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State-Of-The-Art Vaping—Volcano Vaporizer

Portraying the classic German architectural genius, the Volcano Vaporizer is brilliance personified!

Introduced to the market in 2007, Storz and Bickel’s Volcano Digital Vaporizer is still the king of desktop vaporizers.

Whether it is durability, vapour quality or performance features, Volcano Vaporizer has stood the test of time.

With all the useful accessories and an incredible vent balloon system, the device is amazing for not just enhancing the vaping experience, but also adding value to the culinary ambience. Here are some more of its features:

Good Temperature Control

The Volcano Digital Vaporizer offers a temperature range of 104 °F to 446 °F. It also gives users precise control through advanced digital features. It has a built-in air filtration system that keeps the temperature in check.

Outstanding Vent Balloon System

One of the differentiating features of the Volcano Vaporizer is the vent balloon system. Not only can it be easily filled, it can store vapours for up to eight hours.

After the balloon gets inflated, it can be safely removed from the device. The vapours in the balloon can then be enjoyed comfortably.

Top-Notch Vapour Quality

Employing a smooth cone structure and using patented technology to remove toxins and other harmful substances, the German device offers a high-quality draw. The incredible heating mechanism ensures that the herbs are not completely burnt and retain its full taste.

Moreover, the density of the vapour can also be controlled by the user. It depends on how finely you ground the material and how much of the chamber you fill.

Solid Valve and Easy Valve Attachments

Solid valve is the built-in standard valve. The whole set comes with a container having 3 meters of balloon material. It is a less expensive option as the balloon material can be bought for a reasonable price. However, due to quite a few movable and removable parts, the solid valve has to be regularly cleaned.

Easy valve, on the other hand, was designed by the German company to offer simple handling and minimal maintenance to customers. The bags are already attached to the nozzle which is connected to the herb chamber. Easy valves can be replaced.

Large LED Display

The Volcano Vaporizer has a large LED display. From controlling temperature to air flow, the digital display comes in quite handy.

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