The Best Oil Vapes for 2020!

With how popular oil vape cartridges are getting, we’d figure we would put out a Best oil vapes for 2020 list! In this section we’ll be covering all sorts of oil vapes, from ones that use cartridges, ones that use pods, and other types! 

We will not be covering the best oil vape cartridges or any oils in particular, as well as wax vapes as they’re completely different. Rather we’re reviewing the powerhouse of the devices, the best battery for oil vapes! Check out our list below to find out more!

Kandypens Rubi

A very convenient and simple pod-cartridge oil vape solution, the Kandypens Rubi is both versatile and reliable in its performance. What sets the Kandypens Rubi apart from the others is the easily re-fillable pod which means you can use your own material to reload a cartridge. This could save money in the long term and allows you to pick your favorite oils to use!

Alongside that, the Kandypens Rubi is draw-activated, has a 1mL capacity, and the 280mAh battery will be good for around 100 draws. With charging via regular MicroUSB, you’ll be ready to go in less than 30 minutes and overall it’s a pretty solid device. The Kandypens Rubi is a solid pick if you’re keen on an oil vape which uses re-fillable pods rather than disposable cartridges.

Kandypens Rubi

CCell Palm/Silo

Arguably one of the most popular and best oil vapes on the market, the CCell Palm and by extension the CCell Silo are enormously popular and for good reason. With a very small form factor which easily conceals the cartridge within itself, you can make sure your precious oils are protected from the outside world.

With both units housing a solid 500mAh battery, you can expect roughly 250 hits per charge. The devices is inhale-activated but don’t have any temperature control to speak of. With that being said, they are great for the money and perform reliably. Can’t go wrong with a CCell vape!

CCell Palm and Silo

Honey Stick Elf 

A small and effective solution if you want an ultra-portable oil vape to take with you anywhere while remaining affordable. The 350mAh battery holds enough juice to power over 100 draws and the cute matte body makes it great if you want a break from all the black industrial type devices we see around.

The body will conceal the cartridge safely inside, protecting it from the elements. The small see-through window allows you to check how much oil you have left inside without having to remove your 510 cartridge. For a good oil vape on a budget, the Honey Stick Elf is a pretty good pick to go after.

Honey Stick Elf

Honey Stick Bee Keeper

Compatible with 510 cartridges up to 10mm in diameter, the Honey Stick Bee Keeper is a nice pick if you want an affordable yet hard hitting oil vape battery. Super small, the Bee Keeper has 300mAh of juice inside, allowing you to get an easy 100+ draws off a single charge. In fact, it’s so small you’ll probably forget it’s in your pocket in the first place.

With up to 20 watts of available power, the Bee Keeper can give you huge and powerful hits which few others in this size category can match. If you want a powerful yet affordable oil vape, then the Honey Stick Bee Keeper is one to consider!

Honey Stick Bee Keeper

PCKT One Plus

More expensive than some of the other choices on this list, the PCKT One Plus brings some premium features to the table with a moderate price point. A small form factor accompanied by 3 voltage settings to choose from gives you plenty of power flexibility, allowing you to change up the experience whenever you please.

A 660mAh battery is stuffed inside with the ability to use pass-through charging in case you find yourself out of juice at a moment’s notice. The PCKT One Plus fits any standard sized 510 threaded cartridge, up to 11.5mm in diameter. For someone who has a bit more to spend and wants a better oil vape than most, the PCKT One Plus is a solid pick.

PCKT One Plus

Pax Era

If you want a pod oil vape with a little more fineness, the Pax Era is the right pick for you! Brought to us by the makers of the popular Pax 3, the Pax Era manages to cram inside a surprising amount of tech inside a very tiny body. Using non-refillable cartridges, the Pax Era is the better pick if you want better performance than the other oil pod vapes around.

For the tech-geeks out there, we can monitor the oil profile, test results, terpene content, and everything else when using the Pax app. This can be huge for many after the oil vape cartridge controversy lately that led to thousands of medical admissions. You also have 4 temperature settings to choose from, with adjustments available within the app itself as well.

While the device is cheap yet the pods are rather expensive, the Pax Era is the best choice for consuming nothing but the best, and the added bells & whistles really add to the experience. 

Pax Era


And there you have it, our list of our favorite and best oil vapes for the upcoming 2020 year! We’re sure there’s at least one thing inside here that’ll grab your attention. If you’re looking for a vaporizer that is for wax, check out our best vape pens reviews section to discover more oil vapes and similar devices!

For more devices, check out our wax pen vapes review section for more if you want to use a different form of cannabis concentrates. For use with dry herb, our dry herb vape reviews and best budget herb vapes pages to discover more awesome units!

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