What’s the best weed grinder around?

So you want to get a grinder which is a bit better than your generic $10 grinder with a pot leaf on it from your local headshop? Look no further than this list where we’ve compiled some of the best grinders you can find! Designed to cut, chop, and slice herb 5 years down the road with the same performance as day 1, we go over the best weed grinders around.

While they’re (mostly) more expensive than your bog standard Made in China grinder, it may be worth it to shell out a little more and invest in something nice that’ll keep going for years. Without further ado, check out our best weed grinders list for more info!

Lift Innovations grinder

100% stainless steel and 100% expensive, this is a seriously impressive grinder at a premium price point. Truly threadless, the Lift grinder slices your herb rather than grinds it. The result is an incredibly fluffy and perfect grind that we haven’t really seen from any other grinder, even the other ones on this list! Just a quarter turn will open it up and it’ll stay tight when in transport, eliminating the chances of it opening and spilling your precious herb everywhere.

A super smooth grind, anti-stick properties, and easy disassembly makes cleaning a breeze, if you’ll ever have to. You get what you pay for with this grinder, and it being entirely made in North America is an added bonus!

The threadless Lift grinder taken apart displaying its different layers and the scoop that is included inside the grinder.

Santa Cruz Shredder

A crowd classic, the Santa Cruz Shredder is adored by many for its simple design and consistent results. The thread pattern makes it super simple to open and close without hassle, it offers a consistent and fluffy grind, and it turns buttery smooth no matter how many grams of sticky herb you pass through it. The anodized aluminum body can take a beating and you really can’t go wrong with it.

There’s a reason it’s loved by many, and both the 3 piece and 4 piece options are solid picks. If you want your kief to remain separate, then the 4 piece is the one for you.  We’re generally not fond of 2 piece grinders so we’d recommend against it for practicalities sake. The Santa Cruz Shredder often created a fluffy, medium grind which works great in dry herb vaporizers and for smoking.

Santa Cruz Shredder with its top off displaying the other 2 layers diamond teeth

Cali Crusher

Another fan favorite, the Cali Crusher has been around for a long time and is also a favorite among many. With a unique threading design which allows it to be opened with a quarter turn, you won’t have to worry about cross-threading every again. Its 6061-T6 Aerospace aluminum body is well made and built to stand the test of time.

The resulting grind consistency is a nice and fluffy medium grind. A great grinder for herb vapes or other applications, the unique grinding teeth makes it easier to stuff herb inside than most grinders. Available at a pretty fair price, the Cali Crusher is a great choice and good if you won’t want to drop too much on a grinder. 

The Cali Crusher Homegrown model in its 4 layers apart displaying the to of the grinder and the branding

Brilliant Cut grinder

The new hype on the block, the Brilliant Cut is as gorgeous as it is effective. Incredibly smooth to grind with and virtually stick-free, the Brilliant Cut is certainly worth it if you decide to splurge. With that being said, the price tag is quite high and this grinder is really almost like a luxury. Made from 7055 aircraft-grade anodized aluminum, the design is gorgeous and very durable. It creates a perfectly fluffy and consistent grind every time.

The lack of threading and innovative center magnet is a huge selling point, as you’ll avoid gunked up threads and the common chunk of herb sticking to the middle. Not to mention the interchangeable grind plates, allowing you to swap between grind consistencies. If you really want the best of the best, get the Brilliant Cut.  We believe this is one of the best grinders for herb vapes we’ve seen so far!

The Brilliant Cut grinder apart displaying its diamond teeth

Storz & Bickel grinder

The only plastic grinder you’ll find on this list, it’s a solid and high-quality grinder at a cheap price. Made from a medical-grade plastic, you can be sure that shards of plastic won’t chip off and mix with your herbs like other cheap-o Chinese grinders. Depending on how long you grind for, you’ll get anywhere from a coarse to a fine grind. The top section also has a pop-off top lid which can act as a storage container.

However, sometimes herb gets stuck in some crevices which will require a pick to dislodge, and the two halves do separate quite easily when in a bag. If you’re looking for a good cheap herb grinder, then this is about the only one we’d recommend, especially for plastic ones. We’d still recommend spending a bit more and getting something made of metal instead though.

Storz and Bickel herb mill acrylic grinder displaying the 2 layers and the top storage

Space Case

The Space Case has been around for a long time and is another popular pick. Made in the US, it’s a reliable and consistent grinder which is made from a mix of aluminum and stainless steel parts. While it’s not quite as innovative or special as some of the other grinders on this list, it’s a classic and certainly gives great results.

These results are found in a consistent end product which is nice and fluffy and medium-fine. It’s difficult to cross-thread and will still have sharp teeth after numerous years. It’s a simple no-frills grinder which offers consistent results and a fair price.

Space Case with all 4 layers apart displaying each layer and the diamond teeth

Magic Flight Finishing Grinder

If you’re dead-set on an ultra-fine grind, then the Magic Flight finishing grinder is a great pick! Made with care and out of wood/aluminum, it gives an almost powder-like grind, if that’s what you’re after. Designed to be used with their popular Magic Flight Launch Box, it of course can mill your herb to be used in other ways.

While it can only accommodate a very small amount of herb and the fine grind doesn’t make it such a good grinder for most herb vapes, it’s worth mentioning on this list as it’s one-of-a-kind really. Of course, you could just flip your other grinder upside down and keep spinning to get a super-fine grind, but it’s not quite as cute and fun as the Finishing Grinder!

Magic Flight Grinder in different types of wood. Maple, Cheery and Walnut.


While you may scoff at dumping $50-$100+ on a new grinder, it may be worth it in the long run. Never worry about poorly ground product, gunked up screens, or sticky spins anymore with a good grinder. If you go through a lot of herb, it’s definitely worth it for the improved user experience.

We didn’t include any electric herb grinders because, well, it’s really not so hard to spin a grinder a couple of times. That is of course if you don’t have arthritis or other mobility issues, then go ahead! The extra moving parts and reliability problems that may arise aren’t worth the small convenience.

You may be surprised at the difference it makes too! A good grinder for vapes will make a world of difference even in terms of flavor, vapor production, and consistency. If you consider yourself to be a canna-connoisseur, then it’s certainly worth investing in a nice grinder, storage container, and humidity packs to get the best experience possible!

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