Zeus Arc GT Heat Sink

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Zeus Arc GT Heat Sink

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Gilded with gold, this replacement heat sink for the Zeus Arc GT is eye catching and fresh off the line. Yes, plated with real gold, you get a premium product and a perfect replacement part if you’ve managed to misplace or damage the existing one.

This heat sink will fit on both the Zeus Arc and Zeus Arc GT models, and possesses better performance over the regular one by cooling down the warm air quicker. 

Use isopropyl alcohol or Zeus Grime wipes to tidy up the heat sink with easy. Rinse with water after before drying and re-inserting.

What’s Included:

  • 1 x Zeus Arc GT Heat Sink

Other Zeus Arc GT Accessories:

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Weight.05 kg
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Zeus Arsenal offers an exclusive range of elegant and powerful dry herb vaporizers. Nevertheless, their commitment to making a better, smoother and more exclusive vaping experience results in Zeus Smite Plus and Arc. Smite or Smite Plus. Ranked as Top #2 by CCA in 2018 Smite dry herb vaporizer is compact in design to offer portability. Furthermore, it features glass mouthpiece, anodized aluminum shell, and USB charging it comes with 3 pre-set temperatures. Backed with German technology, Zeus Arsenal's commitment reflects in their products. Most noteworthy, Zeus ARC GT utilizes gold plated chamber whereas Zeus ARC basic uses stainless steel.

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