The Core E-rig – The Best New E-rig?

Author Rating: 8.5/10

Ease of Use: 9/10
Temperature Settings: 7/10
Chamber & Heating System: 9/10
Vapor Quality: 9/10
Battery Life: 9/10
Aesthetics & Manufacturing Quality: 8/10

A new e-rig put out by SZ crossing, the same people who brought us the Saionara atomizer, DC Gen 2, the Micro e-nail, and more, we’ve greatly anticipated this release and are excited to give you a full review of The Core e-rig!

Bringing a ton of battery life, removable atomizers, and a reliable build to the table, it seems like a top competitor among the e-rigs around and set to rival the likes of the Puffco Peak, FocusVape Carta, and more.

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How Easy is it to Use?

You can either cold load, or hot load the device. What this means is you can heat up the atomizer pre-emptively and then drop your wax on it like a typical dab rig, or simply load up your wax and then turn the power on to enjoy it.

Double click it and watch the light pulse as it warms up. You can adjust the temperature only with 4 different settings, 2 which are best for coil atomizer and 2 which are best for bucket style atomizers. 

A triple click of the single button changes the power setting from one to another, a simple and convenient way. We would’ve liked to see a display or more temperature settings however.

The Core E-Rig with glass bubbler and carb cab with tether

How Long Does the Battery Last?

A 3000mAh cell, enough said. Finally, a company is including a large amount of power by default in the device. This leads to much better battery life than any other device we’ve seen and outlasts any other rig on the market.

The downside? Unfortunately these batteries aren’t replacement like the cells on the FocusV Carta. Not the end of the world but of course, removable batteries is a big benefit. Thankfully, The Core does have USB-C charging and you can charge from zero to full in less than two hours.

We can’t outright give you a number on how many sessions it lasts since there are many ways to use it and take your dabs, but you’ll definitely have enough juice for a whole day of heavy use with friends.

USB-C charging port

Bowl Size & Heating System

You get a few different atomizers to play with right off the bat; the quartz bucket, the titanium bucket, and the triple titanium coil setup. Each one has a significantly different performance.

The quartz bucket coil is great for those flavor hits. Quartz is commonly known as the best material for flavor preservation and used by concentrates enthusiasts primarily.

The titanium bucket is a mix between the quartz bucket and titanium bucket in terms of flavor and hit size. You’ll get a bigger hit but at the expense of flavor compared to the quartz atomizer.

The triple coil titanium atomizer is great for those big dabs and heavy hits. While the flavor is definitely not on par with the quartz bucket, you can really get huge this and power through a chunk of wax with ease.

The Core is only compatible with concentrates like wax, live resin, rosin, sauce, BHO, shatter, etc, and not dry herb. 

The Core E-rig coil and heating system

How’s the Vapor Quality?

Depending on the quality of your concentrates and the atomizer you use, you’ll get different vapor quality. What can we say though?

It’s excellent. The atomizers are the star of the show and you can get tiny, massively flavorful hits or huge heavy hits with ease. Great airflow, nice cooling from the bubbler, the performance is definitely top-notch.

The carb cap & tether and the glass bubbler

How Portable and Discreet is it?

The Core is substantially heavier and feels nicer in the hand compared to other units in its bracket. We reckon this comes down to the battery inside which is a worthy trade-off. As far as portable e-rigs go, it’s a little larger than some, however not crazy big. 

The included carrying case is nice for taking the device from one house to another and while we wouldn’t really recommend using this on a park bench, you definitely could.

If you want to be stealthy, just use a wax pen vaporizer or oil pen vape. They’re much smaller and can still give you that dab-like performance.

Manufacturer, Reputation, and Dependability

While a company seeded in China, SZ Crossing has brought us the ever loved Saionara atomizer, a wax atomizer loved around the world. Their reputation is terrific and each piece coming out of the factory is well made without safety concerns.

Replacement atomizers are abundant and affordable, and are the same ones you’d find on the large Saionara. Want to swap out for custom coils or one of the many you’d find available for the Sai? Easy!

We’re really fond of the included tether which keeps the carb cap safely attached to your unit. It’s included in the box and nice to have for sure, especially considering some manufacturers require you to buy it separately.

The Core parts disassembled including the triple titanium atomizer, the glass bubbler, the carb cap & tether and the heating unit

Who is This Vaporizer for?

This is a really well priced e-rig and has really great versatility with the atomizer options. The battery life makes it terrific for group sessions and if you want a simple, no-frills and dependable e-rig, then it’s perfect.

Rather, if you’re looking for a very portable and small unit, we wouldn’t quite say it’s the right thing for you.

If however, you want the ability to get those really heavy hits, it’s a great unit for that. That triple coil titanium atomizer hits like none other and really surprised us!

The Core vs the Puffco Peak makes for easy comparison considering the Peak is a couple of years old and the improvements we’ve seen over the years have all accumulated into the newest. Still, the Peak is great and much smaller.


We’re pleasantly surprised and feel fulfilled with it. We feel it’s a great competitor and comes at a really attractive price. The battery life is terrific, USB-C is really nice, the included tether is great to see, and the atomizer options are really where the device shines.

It is larger and heavier compared to some e-rigs out there and we would’ve liked to see more temperature options out there. With better temperature control and removable batteries, it’d easily be the best e-rig out there; however, as it stands it’s still a great unit.

Tips for best performance

  • Clean your bucket atomizer after each session.
  • Less is more! Use less wax in your e-rig, it may perform better.
  • Always have spare atomizers on hand, just in case!
  • Bottom 2 power settings for coils, top 2 for buckets.

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