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Month: August 2018

New & Improved Crafty Vaporizer

The new and improved Crafty portable vaporizer from the well-respected manufacturer Storz and Bickel has had some significant upgrades made to it over the previous models. The upgraded 2017 version of the Crafty can vape both dry herbs and concentrates, and has an improved battery and some interesting new features to brag about which some may find useful or some may feel they are unnecessary. Continue reading

Why Doesn’t Google Let Cannabis Companies Advertise

For years now, Google for some reason thinks that it is not appropriate for cannabis companies to advertise their products or services on their search engine or affiliate sites. As you might guess, the Internet conglomerate is perfectly fine with pharmaceutical companies advertising their potentially harmful pills and medications. There are many cannabis businesses that serve only the medical side, which is completely legal and backed by the support of countless medical doctors and families that have seen the healing properties that the versatile plant medicine is capable of. So what’s the deal? Why are pharmaceutical drugs okay with Google, but cannabis isn’t? Continue reading

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