A Guide for Buying Herb Grinders

An herb grinder, also known as a weed grinder, is a device containing teeth to churn and chop tobacco, cannabis, herbs and a variety of materials from plants.

Before the invention of these devices, users had to use scissors to grind these elements. The herb grinders have made preparing for vaping a whole lot easier and more efficient.

When buying an herb grinder, there are a variety of considerations to keep in mind. We at have outlined a few of them. Keep reading:

Different Kinds of Herb Grinders

Following are the three common kinds of herb grinders:

1-Compartment Herb Grinder

This type of herb grinder contains only one section where the herb is placed, chopped and retrieved. With just a single compartment, it is difficult to take the ground herb out.

2-Compartment Herb Grinder

The two compartments in this type are separated by small holes between them. These holes allow only certain chunks of the herb to pass through, making sure that the herb is ground more evenly. Also, since eventually the churned pieces are in the second compartment, they are quite easy to retrieve.

3-Compartment Herb Grinder

The extra compartment in this type is perfect for grinding pollen and kief. The third section is separated from the second one by a thin, fine screen.

Different Material Types

Here are some common material types when it comes to herb grinders:

Acrylic Grinders

Acrylic grinders are the least expensive option. However, they are not durable and only come with one compartment. Also, if you do not take care, acrylic material might find its way into the herb which can prove to be quite dangerous.

Wood Grinders

Wood grinders have a natural appeal and an attractive look. They are also only available as 1-compartment grinders.

Make sure that there is no painting or any other type of finishing inside as it might mix with the herb and produce undesirable consequences.

Metal Grinders

Blog12Herb grinders made out of aluminum are the most preferred options. They are not only safe, but also contain more than one compartment.

Some Features to Watch Out For

Here are some other elements to consider:

Removable Screens

Latest herb grinders include the option of removing the filtering screen. This means that you can easily clean it and change it when it wears out.

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