The 5 Best grow tents around!

We go over our favorite and the best grow tents that we know of! We include tents of all shapes, sizes, and price ranges to help you grow the best buds you possibly can. Check out our Best Grow Tents list down below for some more info!

If you’re a new grower and looking to buy your first grow tent, then there are a few things you need to consider! Check out these factors at the bottom of the article!

Chances are that if you’re growing your own bud, you’re going to want to enjoy it too! If you don’t already have one, check out our dry herb vaporizers guide so you can really treat yourself. You’ll be able to feel to how your flower really tastes and smells! If you’re on a budget, check out our Best Budget Dry Herb Vaporizers for some more info!

Apollo grow tent Low-mid range, Low price

One of the more popular cheap grow tents which isn’t garbage, the Apollo grow tents are made quite a bit better than most budget setups.

Fewer light leaks, a sturdy frame, and a decent zipper makes it a solid choice for first time growers and those who want a good budget grow tent without sacrificing much on quality.

We do see some people complain a bit of light leakage and the zipper catching on the lining, but it’s nothing some duct tape can’t fit!

Overall, an Apollo Grow tent is a solid first pick and you couldn’t really go wrong with this pick.

Apollo Grow Tent

Vivosun grow tent Middle range, middle price

One of Reddits pick for the best grow tent, Vivosun tents come in at a very sensible price point and are still quite rich in build quality.

We do hear occasionally of ripped seams and faulty zippers, but overall the Vivosun tents are built better than other budget grow tents we come across. In particular, the walls are much thicker, keeping the light in with no leakage!

 If you want a good cheap tent which isn’t trash like some of the other options you have around, then a Vivosun grow tent is definitely a good idea. They’ll cost a little more than some of the cheaper option, but they’re well worth it!

Vivosun Grow Tent

Gorilla Grow Tents – High end, higher price!

Gorilla grow tents are at the high end of the price range and quite popular for those not on a budget.

Making high-quality tents with thick walls, strong seams, and tons of features, there’s a reason they cost so much more than the competition. The quality control on these bad boys is consistent and they have a huge catalogue to choose from. 

We recommend anything from the Original lineup as they have the most features, best construction, and a solid reputation. Worth the price if you feel comfortable dropping the cash on them, you definitely won’t be upset with this purchase.

Gorilla Grow Tent

Secret Jardin grow tents – High end, higher price!

Another high end grow tent manufacturer, Secret Jardin comes in at a higher price point that most on this list and for a good reason. These tents are most commonly found across the pond in Europe, but we see them in North America frequently too. They have better build quality, a great light seal, plenty of features, and a good reputation behind them.

The accompanying structure is very strong, they have quality ventilation and hanging in mind as well. You’ll be hard pressed to find a better grow tent, other than Gorilla Grow Tents which we find to be of similar build quality. If you want one of the best tents around, then opt for a Secret Jardin tent.

Secret Jardin Grow Tent

Mars Hydro grow tents – Middle range, middle price

A solid choice to go for if you want to pair it with a Mars Hydro LED light, the Mars Hydro grow tents are reasonably priced, though a little bit more expensive than most of the budget cannabis tents you’ll find.

We’d recommend this tent to pair up if you have the Mars Hydro LED setup in mind. While it isn’t necessarily our favorite, it’s pretty good and you won’t be disappointed by any means.

Mars Hydro Grow Tent

How much room you have?

Are you trying to microgrow or do a large, 12 plant grow? Are you limited for space or is area no factor in your decision? Generally, we say to get the largest tent you can fit in your area. Once you get experienced in growing, you may want to start vegetating 10 plants instead of 4, and if you originally bought a small grow tent, then you’ll have to re-invest.

 3×3 and 4×4 grow tents are very popular sizes, however you can shop around for other tents of various dimensions for a SCRoG or SoG (Screen of Green or Sea of Green) grow methods.

Amount of plants you’re growing

This will factor in with how much room you have. If you want to grow a dozen plants and only have a small 2 x 3 tent, then you’re going to really struggle as the plants start competing for light, inevitably stunting their growth. Generally, bigger is better as your plants will have more space to flourish and successfully grow.

Your budget

When it comes to a grow setup, you get what you pay for. While there are some pretty great budget options around, you’ll often encounter light leaks, malfunctioning zippers, thin fabrics, and fewer accessory options. If you figure you’re in it for the long haul, then maybe it’s worth it to splurge another $50 or $100 for something higher quality that’ll last you a lifetime.

Your other gear

Do you already have a light setup? LED or HID? How about fans and ventilation? If you have a 300W light but a 4×4 tent, you won’t really have the power in order for all your flowers to properly grow! Perhaps it’s a good idea to first buy a good tent and then figure out which lighting system, ventilation, and other instruments you can pair with it.


We really believe in the ‘you get what you pay for’ philosophy. We’d really recommend spending just a couple bills more and getting a high-quality tent that won’t leak light, let out too much smell, or even break!

Some other good tents to look out for are iPower and TopoLite tents, however we’ve found there are a few reliability issues in those units and they’re beaten out by the other budget grow tent options out there. We wouldn’t recommend many other brands out there since they all seemingly come from the same Chinese factory and have more quality control issues.

Thanks for reading our best grow tents list and we hope you’ve found something that you’ll like, and that your buds grow healthy and potent! Until later!

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