Crafty+ (Plus)

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Crafty+ (Plus)

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Dry Herb Vaporizer Wax Vaporizer Convection
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Heat up time: 60 seconds
  • Hybrid convection/conduction herb chamber
  • Smooth and powerful vapour
  • Super low draw resistance
  • Bluetooth app for Andriod & Web App Available
  • Strong 5-9 sessions battery life
  • Vibration Notification

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The new Crafty+ (Plus) by the German maker Storz & Bickel is a direct upgrade from their ever-popular Crafty vaporizer. Now with a 30% faster heat-up time, significantly improved battery life, and the same incredible reliability, the Crafty+ is a real pocket powerhouse. For those who want nothing but the best, the Crafty+ should be at the top of your list. If you’re looking for an even smoother experience attach the Mighty/Crafty+ Long or Short Bubbler for a noticeable difference in vapour cooling and quality.

Killer vapour quality

Featured inside is their upgraded and patented hybrid heating chamber which provides the best of both convection and conduction heating. Made for the real cloud chasers and flavour snobs out there! Taste your strain and see how hard it really hits with a top-of-the-line herb vaporizer that comes second to none.

Their trademark cooling chamber does a wonderful job at cooling down the vapour before it gets the chance to reach your lungs. Resulting in delicious and smooth vapour, the medical grade PEEK plastic ensures no extra taste is added to your herb.

Its free-flowing draw resistance means no more struggling for 10 seconds to get a wispy hit – instant and powerful clouds of potent vapour are had with ease. Sharing with friends or complete strangers is as easy as can be!

The perfect pocket companion

With its compact form-factor which takes up minimal room in the pocket or bag, it’s ready to go wherever you are! Durable enough to take to the ski slopes or for extreme movie watching, you can breathe easy knowing the Crafty+ won’t die on you unexpectedly.

Fill up some Dosing Capsules before heading out to make reloading the chamber a breeze. The tiny Capsule Caddy fits on a keychain and can hold up to 4 extra sessions and is entirely smell-proof.

Smart German design

Leave it to the Germans to put out such a design. Not only is it robust and decidedly industrial, it also has a few neat features such as haptic (vibration) feedback, an iOS/Android Bluetooth app, and Super-Boost function which brings it up to max temperature which just a few clicks of the button. Easy to use, the Crafty+ provides a seamless and simple operation that works every time.

Update: Storz & Bickel now has a Web App that can be used to adjust the settings on your Crafty and Crafty+. You can find the Web App here.

World-class build quality

With a 3-year warranty, legendary Storz & Bickel reliability, and a world-class factory based in Germany, the Crafty+ is sure to stand the test of time. By the creators of the renowned Volcano vaporizer, you can expect nothing but the most stringent design process.

The durable plastic body has been re-designed to be even more durable and just as lightweight as before. No worries about accidental drops and falls anymore! The 3-year warranty will keep you safe from any manufacturing defects if they happen.

The best choice around.

Don’t take it from us, thousands of people have decided the Storz & Bickel Mighty is the best portable dry herb vaporizer ever made so far. The new Crafty+ packs even better performance among equal battery life in a smaller package. Able to cloud up a water pipe like few others, the Crafty+ is really one of the best picks available on the market today.

What’s in the box:

  • The Crafty+ vaporizer
  • USB Charging cable
  • Replacement large and small screens
  • Replacement o-rings
  • Dosing capsule
  • 2 Liquid pads
  • Quick start guide
  • Safety instructions

Make sure to check out our Crafty+ vape review to get an in-depth overview of how we feel about this device and what to expect!

Other Crafty+ Accessories:

Additional information

Weight .3 kg
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 10 cm

Product Technical Details

Manufacturer: Storz & Bickel
Warranty Period: 2 years (Additional 1 year upon registration)
Vaporizing Material: Dry Herb & Wax
Heating System: Hybrid (convection/conduction)
Heat Up Time: 60 Seconds
Bowl Size: 0.3g
Bowl Material: Stainless Steel
Battery Life/Size: 60 minutes
Temperature Range: 104°F - 410°F (40 - 210°C)
Smartphone Compatibility: Yes
Dimension (HxDxW): 4.4 x 1.3 x 4.2 in
Weight: 120g

17 reviews for Crafty+ (Plus)

  1. Avatar for Harold


    was hard to buy the crafty in Canada for some reason since other sites blocked my payment?? but damn
    am I not disappointed now! It hits really hard and gets me really well baked. definitely the best weed
    vape I’ve had so far and im a heavy stoner haha.

  2. Avatar for Julie


    I’m a medical cannabis user and had the Mighty vape before it died on me. I’m really glad I went with
    the Crafty+ since it performs about the same and the size of the Crafty+ is way smaller than the Mighty.
    Crafty+ vs Mighty? I choose this one! Shame the iPhone app doesn’t work, I had to connect to a friends
    Android to config my settings.

    • Avatar for Tools420

      Tools420 (store manager)

      Fortunately now you can customize your Crafty+ using S&B’s Web App. You can find the link above in the product description.

  3. Avatar for Anonymouos


    Appreciate the fast and discreet shipping! Was really hesitant at first about the Crafty+ but it’s for sure
    the best portable herb vape I’ve tried so far (solo 2, flowermate, etc). Thanks you guys! How do I clean
    the crafty though? It gets messy fast! The battery life of the Crafty+ is way better than the old Crafty
    too! Tips for cleaning the Crafty??

    • Avatar for Tools420

      Tools420 (store manager)

      The best suggestion that has worked for us is to brush off the unit after every session and keep a regular maintenance. It really helps and for more tips and trick take a look at this article: How to clean your vaporizer

  4. Avatar for jane


    Way better than the other cheap vapes I had, defs worth the price! I found the best temperature for the
    crafty+ to be around 200c, hits so hard but with good flavor. Still high now haha works well with dabs
    and weed, oh and if you put some kief on it my god it rocks you hard. Definitely worth the price

  5. Avatar for Maurice

    Maurice (verified owner)

  6. Avatar for Anonymous

    Anonymous (verified owner)

  7. Avatar for Roland Walet

    Roland Walet (verified owner)

  8. Avatar for Anonymous

    Anonymous (verified owner)

  9. Avatar for David

    David (verified owner)

    Crafty+ is legit. Stop looking and buy this. Best on the market hands down.

  10. Avatar for Shant D.

    Shant D. (verified owner)


  11. Avatar for Derek

    Derek (verified owner)

    Well worth the money. I upgraded from my starter vape (Utillian 420) and what an improvement. Excellent vape and great service from Tools420.

  12. Avatar for Anthony D.

    Anthony D. (verified owner)

    Best vape ever made!

  13. Avatar for Paul F

    Paul F (verified owner)

    Crafty+ is awesome a real step up from my last vaporiser! The dosing capsules are great; easy to load and very convenient. My friends with the Pax are jealous

  14. Avatar for matt c.

    matt c. (verified owner)

    I like it but now wish I got the mighty.

  15. Avatar for Brian

    Brian (verified owner)

  16. Avatar for Henk

    Henk (verified owner)

  17. Avatar for Enrique Troncoso

    Enrique Troncoso (verified owner)

    Pros…..greta vapor and flavor ….capsules are great for microdosing

    Cons: Weak battery and long time to charge…..should have C conection and fast charging…..

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Storz & Bickel

STORZ & BICKEL, a brand under Canopy Growth Corporation, formerly Tweed Marijuana Inc, is a cannabis company based in Smiths Falls, Ontario. Bruce Linton and Chuck Rifici founded Tweed in 2013 and later renamed it to Canopy Growth Corporation in 2015. Leading the market with their powerful desktop dry herb vaporizers including Storz & Bickel Volcano and Storz & Bickel Plenty. They do have very demanding Storz & Bickel mighty and Storz & Bickel crafty portable vaporizers as well.

Questions & Answers

How to use the Crafty vaporizer liquid pad?

We like to warm-up the unit with the pad in already to make melting your dabs/wax onto the pad
easier. Take a small BB or rice-grain amount of wax onto a metal pick and then touch it to the pad while
it’s warm to melt it on. Inhale and enjoy. Use the highest temperature possible for the best results!

How to clean the Crafty vaporizer?

Use a small brush to clear out the chamber and screen on the cooling unit every session or so. Once in
a while give the whole cooling unit a full cleaning. Check out our How to clean Crafty vape guide for
some in-depth tips and help!

How to use the Crafty vaporizer?

The Crafty vaporizer app can be used to configure all the settings on the device. Of course you can
use it without the app and with just the one button. Use some ground herb and pack it in gently and
inhale slowly after it has heated up! Check out our How to use Crafty Vape guide for more tips and help!

Why does the Crafty vaporizer flash red and yellow?

This means the unit is defective and should be returned for service! Please let us know if you bought
the Crafty+ from us and we’ll be happy to sort you out as quickly as we can!

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