Both the Arizer Solo 2 and Air 2 launched a couple of years back, yet they both remain wholly relevant in 2021 for reasons clear – they’re both exceptional vapourizers with a great reputation. Which is better though? We’ll get into the differences between them and which is best for you in this Arizer Solo 2 vs Air 2 comparison!

How easy are they to use?

Entirely equal in this department, both the Air 2 and Solo 2 function in a near-identical way. Using the same stem system and featuring the same menu system, there’s not much difference in terms of useability.

With that in mind, the Arizer units are about the easiest herb vapes to use out there. Cleaning, loading, and using them as a whole is nicely simple and can be done by essentially anyone.

We’re big fans of simplicity of design and Arizer does a terrific job here. It’s a tie in this category as they’re for all intents and purposes one of the same.

Arizer Solo 2 vs Air 2 How to use

How long do the batteries last?

One of the real distinguishing factors here, the battery systems on each unit is very good yet different.

The Air 2 uses a standard, removable 18650 battery which is a huge plus if you’re keen on changing out cells and also charges by way of MicroUSB. We absolutely love this and it’s one of the big reasons as to why the Air 2 is so great.

The Solo 2 on the other hand uses a non-removable cell which also gets fueled by a proprietary charger. In short, this seems like some major cons compared to the Air 2, but you get something out of that.

The Solo 2 has essentially double the battery life as the Air 2. Not only that, the Solo 2 practically has the best battery among portable dry herb vapes period. Okay, the lesser-known yet terrific MiniVap has a better battery, but significantly larger as a whole too.

The Air 2 can yield around 7-12 charges on a good day, and of course, those removable cells are a godsend if you happen to have spares. The Solo 2? We’ve seen an average of 15 up to a whopping 25 sessions out of a single charge.

For reasons obvious, these two units are neck in neck in terms of battery due to their advantages, and so we give a tie here as well.

Arizer Solo 2 vs Air 2 Battery life

Bowl Size & Heating Systems

For all intents and purposes, they’re identical! Same bowl, same technology, same stem, same color. They don’t quite perform the same, but that’s for the next segment.

They both use a primarily conduction oven with some tads of convection in there, passed through a full-glass mouthpiece. The heater is efficient, effective, and implemented well on each unit.

The glass mouthpiece holds aprox 0.15-0.2g of dry flower which is good for 1-2 people. It’s a very average sized bowl and if you try to cram too much flower in there you’ll end up hurting the airflow.

For obvious reasons, it’s a tie in this category but hold on! They don’t quite perform the same, why’s that?

Arizer Solo 2 vs Air 2 Chamber

How are the Vapour Qualities?

Credit to the larger battery capacity and improve power draw, the Solo 2 hits better than the air 2. It also heats up twice as fast. It keeps up with big tokes and bubbler rips much better than its brother,

Granted, this is not a 100% increase in performance, or even 50%. Heat-up time aside, we’d say that the Solo 2 is about 20% better in terms of performance. This is not a big deal at the end of the day and most people may not notice a difference at all.

Regardless, they’re both excellent performers and while they might not chuck out clouds like the Mighty vaporizer can, they offer a really great extended session.

It takes ~10-20 minutes to completely finish off a bowl which is a perfect session for watching a movie or a show, however much less ideal if you want to sneak in a quick session before heading into a cafe.

The flavour is exceptional on both credit to the glass mouthpiece and flavor chasers out there will be satisfied.

In the end, the Solo 2 edges out a mild victory thanks to availability of power – the battery.

 Comparing vapor pathway

How Portable and Discreet are the Solo 2 and the Air 2?

Surprise to no-one, the Air 2 is more portable. Some say this is because it’s smaller.

The Air 2 fits into a nice and tidy bundle when paired with the carrying pouch and glass stem caps. The Solo 2 also has a similar setup but the increased size and mass evidently makes it a less practical portable option.

In all fairness, I myself have brought the Solo 2 to a hectic music festival and had excellent results carrying it around and sipping on it all day.

Now, I wouldn’t consider either of these units to be particularly discreet as they put out a chunk of smell and they don’t appear like regular e-cig vapes either.

If you’re looking for real portability and stealth but like the idea of these Arizer vapes, the Arizer Go is literally made for you! For an in-between of a house and portable unit, these two are better than the ArGo however.

With that said and done, the Air 2 takes the win here obviously due to it being a bit smaller.

Comparing the size of two devices

Manufacturer reputation and dependability

Oh Arizer. We very much like you. Your devices are well-priced, nicely made, and perform very well. To add to that, they have excellent reliability and handle warranty claims so well. Proudly Canadian, Arizer has been a top manufacturer for a while at this point.

The Arizer Air 2 vs Solo 2 comparison show exceptional reliability data. Peace of mind is nice and after fiddling with unreliable and sketchy vapes over the years, the pure simplicity and function as well as knowing it won’t fail you is well worth it.

It just works, and they both earn a tie in this category.

Who these vapes are suited for

Solo 2 – You’re a mostly at-home toker who enjoys relaxed sessions with your flower alongside a cup of coffee or tea. Spend a Sunday watching TV, go for a walk in the park, and have a few bowls in the day. Unrelenting battery life and simple cleaning means a simple life.

Air 2 – You’re both toking on the go and at home equally. You don’t want to compromise in areas that other portable herb vapes do (battery life, vapour quality) but are willing to give up a little of the Solo 2’s power for portability. You also enjoy 18650 batteries!

Not suited for: People who need a very portable and very stealthy vaporizer. Refer to our handy little Best portably & stealthy dry herb vapes list for that.


You’ll be happy with an Arizer vape. Admittedly, neither the Air 2 or Solo 2 have absolutely killer cloud production or the most powerful heating elements, but that’s not what they’re for.

The Arizer units are for nice relaxed sessions and enjoying your herb gently. Leave it on for the 15 or 45 minutes while you cook dinner, take tokes throughout. Not many other vapes can do it so comfortably.

The Solo 2 takes the preference for many with its improved performance and incredible battery, but if 18650s and a smaller form factor appeals to you, pick up the air.

If you’ve got any questions, drop them down below and we’d be glad to help out. Thanks for reading this Arizer Solo 2 vs Air 2 comparison, catch you next time!

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