Vaporizer Reviews & Comparisons

Like it or not, one of the ways to improve anything is to have healthy competition. The same holds true for portable vaporizers, wax pens, and desktop units. Because of this, here you have our vaporizer comparisons. 

We know choosing a vaporizer can be overwhelming and some of us may be indecisive between choosing two vaporizers, not to worry, we’ve all been there. For the same reason we created this section where our experts review and compare vaporizers and discuss unique features about each vaporizer to help you choose the right one for you.

Which Storz and Bickel device is the best? What about other devices like those from Boundless, KandyPens, Grenco, and more?! Check out our entire vaporizer comparison section, because you’ll get all the information on the strengths and weaknesses of your favorite vaporizers!

Mighty vs Arizer Solo 2

Two of the most reputed and respected vapes and manufactureres in the industry, the pin up the legendary Storz & Bickel Mighty against the confident Arizer Solo 2. These are two portable dry herb vapes which sacrifice a small form factor for improved battery life, performance, and user experience. Commonly recommended around the interwebs on places like Reddit, we'll dive into which we think is better and why. Continue reading

Comparison: Mighty vs Crafty+

We’ve reviewed both the new Crafty+ and Mighty vaporizer before and have come away pretty impressed overall. Storz & Bickel makes a solid product and have the love and a cult following from thousands of people. We compare their two most powerful portable dry herb vapes, the new Crafty+ vs the Mighty. Check out what we have to say about the Mighty vs Crafty+ battle and which one comes out on top! Continue reading

Best 510 herb vape atomizers around – Which is the best?

510 herb atomizers have becoming more popular recently and it’s easy to see why – huge customization, versatility, and performance in a well-priced and attractive package. Letting you choose the stem, mod, batteries, and even firmware powering these devices, 510 weed atomizers are picking up tracking in the herb vape community. We go over our 6 favorite 510 herb vapes and let you know why! Check out our list here to find the best 510 herb vapes you can. Continue reading

Best Portable and Stealthy Dry Herb Vaporizers!

Maybe you live in a place where the legality of our favorite flower isn’t on your side, or maybe you want something super small that will take up minimal amounts of room. To find the best stealthy and portable dry herb vaporizers, check out our quick list below! There’s definitely something in there for everyone. Continue reading

DaVinci IQ2 vs IQ Comparison Review: which is smarter/better?

We’ve reviewed the DaVinci IQ and DaVinci IQ2 and have come away pretty impressed for the most part. The new DaVinci IQ2 has made some nice improvements while sticking to a tried and true formula. In this DaVinci IQ vs. IQ2 review, we go over these improvements and if it’s worth the upgrade or increased price to get the IQ2. Check out our comparison here for more info! Continue reading

Volcano Hybrid VS Arizer Extreme Q – Desktop Vaporizer Battle

Desktop vaporizers have been kind of phasing out of the vaporizer market within the last few years, but the Volcano Hybrid from Storz and Bickel could mean that they are making somewhat of a comeback. In addition to its legendary vapor quality, the latest version of the Volcano adds the ability to vape with both a whip and or a balloon, as well as Bluetooth capability and a detachable power cord. However, its steep price does prevent most vape lovers from even thinking of buying it. Up against the Volcano Hybrid, is the Extreme Q desktop vaporizer from Arizer. The Arizer is much more affordable while still offering good vapor quality, a quiet fan, remote controls, and precise temperature settings. For full, in-depth coverage, check out our review on each one! Continue reading

Firefly 2 Plus VS The Crafty

The Firefly 2 Plus and the Crafty from Storz and Bickel are two of the most popular and well-known premium convection vaporizers. We put these two top-shelf, dually functional portable vaporizers up against each other in this comparison review. We discuss their ease of use, vapor and build quality, and more. They are two of the best portable vaporizers for dry herb - but which one is better? If you are new to the world of portable dry herb vaporizers and are curious about how to pick the best device for you, head on over to our vaporizer buyers guide. The buyer’s guide gives you in-depth information on what to look for when choosing the vape that is right for you. Continue reading

Puffco Peak VS Focus V Carta Comparison Review

The Puffco Peak and the Focus V Carta V2 are two popular electric dab rigs that are relatively recent releases. Because these portable dab rigs are similar, they are often compared to each other. We have been getting questions about which of these two is the best dab rig, so we produced this handy comparison guide for quick answers on how they work, temperature flexibility, vapor quality, battery life, cleaning, and so on. Both of these dab rigs are cool vapes for sure, and it’s easy to see why they’re so popular. If you want more in-depth coverage one either of these two high-quality electronic dab rigs, be sure to check out our individual product reviews on them. Continue reading

Utillian 421 vs 721 Review

One of the questions we often hear from our customers and fellow vape enthusiasts is about which Utillian device is right for them. The Utillian 420 price and basic features make it the starter model from the brand. The 421 model is a step up from the 420 in price and quality, and the 721 has some distinct features that are improvements over the two. Is the price increase justified, and should you spend the extra money on the 721? We’ll let you know what we think and you decide. Continue reading

Zeus Arc VS PAX 3 Review

Welcome ladies and gentlemen, to another episode of portable vaporizer fight club! Today we get the pleasure of seeing two fairly similar yet different devices duke it out, where there can be only one winner. In this corner, we have the popular and experienced PAX 3, and in the other corner, it’s the strong, feisty rookie, the Zeus Arc. This is a pretty even match up, with both units having their strengths and weaknesses. The Arc boasts a gold vapor path and some of the thickest vapor we’ve ever seen, while the PAX 3 has more heat settings and Bluetooth capability. Which of these two evenly matched dry herb portable vaporizers will emerge as the victor? You’ll just have to keep reading if you want to find out. Continue reading

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