Vaping Tips & Guides

In this page you will find all the necessary vaping tips and guides regarding vaporizers. Whether you are just starting your research about vaporizers and looking for a buyer’s guide or already have a vaporizer and interested to know how to get the most out of your device using different temperature settings to release different cannabis properties or terpene profiles. How to clean your unit and maintain its longevity. News about the cannabis industry and the top trends and many more guides to help you with your herbal vaping experience.

Cannabis consumption during COVID-19 – 66% production increase!

Since the COVID-19 epidemic came into full swing in the later stages of March, many businesses feared for the impending impact and subsequent drop in sales. While many businesses felt the unfortunate wrath of lockdowns and lost customers, others have even become overwhelmed by an influx of shoppers. Continue reading

The 5 Best grow tents around!

We go over our favorite and the best grow tents that we know of! We include tents of all shapes, sizes, and price ranges to help you grow the best buds you possibly can. Check out our Best Grow Tents list down below for some more info! If you’re a new grower and looking to buy your first grow tent, then there are a few things you need to consider! Check out these factors at the bottom of the article! Continue reading

Vaping vs Smoking Weed – What’s the Difference Anyways?

Vaping weed has grown hugely lately – why and what are the benefits of vaping vs smoking weed? We go over the main reasons why vaping is better (or different) than smoking weed, and why it might be a good idea to start! We’re admittedly biased, but for good reason! Continue reading

What is the best bubbler for weed vapes

We go over the best bubblers for weed vapes that you can find on the market! Rather than specific bubblers/bongs, go over general concepts and styles! There are seemingly limited choices out there from intricate, hand-blown glass pieces to China glass for cheap. Check out our best weed vape bubblers here for some more info! Continue reading

How to Use a Dry Herb Vaporizer

Load it up, turn it on, and hit it, right? While the entire process seems simple (and it is), there are a few tips & tricks to get the best performance from your herb vape. We go over some fundamentals as well as some lesser known tricks to let you know how to use a weed vape the best way possibly! Continue reading

Best 3-in-1 vapes – for herb, wax and oil

If you’re looking for a vape that can handle all three forms of material, then this list is the right one for you! Naturally, you’re going to be quite limited in your available options since very few devices can handle all materials. However, many weed vapes can handle concentrates quite well, so if you’re not dead-set on compatibility with oils, you have many more options available. Continue reading

Quick Tips on How to Clean Your Vaporizer

It’s no secret that you need to keep your vaporizer clean in order for it to operate at its highest potential. Only frequent cleanings – once every session or two will guarantee the optimal vapor quality and flavor. It’s a common consensus in the vape community that isopropyl alcohol is the best, most cost effective choice to use to clean your vape. Pound for pound, isopropyl alcohol is the strongest dissolvent for the price. Cleaning your vape properly does not just mean soaking your unit in the alcohol and waiting for it to clean itself. It’s a bit more complicated than that, but not by much. There are parts of your vape and device materials that you need to pay close attention to while cleaning, and there are also some pieces that should not come in contact with any alcohol. Doing so can be dangerous. To make sure you’re cleaning your vaporizer the right way, keep reading! Continue reading

Edibles in Canada – A guide to taking weed edibles and everything else you need to know!

With edibles in Canada being legalized, this has opened up a whole new valley of consumption of our favorite flower. In this essentials guide, we go over how to take edibles, why the edibles high is different than smoking, and what to do if the high is too intense among other things. Whether you’re a newcomer or seasoned cannabis smoker, we’re sure you’ll find some good information in our guide to weed edibles! Continue reading

Vaping Weed: is it better to smoke weed or vape weed?

"Is vaping weed safer for you?"  This has been a nagging question for most of the health enthusiasts all over the world. As more and more users are making the switch from the traditional rolling of joints and pipe smoking to the new and trendy method of vaporizing marijuana, debates are at an all time high as to if this is the right move. As a matter of fact, both vaping cannabis and smoking cannabis come with their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Thus, the choice between the two methods of weed intake literally rests mainly on personal preferences. Continue reading

Differences Between Oil Vapes and Dry Herb Vapes

With the controversy over the health of vaping as deaths being discovered recently making headlines globally, we need to wonder; is cannabis vaping safe? What caused this outbreak, and is dry herb vaping safe, or is vaping dangerous and we just don’t know it yet? Check out what we have to say about the differences between dry herb and oil vapes here! Continue reading

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