Vaporizer Reviews

Vivant Ambit Review – The little juicebox that can.

A small and powerful little bit of kit, the Vivant Ambit came out at a surprisingly low cast with impressively high power. Promising a full-convection heater built into the tiny unit, we check out how the Vivant Ambit performs in our review! Continue reading

Mistvape Imp/Impcognito – Small package with a big bite

510 herb vaporizers are slowly gaining traction as people are given tons of versatility and performance at reasonable prices. One of these 510 herb tanks is the Mistvape Imp and the Mistvape Impcognito, which share very similar traits with a slightly shrunken size. How does the Mistvape Imp compare to other 510 herb vapes and is it worth buying? Check out our Mistvape Imp review here for more info! Continue reading

Best 510 herb vape atomizers around – Which is the best?

510 herb atomizers have becoming more popular recently and it’s easy to see why – huge customization, versatility, and performance in a well-priced and attractive package. Letting you choose the stem, mod, batteries, and even firmware powering these devices, 510 weed atomizers are picking up tracking in the herb vape community. We go over our 6 favorite 510 herb vapes and let you know why! Check out our list here to find the best 510 herb vapes you can. Continue reading

Vivant VleaF Go review

Another ambitious unit launched by the likes of Vivant, the Vivant VLeaF Go is a particularly unique device which has grabbed the attention and affection of many. Built to be under $100 and yet perform with the big boys, less find out how the likes of Vivant did on this one! Continue reading

G Pen Dash Review

An entry level herb vaporizer by Grenco Science, the G Pen Dash is a cute little device for under $100. Brought to us by the team who brought us the G Pen Elite and G Pen Roam among other devices, we’re interested to see how the G Pen Dash performs. Though some of their past units missed the mark by a bit, this new one is promising! Continue reading

G Pen Roam – Ultraportable dabs

While G Pen had a mixed reputation at the beginning, they’ve put out some unique and very innovative vapes like the G Pen Connect and G Pen Nova. The new G Pen Roam is an interesting new wax vaporizer/e-rig which packs in a lot of features. A spill-proof bubbler, quartz atomizer, and compact design are some of its marketing traits. Read on below to see more of our G Pen Roam review! Check out our other wax vape reviews to see what else is out there and get a feel for what’s right for you. Continue reading

Art of Vapor: VapBong – Artisinal perfection

Art of Vapor is a small artisanal producer of hand-crafted, ceramic desktop herb vaporizers which use a massively powerful session-style convection heating element.Located out in Germany and started by a man who goes by Dr. Collie, it’s a rather unknown and undiscovered operation so far. We were able to test out the ever impressive VapBong and let you know what is it and what to look out for! Check out our VapBong review down below for some more information! Continue reading

Pax Era Pro Review

Pax labs has been rather dormant lately and we’ve only seen the release of the Pax Era a couple years ago. They’ve now dropped the Pax Era Pro which offers some promising upgrades and a refresh to an otherwise solid device. They’ve now implemented PAXSmart pods, which is the companies’ appropriate response to the tainted oil vape cartridges which resulted in deaths across America. Other new features like USB-C charging, PodID, vibration feedback, and others have been included on the device. Continue reading

Dynavap M 2020 Review

Dynavap has just released pre-orders for their new vape, and so we do a 2020 Dynavap M preview so you can see everything that’s changed! The latest and greatest from them, the 2019 Dynavap M was a big step up from the previous model, the 2018 M! Here, we now see Dynavap has gone again and released another device with some incredible and surprise changes! They’ve redesigned almost everything – the tip, the cap, the air port, the packaging and the body in what we think is going to be one of the best dry herb vapes of the year, once again. Check out our new 2020 Dynavap M preview here for more info! Continue reading

Utillian 2 review – The way 2 go

Utillian has been putting out a lot vapes lately with improvements in quality with each coming release. We thoroughly enjoyed the Utillian 620 and Utillian 722 herb vapes, and the Utillian 5 as a solid and attractive wax vaporizer. The new Utillian 2 is a smaller, ultra-portable alternative to the solid and larger brother, the Utillian 5. With 4 voltage settings, a small form factor, and easy operation, is the new Utillian 2 worth it? Check out our Utillian 2 vape review here for more info! Continue reading

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