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Vapir Rise Vaporizer

Unlike other vaporizers available in the market, the Vapir Rise is the closest alternative to the Volcano. This vaporizer provides much of the same easy functionality although manages to create a league of its own, offering some features not present in the Volcano.

Following is a category by category breakdown of the Vapir Rise.

  • Maintenance/Easy to Clean: 92%
  • Built Quality/Durability: 93% – 91%
  • Dry Herb Vapor Quality: 95%
  • Price: 84%
  • Overall Rating: 91%

Precise and Seamless Touch Pad Control System

It seems vaporizer users value quality control with a touch of convenience when vaping. The steady rise of modern vaporizers featuring easy to control touch pad system attests to this fact.

Similarly, the Vapir Rise is outfitted with a precise touch pad control system that brings greater efficiency and effectiveness to the vaporization experience. Temperature in Fahrenheit and Celsius is displayed on the unit’s digital display.

Offers Dual Functionality and Maximum Convenience

Very few vaporizers in the market provide users dual functionality. The Vapir Rise vaporizer is one of the few! Users can enjoy their vaping experience through an inbuilt traditional whip system that features silicone tubing. They can also choose to vape through the balloon bag system, which is incredibly popular amongst vaporizer users. Unlike other units, the Vapir Rise makes use of an advanced balloon adapter system. This allows easy and fast filling.

Offers High Quality and Durability in Construction

Quality comes above everything else which is something Vapir upheld strongly when building the Vapir Rise Desktop Vaporizer. Only the highest quality components are used in this unit’s construction. This promises increased durability and sturdiness that outclasses other vaporizers in the market!

The Vapir Rise Vaporizer features a stainless steel design, ensuring a clean and best tasting vapour. Surprisingly, the unit is quiet and easily transportable despite its forced-air fan system.

Quality Vapour Production and Performance

Keeping this desktop vaporizer’s price in mind, the Vapir Rise performs extremely well compared to other units at or near its price range. Dense and potent clouds are produced with a clean flavor, despite the plastic material of the whips. Glass whips can also be used but they can break easily. In fact, the plastic whips add more durability without ruining the overall flavor and performance

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