Vivant VleaF Go review

Author Rating: 7.3/10

Ease of Use: 8/10
Temperature Settings: 6/10
Chamber & Heating System: 9/10
Vapor Quality: 8/10
Battery Life: 6/10
Aesthetics & Manufacturing Quality: 7/10

Another ambitious unit launched by the likes of Vivant, the Vivant VLeaF Go is a particularly unique device which has grabbed the attention and affection of many.

Built to be under $100 and yet perform with the big boys, less find out how the likes of Vivant did on this one.

We liken the V-Leaf Go to be a less fancy version to the Grasshopper vaporizer. Check out our other dry herb vape reviews to help you find the best herb vaporizer out there for you!

How easy is it to use?

While this unit is easy to use, there are a few tips and tricks to get it working best. We have those listed at the bottom of the page so check those out if you need help using your new toy!

Once you’ve loaded up the device properly, you can simply turn the unit on with 5 quick clicks of the main button, while a triple click will power the unit up for 30 seconds. If you like, you can simply hold down the button to get it warmed up. A simple double click allows you to cycle between the temperature settings.

We love the integrated scooping mechanism and stir tool built into the cap – this makes the user experience better and using the device just that little bit easier. Oh, and the mouthpiece by default will fit any 14mm water pipe!

Check out our Vivant VLeaF Go tips & tricks at the bottom of the page to learn how to get the best experience possible!

Vivant VLeaF Go How to Use

How long does the battery last?

The 900mAh battery is about what we would expect and on average with use we’ve found we can get around 4-5 full bowls per charge. This can vary a lot on your individual usage though and how your session(s) look like.

One gripe we have is that the VLeaf Go requires a MicroUSB charger rather than USB-C. While it’s still common everywhere, we’d love to see the new standard be adopted as its more reliable and quicker than MicroUSB.
Unfortunately too, the battery isn’t removable.

This is to be expected as very few small units use a removable cell. While it’s possible to implement, we’re not upset seeing as how small and affordable this vape is.

Vivant VLeaF Go Battery Life

Bowl Size & Heating System

So it holds around 0.1-0.15 grams in the chamber which is on the smaller side, however it makes big use out of that amount of flower. The pure convection heater is a true powerhouse and is the beating heart of this unit.

What’s especially unique is the removable heating element found on the device. Forbid it ever break of malfunction, it can be replaced and even tinkered with for those who like toying with their electronics.

This is huge since heaters fail occasionally on devices and new heaters can be made and innovated upon. Good job, Vivant!

Vivant VLeaF Go Heating System

How’s the Vapor Quality?

If you told me there was a sub-$100 dry herb vape that was pure convection and on-demand, I’d tell you no way bud, you’re dreaming! Nope, this thing is really impressive!

The flavor is great and in line with other pure convection vapes, however you can definitely feel that it doesn’t quite have that glass-clean flavor from devices like the Firefly 2+.

With that in mind, many are not fond of hitting the unit dry. Since it has a short vapor path the hits are harsh. Just like with the Grasshopper, we prefer to hit this unit almost entirely through a bubbler.

That hot convection air hits your throat with force and is rough. If you like that feeling then great! Sure, you can do low temperature and enjoy some easy hits, however it really shines at high temperatures and entirely white-walling your glass.

How Portable and Discreet is it?

It’s pretty tiny! In fact, one of the smaller dry herb vapes out there, you get an enormous amount of power from this marker-sized vape. Not to mention the sleek black aesthetic and the fact that it heats up in mere seconds, you can take it out for a sneaky quick rip and have it put away in no time at all.

Though you might be coughing from the hit size and harshness, it’s one of the best portable vapes out there since you can hit it and quit it in a moment’s notice.

Definitely one of our favorite portable and stealthy dry herb vapes out there and we’d recommend this to any who want a discreet little herb vape which doesn’t announce its presence with space-age bling like the Ghost MV1.

Vivant VLeaF Go Portability

What accessories come with the VLeaf Go?

Considering the price, you get a fairly solid kit consisting of the unit itself, a handful of replacement parts, screens, and O-rings. Here’s a little list detailing all the parts included:

  • The VLeaF Go itself (duh)!
  • USB Charging cable
  • Quick start manual
  • Silicone mouthpiece cover
  • Replacement mesh screen and ring
  • Spare o-rings for scoop and chamber
  • Spare scoop seals
  • Air cooler
  • Cleaning brush
  • Packing/stir tool
  • Box
Vivant VLeaF Go Accessories

Manufacturer reputation and dependability

Vivant aren’t exactly leaders in the industry however they’ve developed a solid name for themselves with their releases of the Ambit and Alternate among others.

While their units have had their fair share of hiccups and bumps, their service has been nice to fix and improve their products while keeping customers happy.

We’ve got nothing bad to say about them and we’re glad they keep pushing the envelope as far as innovation and portable budget dry herb vapes go. We’ll have to see how the Vivant VLeaF Go is for long term reliability.

Who is this vaporizer for?

This vape is excellent for those who want a budget dry herb vape that absolutely rips through a bong. If you like to white-wall your pieces and get those big hits, then it’s a perfect unit.

For those who have lungs which are more on the sensitive side, we’d instead recommend something like the Utillian 620 as it’s our favorite mid-tier portable vape out there.

Want a different budget portable? Consider a Dynavap or G Pen Dash. These are the three best ones out there and you couldn’t go wrong with either!

Heavy and daily cannabis users will benefit from a unit with a heftier battery and better overall performance like the Utillian 722.


We’re extremely impressed with the performance of this little unit and for a portable bong destroyer, there are few out there that can hit like this one can.

On the other hand, the vapor is harsh and even unpleasant when hit dry at high temperatures. While flavorful and employing a pure convection heater, it’s not the absolute best in terms of vapor quality.

Overall, it’s an excellent unit and very good for its low price, however buyer beware – the hits are heavy yet hot! If you can handle the heat, then this is an incredible little unit. We highly recommend using this unit with a bubbler.

Thanks for reading our Vivant VLeaF Go Review, if you have any questions just drop them down below! Catch you next time 🙂

Tips for best performance

Here are some tips and tricks to get the best performance from your Vivant VleaF Go!

  • Grind your herb medium-fine, pack it in a little bit, but not too tight or full to restrict airflow – less is more!!
  • Low temperature for tasty terpenes, high heat for huge hits.
  • Keep the battery topped off with a power bank since the battery drains rather quickly.
  • Stir the herb after a couple of heats to fully extract all the herb.
  • Let it heat up for 5-10 seconds. It’ll take a few seconds of inhaling for vapor to begin.

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