OTTO Grinder Review – 2020 updated!

If you’re looking for an innovative automatic joint roller with some slick features, the OTTO Grinder from Banana Bros. might be up your alley. The OTTO smart grinder is the first of its kind, so it carries a premium price. It costs more than some popular portable vaporizers on the market today. Is it worth the price tag? Keep reading and find out.

We’ve updated this review for 2020 to let you know how it holds up!

Product Features:

  • Automatic Roller
  • Precision Grinding
  • Innovative Smart Grinder Technology
  • Easy to Use
  • Cool Design

How to Use the OTTO Grinder:

We’ve really never seen anything quite as efficient at both automatic grinder functions and rolling simultaneously. That’s probably because there really isn’t anything on the market today that’s quite like the OTTO roll grinder.

To use the OTTO Grinder, press the button on the side to open, then load up your materials and close the unit shut. Next, load up a cone into the tube and attach that to the grinder. When it’s all loaded up, press and hold the power button and wait for the light to come on. Press the button again after the light comes on. Just like that, you have a freshly ground, nicely rolled cone to enjoy. Every cone produced with this automatic roll grinder burns evenly and smoothly, which can’t always be said for doing it manually.

The OTTO Grinder works with just about any kind of herb or botanical. If you don’t want the unit to automatically roll a cone, and just want to use the grind function, connect the O funnel and place a storage container underneath. Follow the same steps for herbs and botanicals that are perfectly ground!

Otto Grinder

OTTO Aesthetics and Manufacturing Quality:

The OTTO Grinder automatically adjusts its blade function according to the size, density and amount of the material you load into it. This kind of product design and engineering is highly innovative and something we’ve really never seen before.

All of the components fit tightly together and work in harmony. The OTTO Grinder is build solidly and strongly, and will last a long time. We’ve even seen people accidentally drop their OTTO automatic joint roller while it was grinding, and it still worked great.

Unlike manually grinding and rolling, you’ll practically never have to worry about wasted herb again with the OTTO Grinder! To us, that alone might be worth the price of admission for the device.

The device looks attractive on its own, but perhaps the most interesting and aesthetically pleasing aspect of the OTTO Grinder is how you can watch your herbs being ground through the transparent part of the device.

The only issue we hear from customers regarding the manufacturing quality is that the cone section of the automatic grinder feels a bit flimsy. However, the 20 included cones themselves are high quality and the paper doesn’t rip or tear easily.

As for longevity – the Otto has quite a few moving parts and pieces and keeping it clean is essential if you want to keep it shredding and working in tip top shape.

Check out the How to clean the Otto grinder section below to learn how to keep it in that tip top shape!

Otto Grinder Aesthetics

Portability and Convenience:

The OTTO Grinder is highly portable, weighing about a pound and a quarter, and measuring only 2.5 inches X 7 inches X 11.5 inches. The device is spill proof and quick, which is highly convenient. With this automatic Grinder, gone are the days of manually rolling and grinding!  

While it’s not exactly pocket sized, it sure beats spilling herb all over yourself when trying to roll a J when out and about!

The only issues we had with the convenience and portability of this Grinder is that it can be a bit top heavy and does require frequent cleaning. As long as you hold the unit upright properly, the top heavy aspect of the OTTO Grinder shouldn’t be an issue – just don’t expect it to grind perfectly standing on its own. And while you will have to clean the device after about every 3 uses of the roll grinder, cleaning the OTTO Grinder isn’t hard at all.

What Comes With the OTTO Grinder?

In addition to the device itself, the OTTO Grinder comes with a fresh seal cone tube, an extra seal, a cleaning brush, a USB charger cable, a straw for cone retention, and 20 high-quality OTTO cones.

What's Included

How to Clean the OTTO Grinder:

As previously mentioned, the OTTO Grinder does require frequent cleaning. Thankfully, cleaning this smart grinder is quick and easy. The plates made from aluminum come of easily.

We recommend soaking the plates in a high quality cleaning solution like the Zeus Purify Cleaning Kit. To remove any build-up or residue, just use the provided cleaning brush, and you’re as good as new.

Use some isopropyl alcohol to clean out any particularly dirty places as well and you should be good to go! Make sure to clean any spots you’ve used iso on so you don’t taint your precious herb with cleaning alcohol!


The OTTO Grinder most certainly isn’t for the newbie looking for an inexpensive path to consume cannabis. However, it is perfect for experienced users who are looking for some innovative design on a smart grinder.

When you grind up your dry herbs and roll them manually, it’s inevitable that there will be some wasted material. This is almost never the case with the OTTO Grinder. With no wasted herbs, you’ll likely save money owning this device.

As for us, we’re herb vaporizer users and don’t smoke joints all too often – however when we do, the Otto is a great party trick and fun to whip out for a crowd.

One aspect of the cannabis industry that has really been picking up some steam lately is cooking with whole plant marijuana recipes. From fine dining CBD-infused dishes, to THC-infused colas, the edible market has seen as big of an expansion as the vape market has within recent years.

When it comes to cooking with cannabis, eating it is a lot different than vaping it or combusting it. Too much cannabis in a dish can lead to a terrible dining experience, which reflects poorly on the chef. The amount of herb put into a dish must be precise. For this reason, we would highly recommend this product to anyone who cooks with cannabis professionally.

At first glance, the OTTO Grinder might seem like a bit of an expensive novelty item to some people. However, those thoughts usually dissipate when someone digs a bit deeper. Looking at innovative smart design of the device, and how it can save time and save money on wasted materials, most cannabis enthusiasts see the OTTO Grinder from Banana Bros. as a groundbreaking device.

What do you think about the OTTO Grinder? Do you own one? If so, how would you rate it? Check back right here to Tools420 for more great reviews just like this one. Follow us on social media on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages and signup to our Newsletter for updates and to be entered to win prizes! Until next time, it’s 4:20 somewhere!

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