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Dry Herb Vaporizer Wax Vaporizer Convection
  • Heat Up Time : 60 Seconds
  • Warranty: 2 Year
  • 20% Extra Battery
  • Single Lithium-Ion Battery Power
  • Combination Convection/Conduction Heating Method
  • High Efficiency Heat Exchange
  • Durable & Tactical Design
  • Precise Temperature Control via Bluetooth App
  • Haptic Feedback Notification
  • Portable & Light
  • Supper Low Draw Resistance
  • Unprecedented Cloud Production
  • One Button Control System

CAD $319.00 

Temporarily Out of Stock

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Crafty is discontinued and replaced by the Latest Model Crafty+

Delivering vapor clouds that are quite literally, out of this world, the Crafty vaporizer has earned the “best top 5 vaporizers” title, and rightfully so! Even the biggest of vaping critics will be blown away by the bountiful vapor produced by the Crafty, thanks to extremely low draw resistance and a highly innovative blended heating system. Storz & Bickel really outdid themselves with the new and improved Crafty Vaporizer, and they are already making waves in the dry herb vaporizer industry! The new Crafty has been categorized in the group of “most discreet” vaporizers, and with a weigh-in of only 0.3 lbs with a stature of just 4.3 inches in height, it’s topping the charts in that category! Manufactured by the makers of the famous “Volcano Vaporizer”, you can rest easy knowing that the Crafty was engineered with the same premium components. Simplicity is the name of the game here, with the single-button control, and just one keypress. Oh and let’s not forget, the Crafty includes 1 powerful Lithium-Ion battery, so you can be sure you’ve got enough juice for some serious vaping!

One Button Control System

With simplicity in mind, the Crafty’s small stature was engineered with a single-button control mechanism, and with just 1 touch your vaporizer will be away to the races! If you like “speed” get ready to be impressed. With the rapid heat-up time boasted by the Crafty, you’ll be at the default vaping temperature of 365F in just 60-90 seconds. For most full-bodied vapor, just 1 more click on the button will increase your temp to 383F. No need for thumb-twiddling while you wait on your vaporizer either thanks to the innovative vibration feature which lets you know when the desired temp has been reached! To top that off, the Crafty also features an LED indicator light, which will automatically change to green when it’s time to vape!

How Does It Work?

Conduction and hot air convection were already combined in the Mighty Plenty and the Volcano, and the new Crafty is no exception. What is the purpose and how does this work? You’ll enjoy immediate, non-stop vaping as a result of the convection heating component, but you can also be sure you’re going to have vapor from the first pull thanks to conduction! Simply fill up the chamber using the filling aid included, and attach the cooling mechanism with mouthpiece and you’ll be set for one heck of a vaping session! The Crafty’s design was engineered to include the cooling unit so the vapor can be cooled down (makes sense), but also to ensure superior flavor with a delicious aroma!

Remote Control App

In today’s day and age, our smartphones are becoming a necessity, and we are able to control virtually anything with a simple download! Now, with the free Crafty App, for iPhone 4s or higher, and Android 4.3 or higher, you have the ability to customize default and boost temp settings for your vaporizer to suit your needs! Now you can check your battery life, turn your vibrate feature on or off, and set an alarm and notification alert for your phone and MUCH more using the Crafty App! How can you get set up…?? Using either the iPhone App Store or the Google Play Store, just download “Crafty Remote App” and you’ll be vaping to heart’s content as easy as 1…2…3!

What’s Included:

  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x Cleaning Brush
  • 1 x Filling Aid
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 3 x Screens
  • 1 x Power Adapter
  • 1 x Liquid Pad
  • 1 x Herb Mill (Grinder)
  • 1 x Seal Rings

Other Crafty Accessories:

Additional information

Weight53959184 kg
Dimensions15 × 15 × 15 cm

Product Technical Details

Manufacturer:Storz & Bickel
Warranty Period:2 Years
Vaporizing Material:Dry Herb & Wax
Heating System:Hybrid (convection/conduction)
Heat Up Time:60 Seconds
Bowl Size:0.25g
Bowl Material:Stainless steel and Ceramic
Battery Life/Size:45 Minutes
Temperature Range:Max 210°C / 410°F
Smartphone Compatibility:Yes
Dimension (HxDxW):11.0 x 5.7 x 3.3 cm
Weight:136 g

48 reviews for Crafty

  1. Avatar for Luke


    Great service, amazing deal and fantastic German vape. Keep up the good work guys.

  2. Avatar for Rick


    After a long research and asking may questions, I went with the Crafty and man am I ever happy with my purchase. Thank you for putting up with me and answering all my silly questions guys.

  3. Avatar for Anonymous


    Just as good as the Mighty but less battery, awesome little unit. 5 star for sure…

  4. Avatar for Anonymous


    I was torn between convection or conduction heating method, I had a Pax2 before and when my order arrived I couldn’t believe the difference between the 2 units. I really appreciate your assistance and making this decision simple for me.

  5. Avatar for Anonymous

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Delivered faster than expected. Thank you!

  6. Avatar for michael

    michael (verified owner)

  7. Avatar for Donald Fraser

    Donald Fraser (verified owner)

    Fast and great service.

  8. Avatar for Anonymous

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    I will have you crafting crafty crafts like a craft master

  9. Avatar for Anonymous

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Professional service, great prices and quick delivery on excellent product, even came with some bonus cleaning tools…what more could you ask for?

  10. Avatar for Miranda

    Miranda (verified owner)

  11. Avatar for Anonymous

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Awesome vape! Frequent cleaning required so I recommend getting extra parts.

  12. Avatar for Michael

    Michael (verified owner)

    If anyone is considering getting the crafty, do it. Best price I found online in Canada, very fast shipping and excellent customer service! Tools420 is the best.

  13. Avatar for karl p.

    karl p. (verified owner)

  14. Avatar for Martin

    Martin (verified owner)

    Vape is amazing but battery life hurts.

  15. Avatar for Luke

    Luke (verified owner)

    Excellent product for an excellent price and fast shipping. Thank you

  16. Avatar for Anonymous

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    I just got this and have only used it twice today but I was really impressed! Great clouds. I like it better than my Pax2 for sure!!

  17. Avatar for Anonymous

    Anonymous (verified owner)

  18. Avatar for Nathan

    Nathan (verified owner)

    Great HIGH quality product
    Bought in the Burlington store, great service and very helpful!!

  19. Avatar for Anonymous

    Anonymous (verified owner)

  20. Avatar for Sherry

    Sherry (verified owner)

    I love this vaporizer. I use it for medical purposes. The customizable temperature allows me to get the most out of my herb. This was also the best price I have seen anywhere. I will be getting another one soon so I can rotate their use.

  21. Avatar for Pierre G.

    Pierre G. (verified owner)

  22. Avatar for Anonymous

    Anonymous (verified owner)

  23. Avatar for Collin

    Collin (verified owner)

  24. Avatar for Werner B.

    Werner B. (verified owner)

    So far so good excellent for clean full vape experience, you can change the temperature easily through the phone app to you desired liking. Lower temperature makes for a full flavourful taste experience of your flowers.

  25. Avatar for Ron Cuomo

    Ron Cuomo (verified owner)

    Excellent product

  26. Avatar for Anonymous

    Anonymous (verified owner)

  27. Avatar for Douglas Walma

    Douglas Walma (verified owner)


  28. Avatar for Bram

    Bram (verified owner)

  29. Avatar for Rebecca R.

    Rebecca R. (verified owner)

  30. Avatar for Denes

    Denes (verified owner)

  31. Avatar for Anonymous

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Unless you buy a high end desktop vaper, this is probably the best vape out there. The battery life is less then the Mighty but still pretty stellar. Worth the $

  32. Avatar for Ryan

    Ryan (verified owner)

    Makes a great toke but the battery is pretty weak. Mine is brand new , it gets hot at the base while charging and lasts for three sessions . I’d go with the mega next time.

  33. Avatar for Antonin Provost Perrier

    Antonin Provost Perrier (verified owner)

  34. Avatar for Anonymous

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great value

  35. Avatar for Anonymous

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Loving this Crafty so far. Easy to use. Love the accessories.
    I hope it lasts and the battery doesn’t kick it in six months as some reviews state.

  36. Avatar for Anonymous

    Anonymous (verified owner)

  37. Avatar for Anonymous

    Anonymous (verified owner)

  38. Avatar for Bob

    Bob (verified owner)

    The crafty itself seems decent. I feel the whole portable vape thing from all manufacturers needs to be better.
    Josh and the tools420 experience was great. Very knowledgeable and took the time to review all of their vapes to help me decide.
    I would definitely us them again and as mentioned, Josh is a great guy and knows his stuff

  39. Avatar for Anonymous

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Amazing product. I used to own an old arizer model and the crafty was a big upgrade. Definitely an efficient tool!

  40. Avatar for Brian O

    Brian O’Sullivan (verified owner)

    Excellent product at the best price I could find. Service was excellent also.

  41. Avatar for Justin Bunyan

    Justin Bunyan (verified owner)

    Fast shipping and great product I love it

  42. Avatar for Anonymous

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Perfect, tks !

  43. Avatar for walter

    walter (verified owner)

    easy to use and smooooth

  44. Avatar for Dean D.

    Dean D. (verified owner)

    Shipping was fast and it even arrived a day early! What a great little unit with the app! You can control the temp with the app as if this were a Mighty! Battery life is good and lasts about 3 to 4 bowls on this one. I’m very happy with this unit, which was an upgrade to an original Solo.

  45. Avatar for Anonymous

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Shipped in hours, showed up a day early, easiest online transaction I’ve made. Thank you!

  46. Avatar for Steve Pilotte

    Steve Pilotte (verified owner)

    Super service

  47. Avatar for Anonymous

    Anonymous (verified owner)

  48. Avatar for Ken

    Ken (verified owner)

    Works awesome

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