripping the OmniVonG in conjunction with your favorite glass piece. Because it’s an easily loaded one-hitter, every rip you take is fresh, tasty and full of essential components.

Manually Heated Customization

The bowl on the OmniVonG holds up to 0.1 grams of your favorite dry herbs. This amount is usually about one or two big, milky rips for most users, but could be extended into four or five tiny, wispy ones. To rip the OmniVonG, just hold up your torch lighter until you hear the unit make a clicking sound, and inhale. You can adjust the size of the hit you want to take, depending on what part of the cap you heat up. The clicking sounds kick in when the device reaches temperatures between 150° C – 230° C and then you’re ready to go.

Efficient and Straightforward

When you first start a session with the OmniVonG, it takes only 5 – 10 seconds to heat up from being completely cold. If you decide to pack more than one bowl, heating up the OmniVonG takes 3 seconds or less, depending on the size of your rip. With each inhale of the OmniVonG you are treated to flavorful rips that rival just about any vape on the market today. What is the best thing about the OmniVonG and its siblings? You’ll never need to charge it. You’ll also never need to worry about it breaking, because the VapCap line builds their products to last a lifetime. The included carrying tube made from plastic is perfect for toting your OmniVonG wherever you want to go, just throw it in a bag.

Unlike vaporizers that need to be charged, the OmniVonG and other VapCap devices don’t heat up your dry herbs in between inhales. This increases their efficiency while conserving your herbs.

What’s Included:

  • 1 x OmniVonG
  • 1 x Plastic Tube Case
  • 1 x Owner’s Manual

OmniVonG Accessories:

Additional information

Weight.1 kg
Dimensions10 × 10 × 10 cm

Darkwood, Lightwood, Blackwood

Product Technical Details

Warranty Period:Lifetime
Vaporizing Material:Dry Herb
Heating System:Conduction
Heat Up Time:5-10 Seconds
Bowl Size:0.1 g
Bowl Material:N/A
Battery Life/Size:N/A
Temperature Range:149 - 232°C / 300 - 450°F
Smartphone Compatibility:No
Dimension (HxDxW):9 x 1 cm (HxD)

5 reviews for DynaVap OmniVonG

  1. Avatar for Harry E.

    Harry E.

    A little expensive but overall a great device! Super durable and reliable, no batteries, no electronics, it’s really good! My wife has burnt herself twice using it so be careful, the tip is really hot! I use it with a water pipe and it’s amazing that way!

  2. Avatar for James Elliot

    James Elliot

    I came across this vape after I came across so many people on Reddit talking about the Dynavap! I tried it out and wow loved it so I bought one right away! I ordered the nice Omnivong because I love wood and its very fancy and I wanted to spoil myself for Christmas. Definitely worth it if you like the feel of smoking weed but want to vape instead.

  3. Avatar for Willie


    Really good vape for sure, but not so good for using in public. My friends say it looks like I’m using a crack pipe but whatever I way prefer the high and hit from it over smoking joints now! Nothing wrong with smoking but I feel like this is really the way of the future. Dynavap for life!

  4. Avatar for Anonymous


    I had a 2018 Dynavap M which I did a Reddit review on and really loved it! I decided to go spend some big money on a better one and while it’s not a whole world of difference, I definitely prefer it! I my Dynavap with a double flame torch lighter and it works really well like that. Highly recommend the vape. Fast shipping too, thanks!

  5. Avatar for Archie E.

    Archie E.

    I’m mostly a bong user so the OmniVong and its 14mm size works perfectly for me! I like the Dynavap Ti tip a lot more than the steel tip for sure since it clicks much fast and I seem to get better flavor. Feels really nice in the hand and my friends love it!

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Questions & Answers

How to clean the Dynavap?

Disassemble the unit by taking off the cap, pulling off the tip gently, and removing the condenser tube from the wood body. Take off any o-rings you see and toss all the metal bits into a small glass of isopropyl alcohol! Let it sit for about 15 minutes before rinsing and re-assembling.

How to put the o-rings back on Dynavap tip?

They can be a little tricky to get back on, so be patient! The condenser tube will require some patience and trying a few times to get the o-rings back to normal. Just slide them onto the grooved parts and slowly try and slip the tube into the body again. The tip is a lot easier and you can just roll them into their designated areas.

Emmett F.
How does the Dynavap work?

The Dynavap works by heating the tip with a small butane torch, candle, or other heat source. The cap will click once or twice, letting you know when it’s time to inhale! The Dynavap will also click when it cools down!

How to hit the Dynavap?

Just inhale slowly and into the lungs! You can cover the airport to have thicker vapor, or leave it open to allow for some airflow and a smoother hit.

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