Mistvape Imp/Impcognito – Small package with a big bite

Author Rating: 7.5/10

Ease of Use: 7/10
Temperature Settings: 8/10
Chamber & Heating System: 7/10
Vapor Quality: 8/10
Battery Life: 8/10
Aesthetics & Manufacturing Quality: 7/10

510 herb vaporizers are slowly gaining traction as people are given tons of versatility and performance at reasonable prices. One of these 510 herb tanks is the Mistvape Imp and the Mistvape Impcognito, which share very similar traits with a slightly shrunken size. How does the Mistvape Imp compare to other 510 herb vapes and is it worth buying? Check out our Mistvape Imp review here for more info!

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How easy is it to use?

How to setup the Mistvape Imp is definitely different than most vapes and perhaps not for the beginners out there. If you’re familiar with e-cig coil setups and stuff, this may be not so hard. To start, your best bet might be by installing ArcticFox or sur_MyEvic / Tubo-MyEvic to your mod. Check online to see if your device is compatible.

Next you’ll want to input the resistance of your coils when cold and lock it. Set the TCR to 185 to start. While wattage mode certainly brings good results, temperature control is much preferred for consistencies sake and ease of us. Adjust your TCR or resistance settings up/down if you feel the temperature is off.

A rule of thumb to go by is that 200°C/428°F will make the coils glow ever so slightly under darkness. Play around with these resistances and TCR values until you get what feels right. With this in mind, you can set the temperature to whatever you please, from essentially 0 to flaming hot. We don’t recommend going too high as glowing coils can possibly be hazardous to health.

We like to set the maximum watts to around 40, but have seen fine results with even higher values. The higher you go, the more often you may need to replace the coils.

With that all said and done, you’re ready to go! Load up however much herb into the stem, medium/coarsely ground and tamped down lightly to allow airflow. Inhale gently and enjoy the results of delicious yet powerful vapor!

For use with wax concentrates, we like to set the device to just 20 watts and pulse very quickly a couple times. Using a dab tool, you can directly apply your material to the coils, though make sure to only use a rather small amount! Too much will get messy quick and likely cause problems down the line. 

Cleaning and maintenance are quite simple and almost identical to the likes of the Arizer Go. The glass stem can be emptied out with an small pick and once it gets gunked up, simply submerge it in isopropyl alcohol for 5-10 minutes. Rinse to dry and it should be squeaky clean! Replace the coils every 6 months using a very small Allan key tool to loosen the hex screws. A simple process but coil changing can be intimidating to some, especially with shaky fingers.

Mistvape Imp Glass Mouthpiece

How long does the battery last?

The battery life will entirely depends on a few factors. We only recommend using a mod which takes 18650 batteries and removable ones at that – preferably with 20A+ drain like the Sony VTC5/6, LG HG2, Samsung 30Q and others. Buy from a reputable source to ensure safety and performance! 

Even though your mod may have internal charging, we always recommend using an external 18650 battery charger for safety and efficiencies sake. Considering you may want to have a few spare batteries on hand at any given moment, it’s a nice idea to invest a few bucks into a good external charger like an Xtar or Nitecore device.

With that in mind, we can usually get around 4-5 bowls off a single, fully charged 3000mAh cell, depending on usage habits. Surprisingly, temperature control mode gives better battery life than by way of wattage mode, perhaps since the coil needs to heat from cold less often.

Bowl Size & Heating System (convection conduction induction?)

The pure convection heater from the Mistvape Imp is one of the main draws – rather the main draw of almost any 510 dry herb atomizer. The bowl can fit between 0.1-0.2 grams in it, though the screen can be moved further and even accommodate a surprising 0.3 grams! With the adjustable screen, you can even go down to 0.05 grams or less, making it solid for microdosing too.

It’s compatible with both dry herb and unofficially wax, bringing excellent results with each. With wax you can either put it right in the bowl mixed in with some herb, or rather directly on a warm coil for a dab-like hit. We’ve really found excellent results this way and highly recommend it!

Mistvape Imp Heating System

How’s the Vapor Quality?

The vapor path is party wood and partly glass, which does impart a slight woody essence to the flavor. Not so much to be bothersome at all, just a hint, letting you know it’s there. The vapor production is downright impressive and deliciously flavorful, thanks to the convection heating element. Very pure, very flavorful, this little 510 herb vape even comes up to meet the best like the Firefly 2+ in terms of flavor.

The AVB is rather consistent, preferring a stir halfway through the bowl for the most even extraction. If you like, you can clear a bowl in just a couple big puffs or sip on it gently over 10-20 hits, that’s the beauty in the versatility. The airflow is nice and smooth – not so open but not nearly like sucking a milkshake like an Arizer Solo 2.

Mistvape Imp 510 Thread Atomizer

How Portable and Discreet is it?

Depending on the mod and mouthpiece you use, this will vary. Using a single-battery mod like a Wismec Sinuous P80 and the wooden stem makes it surprisingly small and very pocketable! Not quite as tiny as the Pax 3 or DaVinci Miqro, but certainly very portable. As it’ll look like a rather normal e-cig, it’s quite discreet and it doesn’t put out much smell when using it outdoors! In fact, it’s one of the least smelly portable herb vapes on the market!

Mistvape Imp Portability

What the Mistvape Imp comes with

The standard Mistvape Imp kit comes with – the atomizer itself, spare large and small o-rings, spare screens, a short and long glass stem, and start-up manual. This is pretty decent, especially coming from a small operation. We’d recommend opting for some dosing capsules and possibly the wooden dosing stem for ultimate portability and versatility!

Mistvape Imp Accessories

Manufacturer reputation and dependability

This entirely little 510 herb atomizer is handmade and quite attractive! While the warranty isn’t quite a thing, the owner and builder is a very genuine guy who’ll sort things right out in case anything goes wrong. Replacement parts like o-rings, screens, stems, and coils are all available, and even found at other places online. The coils are standard SS316L claptons.

For what you pay, you get a very nice little package and considering the man-hours into crafting such a device, it’s really a fair deal. The handywork, craftsmanship, and time committed to making this little 510 herb vape is rather solid and we really like it.

Who is this vaporizer for

This little 510 herb tank is really best deisgned for those who like to tinker and aren’t afraid of a little growing pains. Setup, firmwares, and resistances may be a little bit of a learning curve, but once you get it up there, it’s all smooth sailing from there! We liken it to be a perfect blend of an Arizer Air 2 and S&B Crafty+, taking the easy cleaning and removable cell of the Arizer and the performance and compact nature of the Crafty+.

However, the learning curve is unavoidable and if you rather a device that you don’t have to play with, fiddle with, or research some steps online for, then the Mistvape Imp may not be right for you. For the hobbyist reading though, it’s ideal!


Definitely one of the best performing yet versatile herb vapes on the market, the Mistvape Imp is a special device which can really surprise you with the performance and quality! It’s well priced and considering that you can get a Imp + mod for around $150, it’s almost a no-brainer for the performance capabilities.

Still, the tinkering and toying may not be for some and if you’re completely foreign to TCR, resistances, and e-cig mods, then it might be worth getting a simpler device instead. For a stealthy 510 herb vape, the Imp and Impcognito by extension are as good as you’re going to get.

The differences between the Mistvape Imp vs Impcognito are minimal and the Impcognito is just a bit smaller and slightly less pretty than its bigger brother. It’s really best if you plan to bundle it with an Aster RT mod for to make the ultimate stealthy dry herb vaporizer.

If convection heating is what you want but the Mistvape Imp seems a bit complex, check our Best Convection herb vapes for some other powerful units which are mostly easier to use!

Tips for best performance

  • Use ArcticFox or Tubo_MyEvic softwares to really bump the performance up a notch
  • Replace the coils every 6 months
  • Medium-coarse ground herb, lightly packed to allow airflow through
  • Use 20w and touch a very small amount of wax to the coils for use with concentrate.
  • Adjust your resistance by increments of 0.002 up if it’s running too cold, the inverse if too warm.
  • Slow, long hits will yield the best results

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