Zeus Arc Flow Sink Tool

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Zeus Arc Flow Sink Tool

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That little piece to remove the flow sink from the airway on either the  Zeus Arc GT or Zeus Arc vaporizer, it can be easy to lose unfortunately. Thankfully we stock the replacement piece so you can get back onto vaporizing with no problem!

To clean the flow sink and flow sink tool, use pure isopropyl or ethyl alcohol, or alternatively use a Zeus Grime wipe to tidy it all up with ease. 

What’s Included:

  • 1 x Zeus Arc Flow Sink Tool

Other Zeus Arc Accessories:

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Zeus Arsenal offers an exclusive range of elegant and powerful dry herb vaporizers. Nevertheless, their commitment to making a better, smoother and more exclusive vaping experience results in Zeus Smite Plus and Arc. Smite or Smite Plus. Ranked as Top #2 by CCA in 2018 Smite dry herb vaporizer is compact in design to offer portability. Furthermore, it features glass mouthpiece, anodized aluminum shell, and USB charging it comes with 3 pre-set temperatures. Backed with German technology, Zeus Arsenal's commitment reflects in their products. Most noteworthy, Zeus ARC GT utilizes gold plated chamber whereas Zeus ARC basic uses stainless steel.

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