G Pen Roam Glass Hydrotube

G Pen Roam Glass Hydrotube

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Accidentally drop and dismantle the water piece for your G Pen Roam? This replacement bubbler is exactly what you need to get back to grooving in no time. Made of high quality borosilicate glass, this is an original piece made for the G Pen Roam specifically.

Make sure to fill the glass piece only to the fill line to prevent any spillage or breakage. To clean, soak and swish with ethanol. Rinse with water afterwards.

Keep the old mouthpiece for your G Pen Roam as you’ll need that for this replacement bubbler!

What’s Included:

  • 1 x G Pen Roam Glass Hydrotube

Other G Pen Roam Accessories:

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Weight.05 kg
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Grenco Science

Grenco Science, Inc. or G Pen is a registered corporation in the United States of America. Grenco Science develops advanced and user-friendly portable dry herb vaporizers. Primarily, they offer 4 dry herb vaporizers including G Pen Pro, G Pen Elite, G Pen Gio and G Pen Nova. Also, unlike its competitors, generous Grenco Science donates a portion of their net sales to tied up non-profit charities. And, they also offer a vast variety of affordable accessories and merchandise.

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