Vaporizer Reviews

The Best Oil Vapes for 2020!

With how popular oil vape cartridges are getting, we’d figure we would put out a Best oil vapes for 2020 list! In this section we’ll be covering all sorts of oil vapes, from ones that use cartridges, ones that use pods, and other types! Continue reading

Healthy Rips Fierce Review

We have been pretty impressed with the devices we’ve seen from Healthy Rips vapes, most notably the Fury Edge. The Fierce is a dry herb portable vaporizer that features a removable battery with a long life, a nice chamber size, and hybrid heating. It also has the option to vape concentrates with the included accessory for concentrates. Keep reading our Healthy Rips Fierce review to learn more about this dry herb portable vaporizer. Continue reading

Best 3-in-1 vapes – for herb, wax and oil

If you’re looking for a vape that can handle all three forms of material, then this list is the right one for you! Naturally, you’re going to be quite limited in your available options since very few devices can handle all materials. However, many weed vapes can handle concentrates quite well, so if you’re not dead-set on compatibility with oils, you have many more options available. Continue reading

Flowermate CAP Review

Flowermate has put out a lot of solid products throughout the years and they’ve been pretty solid. We’ve done a Flowermate Slick review and did the same for the Flowermate Uno. Flowermate is bound to release the Flowermate CAP after some beta testing, and so we’ll tell you how it is! Continue reading

The best heavy hitting and strongest herb vapes around!

Some vapes are gentle and smooth, while some hit you like a truck. Here’s our quick list of the best heavy hitting vapes on the market. We include some desktop units, portables, and those in-between. If you already have a vape or want one that’ll really blast you into orbit, then this list is probably best. Continue reading

Yocan Dive Review – Dive in Head First?

We’ve had the opportunity to review some of the devices from the Yocan brand before, namely the Yocan Evolve Plus. We weren’t blown away, but we weren’t disappointed either. The Dive is a nectar collector style wax pen that has an affordable price tag. Keep reading our Yocan Dive review to find out more. Continue reading

Utillian 620 Review – Around the world in 620 ways!

Utillian has been putting out a lot devices lately with the Utillian 722 being their latest and greatest. A solid herb vape but still a bit too pricy for some, Utillian decided to add another vape option to their lineup which balances price and performance very nicely. Check out our Utillian 620 review here for more details and info! Continue reading

Top 10 dry herb vaporizers for 2020!

With 2020 right around the corner, we figure we’d compile a list of the best dry herb vaporizers around! These devices will be in different categories, including desktop, best budget vapoizers, and most powerful. Without further ado, here’s our list of what we feel are the best dry herb vaporizers for the upcoming year. Continue reading

XVape Vista Mini Review

The XVape Vista Mini is technically a desktop vaporizer that features a slick design and promises at-home quality dabs for a fraction of most dab rigs. However, it might be small enough to be portable! Is the Vista Mini from XVapes ushering in a new era of budget portable dab rigs? Keep reading our XVape Vista Mini vaporizer review for all of the tasty details. Continue reading

Best Portable and Stealthy Dry Herb Vaporizers!

Maybe you live in a place where the legality of our favorite flower isn’t on your side, or maybe you want something super small that will take up minimal amounts of room. To find the best stealthy and portable dry herb vaporizers, check out our quick list below! There’s definitely something in there for everyone. Continue reading

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