Best Temperature for Vaping Marijuana!

How Can The Right Temperature Affect Your Vaping Experience?

Do you know that the right temperature can actually enhance your marijuana vaping experience? Let’s find out.

With the present rise of marijuana vaping, more and more users are resorting to vaping instead of rolling joints in the recent years. For instance, even without the presence of conclusive experimentation, data and results, vaping is already considered as the safest mode of consuming marijuana. In this vaping process, dry herbs are heated to a certain temperature to generate vapor which is then inhaled by the user.

Role of Temperature in Vaporizing Cannabis

Vaporizing cannabis is less harmful when compared to smoking cannabis with the help of conventional methods like rolling joints. This is because, when you vape, you are not inhaling smoke, but are merely inhaling the vapor. But little do we know about the role of temperature in the whole process.

The temperature to which you heat the cannabis determines your vaping experience to a large extent. Thus, an optimum temperature should be chosen which would vaporize the cannabis properly, thus providing best medicinal and recreational benefits.

As matter of fact, the right temperature releases the right amount of cannabinoids and terpenes from the plant. A temperature higher than an optimum temperature will burn the dry herbs while anything lower than that will not cater a pleasurable vaping experience.

So, we understand how important the temperature is to the whole vaping process and how any alterations here can change the whole effect of cannabis. But, more importantly, what is the ideal temperature for vaping cannabis? Let us find out here.

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So, what is the ideal temperature?

As per Dr. Ian Mitchell, a clinical assistant professor at the University of British Columbia, the ideal temperature range for vaping marijuana is around 175 degrees C to 200 degrees C (347 to 392 degrees F).

But Dr. Mitchell also stated in another instance that according to some rather recent studies, the actual cannabinoid extraction takes place for different vaporizers at a temperature of 210 degrees C (410 degrees F).

According to Dr. Arno Hazekamp, who heads the research of medical cannabis at Bedrocan BV in Netherlands, the ideal temperature would be 210 degrees C (410 degrees F). At this temperature, your weed vape pen / vaporizer reaches a balance between getting the maximum effects of terpenes and cannabinoids and keeping the vapor smooth.

Thus, ideally you should stick to 210 degrees C (410 degrees F), but, if you are curious and want to know the effects of a different temperature range on your vaping experience, continue reading the article.

High or Low Temperatures for Vaporizing Cannabis- What Works Best?

Vaping Temperature There is one major difference between heating cannabis at higher and lower temperatures. When you keep the vaping temperature low, it is likely that you will get very less of cannabinoids and more of terpene. On the other hand, on sticking to the higher temperatures, you will get the more conventional cannabinoid evaporation.

Thus, if you are looking to explore the best vaping experience, both in terms of medicinal benefits and pleasure, it is best to stick to slightly higher temperatures. However, if you want to keep the vaping session less intense, the best option would be to heat your device to lower temperatures. In this case, you are likely to get more of terpenes and less of cannabinoids.

Recently, an elaborate experiment was conducted with a Volcano vaporizer with cannabis. It was first tested by heating it to just 170 degrees C (338 degrees F). At this stage, only 24% of the cannabinoids was released from the cannabis. But, when the same plant was heated to higher temperatures of 230 degrees C (446 degrees F), the cannabinoids yield went up to 77%!

In short, the ideal extraction happens at the higher range of temperatures, but the lower values are said to be relatively healthier! More importantly, it is important to not heat the plant to temperatures higher than 235 degrees C (455 degrees F) since you are merely burning the plant at that point, and this is going to have the same effects as smoking cannabis. This basically defeats the whole purpose.

Thus, it is highly recommended to follow the golden rule and keep the temperature to 210 degrees C (410 degrees F).

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Vaporizing CBD and THC

If you love experimenting, we are sure you would like to work around with the vaporizing temperature of CBD and THC in order to get the best results. However, most of the time, these minor changes do not have any significant impact. This is because the difference in boiling points for both these substances is only about 10 degrees C. So, changing between CBD and THC does not help much because most vaporizers are not accurate enough to trap the difference in temperature.

In general, an average temperature of 210 Degree C (410 degrees F) is chosen and both the substances are heated to the same temperature. This helps the users get the maximum effect from the release of cannabinoids. As a rule of thumb, users should stick to 210 degree C to extract the goodness of both cannabinoids, as it is easier to remember and work with!

Other Factors to Focus On

Although, having knowledge of the right temperature range is important, but there are various factors which could impact the ideal temperature. For instance, have you ever thought of how significant the moisture content of the plants might be?

This is perhaps because when you heat the cannabis in the vaporizer, water is first boiled off the cannabis. This is important to maintain the right moisture content and is surely going to impact the right temperature to vaporize.

Further, the kind of portable vaporizer or desktop vaporizer you use goes a long way in determining the effects derived from the marijuana. If you are using a convection-style vaporizer, it can work to your advantage since the hot air travels through your dry herb and is less harmful than conduction method which your dry herb is in direct contact with heat but not combusting which is still better than smoking marijuana.

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