Zeus Smite Plus Review

Author Rating: 7.8/10

Ease of Use: 9/10
Temperature Settings: 8/10
Chamber & Heating System: 8/10
Vapor Quality: 7/10
Battery Life: 8/10
Aesthetics & Manufacturing Quality: 7/10

The Zeus Smite Plus is a portable vaporizer from a Canadian company and designed for use with dry herb. An upgrade over the highly popular original model, the Smite Plus can compete with higher end vaporizers, but at a lower cost. It is considered to be one of the most durable and long-lasting portable vaporizers on the market today. Does the Zeus Smite Plus live up to its Godly name? Read on and you can decide for yourself.

Battery on the Zeus Smite Plus

The Zeus Smite Plus uses an 18650 battery made from lithium ion that lasts most users about two hours of total usage. Most vape experts and enthusiasts agree that the Smite Plus features one of the best batteries on a portable vaporizer that money can buy. For a device this compact and powerful, the battery life is excellent. The Zeus Smite Plus features an LED display that indicates the amount of battery life your device has left. There are 4 bars on the display – one for each quarter of life the battery has left. The Smite Plus also comes equipped with an automatic shut off feature that helps to preserve the battery.

Zeus Smite Plus USB Plug

Using the Zeus Smite Plus

The Zeus Smite Plus comes equipped with a ceramic heating chamber. Loading the bowl is a no-brainer, and the vaporization of your dry herbs is distributed nicely. This unit comes with an impressive range of precise temperature flexibility, from 40°C/104°F up to 222°C/432°F. We recommend that most vape users stay in the range of 190°C/374°F to 210°C/410°F, as this seems to be optimal for most users.

Zeus Smite Plus Digital Display On

To use the Zeus Smite Plus, all you do is take the mouthpiece off, and uncover the bowl to pack your herbs. The glass mouthpiece fits nicely inside of the device, which means it is protected from breakage when you aren’t using it. Then reattach the mouthpiece, and hit the power button five times to start it up. The LED on the unit will display the phrase ‘summoning smite’, which we thought was pretty cool. Once it’s on, just use the temperature up and down buttons until you reach your desired setting, and the Smite Plus automatically heats up. As soon as the ‘actual’ and ‘set’ temperature displays are the same on the LED screen, you’re ready for tasty vape rip. The Smite Plus has a pretty fast heat up time as well.

When using the Smite Plus portable vaporizes, you will have little issue with being discreet. The units are 4 inches long, 2.4 inches wide, and 0.9 inches in thickness. It weighs only 0.45 pounds. The Smite Plus is all black so it looks slick, and it is compact, fitting nicely in most pockets. The all black Smite Plus is made from aluminum that is anodized, which increases the durability of the units and also makes it better able to resist decay and corrosion, increasing its longevity. Most Smite Plus users tell us that they have dropped the unit several times and it hasn’t broken. You won’t have to clean the unit as much as many other vapes, which also adds to its value.

Vapor Quality on the Zeus Smite Plus

The vapor quality on the Zeus Smite Plus is excellent due to its precise and customizable temperature settings. The flavor is even further improved even further when you use the mouthpiece made from glass. The mouthpiece made from silicone is also pretty good, because its design resists heat, which keeps harshness relatively low and flavors pure even at the highest temperature. The ceramic heating chamber is efficient as well, which helps add to the high quality vapor of the Zeus Smite Plus.

To make your vapor rips even more deliciously satisfying, you can opt to use the Zeus Iceborn along with your Smite Plus. This device is even less harsh on your throat, adding another layer of cooling and smoothness. A lot of filter systems use water, but the Iceborn is a cut above those devices – allowing you to comfortably take even large vape inhales.

What Comes With the Zeus Smite Plus?

Right out of the box, the Zeus Smite Plus comes with the portable vaporizer itself, and 1 mouthpiece made from glass, a brush for cleaning purposes, a handy tool that helps you easily load your dry herbs into the device set of screens and a USB charging cable.


  • The Zeus Smite Plus is lightweight, compact and very portable
  • This device is highly discreet, fitting in your pocket with ease and the single light will not attract unwanted attention
  • Long battery life of about two hours, depending on how you like to vape
  • Heats up fast and efficiently
  • Easily cleaned and maintained, you won’t spend a ton of time cleaning residue out of your Smite
  • Durably built and will not break easily


  • The size of the heating chamber on the Smite Plus leaves something to be desired, especially if you prefer longer sessions without having to reload too often
  • No options for use with concentrates

Do you own a Zeus Smite Plus? What do you think about it? Did we miss anything in our review of the device, or were we pretty spot on? Let us know in the comments, we love hearing your opinions on our vaporizers. If you’re looking purchase this vaporizer, head over to our shop here.

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7 comments on Zeus Smite Plus Review

  1. Avatar for Rita D. Rita D. says:

    My first weed vape I also got a free gift which was very nice. I wish there was a way to put it on my bong because at high temperatures I get a lot of vapor but it tickles my throat a little bit and I think water would help a lot with better hits.
    Overall I think it’s a really good vape and maybe a little expensive though. I haven’t tried any other vaporizers so I can’t say if it’s better or not but I like it. I’m not a heavy smoker

  2. Avatar for Dylan H. Dylan H. says:

    Amazing battery life I can use it for days and it won’t die so that’s a really good thing. The glass mouthpiece I like how it tucks away in the body and then the whole vape looks like a power bank instead of a weed gadget.

  3. Avatar for Alex N. Alex N. says:

    Bought it for my girlfriend because I wanted her to stop smoking and she uses this only now! She smokes a lot and can normally get 1.5-2 days of using weed until it needs to be charged again. It uses the same charger as my phone which is a big bonus as we don’t need to worry with any weird cables at all.

  4. Avatar for Mateo V. Mateo V. says:

    Fine little vaporizer but I ended up getting an Arizer Solo which in my opinion is a whole level ahead. Much nicer to smoke on, much better flavor, hits harder, and fits in the hand nicely. This zeus vape is a lot easier to carry though so I’ll give it that. I bought both vapes on this site and both times I had outstanding shipping speed and customer service so thanks a lot!

  5. Avatar for Domenic P. Domenic P. says:

    Mmmm u can taste the weed way better I really like pink kush and Jack haze thru this vape tastes really strong and way nicer than smoking. I’ll smoking joints with buddies still but then pull out my vape after because its way way better taste and high IMO. Defs worth it and the battery is good

  6. Avatar for Zdravko P. Zdravko P. says:

    I’m a medical marijuana user and I wanted an easy to use vape with good battery life and that’s easy to clean since I have limited motor function. This one is great and to clean the Zeus Smite vape all you need to do is let the mouth piece soak in alcohol. Works perfectly like that comes out clean as a whistle!
    Beyond that I like how little marijuana I need to use and I think in a few months I saved enough to buy a new device for free. I think it’s an investment and while it’s a little expensive I would concede that its worth it.

  7. Avatar for Harrison P. Harrison P. says:

    I get like 10 bowls per charge. I found different termpatures to be quite good and different, low is very different than high and I feel the effects more sleepy at high setting and more energy at low. I use this every day after work and I think it’s a great way to end my day. I tried smoking joints a couple of times but didn’t like how tired I got so yes I like it.

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