Boveda Packs

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Brands: Boveda

Boveda Packs

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  • Regulates humidity
  • Keeps your herb fresh and fragrant
  • Gives new life to old dry bud
  • Properly cure freshly harvested flower
  • Anti-bacteria and anti-mold formulation
  • No chemical taste or smell

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58% - 4g
58% - 4g
62% - 4g
62% - 4g
62% - 8g
62% - 8g
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You wouldn’t drink a warm beer, would you?

Never smoke or vape on dusty dry weed again then! Extremely underrated yet essential to keeping any stash fresh, a Boveda humidity pack is the single best thing you can do for your weed.

 Just like how you store beer or wine in the fridge or a cigar in a humidor, your cannabis benefits greatly from being kept at the right humidity.

You might’ve experienced some bone dry, crumbly weed before. Turning to dust by just looking at it, it’s nothing but disappointing and can even ruin your night. A humidity pack is exactly what you need to turn bad bud into sticky skunk.

The Boveda humidity packs come in two sizes: 4g and 8g. The smaller 4g humidity pack is better for small quantities of bud, while the large 8g Boveda pack is great for large stashes.

To use a humidity pack, simply place it in the jar or container your herb is stored in! Special high-quality smell-proof storage containers like the CVault features a dedicated section to place a Boveda pack. Treat your weed like it deserves to be! 

While you can use other methods to add humidity to your jar, you run the risk of developing bacterial growth, mold, or mildew. Boveda packs are made simple out of pure water and salts to prevent growth of any unwanted funk.

What’s Included:

  • 1 x Boveda Humidity Pack

Additional information

Weight.01 kg
(RH) & Size

58% – 4g, 62% – 4g, 62% – 8g

9 reviews for Boveda Packs

  1. Avatar for Brad Z.

    Brad Z. (verified owner)

  2. Avatar for Lynn

    Lynn (verified owner)

  3. Avatar for Anonymous

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Worked as expected. An expiry indicator would be an asset

  4. Avatar for Ron

    Ron (verified owner)

  5. Avatar for Jennifer

    Jennifer (verified owner)

    Works like a charm. I had some jars that were too dry, some were too damp. My hygrometers are all showing 62% +/-

  6. Avatar for John Wilson

    John Wilson (verified owner)

  7. Avatar for Duane W.

    Duane W. (verified owner)

    Expensive; keeps perfect humidity in my CVault containers.

  8. Avatar for Peter Mitchell

    Peter Mitchell (verified owner)

  9. Avatar for Yousuf

    Yousuf (verified owner)

    These are absolutely necessary if you need to increase the shelf life of your nugs!

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