Vapium Lite

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Vapium Lite

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Dry Herb Vaporizer Conduction
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Heat-up Time: 30 Sec.
  • Haptic Feedback
  • 8 Preset Temperatures
  • Conduction Ceramic Chamber
  • 18500 Li-Ion 1100 mAh
  • Built-in Stir Tool
  • Super Portable

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The Vapium Lite portable vaporizer, designed for use with dry herbs, is user-friendly, stealthy, compact and powerful. Its heating chamber made from all ceramic provides solid vape hits with the maximum amount of compounds extracted from minimal amounts of herb. The air path on the Vapium Lite leaves you with a smooth hit every time, as long as you keep the device clean. The Vapium Lite boasts eight different heat settings and a quick heat up time. It also comes with a handy stirring tool that helps you get delicious rips that are good to the last drop.

Eight Different Temperatures

The Vapium Light lets you choose from eight different temperature settings. A wide range of settings span from low and slow heat at 180° C/356° F all the way up to thick, dense clouds at 230° C/446° F. Selecting your desired temperature is easy, just use the up and down buttons. Brightly displayed LED lights let you know what temperature you’re at. The Vapium Light heats up quickly – 30 to 45 seconds and you’re ready to take a draw. Haptic feedback also lets you know when it’s good to go.

Thermal-Resistant Ceramic Oven

The manufacturers of the Vapium Lite designed the unit to bring out more compounds with less dry herb. The thermal-resistant ceramic oven heats your dry herbs to the point of vaporization while avoiding combustion. This means there is no burning, no smoke, and little unwanted additives. The Vapium Lite’s air path clean and smooth, delivering easy to toke vape hits every time, as long as you keep it clean and free from blockages. The air path lets you enjoy every bit of natural flavor and medicated effect from your dry herbs. We recommend using a grinder for your dry herbs and grinding them as finely as possible, and also making sure the unit is loaded tightly. The Vapium Lite delivers pure, potent, and smooth vapor hits in a small package.

Impressively Strong Battery

At 4 inches tall and 1.5 inches wide, the Vapium Lite is compact, but it still features a strong battery for its size. The rechargeable 18500 Lithium-Ion 1100 mAh battery on the Vapium Lite lasts most users about 10 or 11 sessions, which is impressive for an affordable unit. With the included USB-C cable, it will take you around an hour to fully charge. With most of the dry herb vaporizers at this price point, you’ll typically only get 3 temperature settings and only 5 vape sessions – but the Vapium Lite doubles that.

A Excellent Starter Vaporizer

The Vapium Lite comes with the unit itself, a handy tool for stirring your dry herbs, a cleaning brush, an extra air intake drawer to ensure pure vape hits, and a glass water pipe adapter. The Vapium Lite is lightweight, durable, compact, easy to use and built with quality materials. The Vapium Lite portable vaporizer is an excellent and affordable choice if you’re new to the wonderful world of vaporizing.

What’s Included:

  • 1 x Vapium Lite
  • 1 x USB-C Charger Cable
  • 1 x Extra Clean Air Intake Drawer
  • 1 x 14/18mm Glass Adapter/ Mouthpiece
  • 1 x Cleaning Brush

Additional information

Weight.2 kg
Dimensions15 × 10 × 10 cm

Product Technical Details

Warranty Period:1 Year
Vaporizing Material:Dry Herb
Heating System:Conduction
Heat Up Time:30 Seconds
Bowl Size:0.3 G
Bowl Material:Ceramic
Battery Life/Size:60 mins 18500/1100 mAh
Temperature Range:180 - 228°C / 356 - 446°F
Smartphone Compatibility:No
Dimension (HxDxW):3.9 x 0.62 x 1.42 in
Weight:0.19 lbs / 88 g

10 reviews for Vapium Lite

  1. Avatar for Sharon

    Sharon (verified owner)

    Excellent product…works great! Quick heat up time. Nice size as it is compact and easy to carry, just as described. The customer service from this company is truly amazing. Shipping was ridiculously fast. Could not have asked for a better shopping experience.

  2. Avatar for Sophia G.

    Sophia G.

    I like how portable and small it is! It’s pretty cheap and works really well. I love how it has USB-C because that’s what my phone uses (Google Pixel 3) and it vibrates when its ready. I don’t like the flavor after like 10 hits, tastes a bit like burnt popcorn but still better than smoking!

  3. Avatar for Justine Brown

    Justine Brown

    Bought this as a gift for my gf and she really seems to like it. She doesn’t smoke joints anymore and uses way less weed! I have the Mighty and use that all the time and while it’s definitely a lot better (probably the best herb vape around), the Vapium Lite does really good for the price and size.

  4. Avatar for Bruce R.

    Bruce R. (verified owner)

  5. Avatar for Denis M.

    Denis M.

    It’s a pretty decent vape but I upgraded to the arizer solo 2 and way prefer that one. This one I still take to the movies and stuff but 90% of the time when I want to smoke weed at home I’ll be using the solo. This one is much smaller and actually has a bigger bowl though so its good when your going out and don’t want to refill it. I give it a 8/10.

  6. Avatar for Luke


    A+++++++ shipping and help!! Had some problems and the customer support guy helped me out right away thanks a lot. I smoked this with some Critical Haze and got really high on my first go. Haha it was really funny since I didn’t feel it then 10 minutes later was slapped in the face with a high. Be careful!! Vaping high takes longer than smoking.

  7. Avatar for Robert J.

    Robert J.

    Cheap, effective, works for me! I’m a newcomer to weed and a friend has this so he told me to get it. From what can tell tis a good weed vape and does all I need it to. Fits in my pocket and I take it everywhere, even snowboarding! I ruined so many joints with snow, no more! Thanks for it, I really like it!

  8. Avatar for Rod

    Rod (verified owner)

    My Vapium Lite, is AWESOME. I am a seasoned bud lover but, new to vapes, this is the first and only voyage. And, loving it!

  9. Avatar for Anonymous

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Kinda hard to figure out at first but once I got a good understanding of how to work it it became a little easier to use. I have to refill it quite quickly since it doesn’t last very long but I guess it gets the job done. I guess it’s a good thing to start off with but I will be buying a bigger one

  10. Avatar for Noureddine H.

    Noureddine H. (verified owner)

    It does not work, I mean it does not make me feel high. It takes a lot of weed to get a little bit high. I don’t like the product at all. I stopped using it. Truth be told

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vapium logo Vapium Inc. manufacture's one the best, stealthy and portable vaporizer. Vapium LITE Vaporizer is their only and leading product which is sleek, elegant yet most effective vaporizer. With ceramic heating and a clean air path it also supports USB-C recharging. It is noteworthy that they make Vapium lite in their own ISO-certified medical facility. Also, it comes with an extended 2 years warranty.

Questions & Answers

Robert Martin
How to clean the Vapium Lite?

Use the included cleaning brush to clear out the chamber and bottom of the mouthpiece. Use isopropyl alcohol and a cotton swab to clean that out all the pieces ever half dozen sessions or so to keep it in tip top shape!

Ralph Alexander
How to inhale from the Vapium Lite?

Once the device heats up, inhale slowly over 5-15 seconds. It doesn’t work very well with small puffs like you would a joint. Inhale to the lungs and enjoy!

How does the Vapium Lite heat herb?

The Vapium Lite uses a conduction ceramic chamber which applies heat directly to the herb without burning it.

Erick Smith
How to use the Vapium Lite?

You’ll want to grind your herb with a grinder and load it into the chamber. Pack it in a little bit, but not too much to prevent airflow. Turn it on using the power button and adjust the temperature settings with the + and – buttons!

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