Boundless CFV Vaporizer Review

Author Rating: 8/10

Ease of Use: 9/10
Temperature Settings: 9/10
Chamber & Heating System: 8/10
Vapor Quality: 8/10
Battery Life: 7/10
Aesthetics & Manufacturing Quality: 7/10

Boundless Technology, despite many challenges and serious competition, is making its way to the top through their introduction of highly unique and innovative technology in the portable vaporizer industry, including the Boundless CFV, the CFX and more. We are going to review the Boundless CFV vaporizer which features a full convection oven and comes with unique accessories including interchangeable oven rings, made of wood and quartz, to change the flavor profile. Without further ado let’s get rolling!

How to operate the Boundless CFV:

To load the unit simply twist off the top cooling unit/lid, then fill the chamber with dry herbs using the loading ring already included in the package. The loading ring works as a funnel and allows you to pack your unit and avoid any unnecessary mess or wastage. For best vapor and flaBoundless CFV Vaporizer Digital SCreenvor we recommend that you grind your dry herbs nicely to a finer grade than what you would use for a conduction oven, as with a convection oven you want better airflow and more consistent heat exposure through the herbs in the chamber.
Then, turn the device on by simply pressing the ON/OFF button 5 times, the digital display screen will illuminate. We adjusted the temperature by pressing the two up and down buttons at the bottom of the digital display screen to our desired temp of 370° F (187° C). The device only took approximately 30 seconds to reach our set temperature, which was definitely impressive. Here is a feature that we like, because it eliminates guessing, when the unit reaches the set temperature the digital screen will display a vapor icon which indicates the unit is ready and you can start by taking long draws.
At the beginning of the session we noticed a powerful flavor, and could really taste the herbs but there was not a lot of visible vapor, which is completely fine. It is very common in the convection system, as the dry herbs need to warm up in the chamber by the hot air and the vapor density will increase throughout the session and soon after a few draws you will notice thicker vapor clouds. For best results we recommend you stir your herbs in the chamber after every few draws that will increase the heat exposure for the dry herbs and increases the flavor and preserves the herbs.

Temperature Range and Flexibility:

The Boundless CFV offers a precise temperature control ranging between 140° F – 446° F (60° C – 230° C). The temperature displays on the digital LED screen and can be modified to your desired degree. For this review, we chose a temperature of 370° F (187° C) to start our session.

Vapor Quality and Flavor:

The flavor produced by the Boundless CFV convection chamber was tasty and smooth throughout our session. We started from a lower temperature 370° F (187° C) and worked our way up to the highest temperature 446° F (230° C). We didn’t notice any change in the smoothness of the vapor as opposed to a conduction oven where the vapor can get harsh if the temperatures are set too high. So if flavor and taste is important to you or have a sensitive throat and like smooth draws then you should definitely consider the Boundless CFV. A nice added feature was the various interchangeable heat retention rings made of bamboo, rosewood and quartz that go inside the chamber to add extra flavor which is pretty cool and definitely unique to the CFV.

Boundless CFV Vaporizer Heat Retention Rings


The previous CFV model used a 3-piece stainless steel assembly for its oven rings. The updated version now features a silicone screen that is all one piece, which seems to have improved the vapor quality and smoothness of the device. Both the vapor production and airflow are better on the newer model, and it seems to retain more of the overall plant profile of your dry herbs. Since the oven is upgraded, it can get a little hotter than the original, so be mindful of that.

Battery Life and Charge time:      Boundless CFV Vaporizer Chamber

Even though the Boundless CFV produces quality smooth vapor and the added flavors with the retention rings, we were not too impressed with its battery life as it seemed very average compared to some other portable vaporizers we have reviewed. The CFV’s charge lasted us around 40 minutes of constant usage which is not terrible for a convection vaporizer since they require more battery juice to produce hot enough air to vaporize the herbs. So if you’re looking for a vaporizer to have long sessions throughout your day the CFV may not be the best vaporizer option if having to charge the battery is going to be a nuisance for you. Although the battery life did not blow us away, the Boundless CFV made up for the downfall with the micro USB charger which is very convenient and easy to charge. It takes about 2.5 to 3 hours to fully charge and another down side we found is that the unit cannot be used while it’s charging.

 Vaporizer Quality:

The CFV’s exterior shell is made of plastic which isn’t always the most durable material to survive high drops or impacts as opposed to metal or rubber. However, overall the unit feels pretty durable and solid with an awesome digital screen which is very visually appealing and it comes in two colors, red and black.


The Boundless Technology offers a 3 year warranty on CFV and 1 year on battery which is pretty average.

Vaporizer Portability:

The Boundless CFV doesn’t compare to the Airvape XS or the Pax 3 when it comes to size or portability, but it is still small enough to easily fit into your pocket, purse or bag. It can easily fit into the palm of your hand however, we found that it’s still quite noticeable when it’s in use, so it’s not as discreet as some of its smaller competitors. If you’re not trying to hide it, then this should not be an issue for you.

Unit Specs:

Weight: 4.5 oz
Width: 2 ⅜ in
Depth: 1 ¼ in
Height: 4 ¼ in


Now for the not so fun stuff, cause who likes cleaning anything? We found this unit very easy to maintain because it doesn’t have too many frills. If you follow our directions below, you should find it as easy as we did:

  1. The top piece / cooling unit, take it apart
  2. Remove the screen assembly, remove mouthpiece
  3. Remove the top of the bowl, the screen and the bowl ring using the provided toolBoundless CFV Tool
  4. At the top of the bowl is the O-ring, remove that next
  5. Soak everything you took apart in rubbing alcohol, (the bowl screen, mouthpiece screen mechanism, mouthpiece, top of the bowl, and the quartz ring not the Wood Rings) then rinse under warm water to clean everything off
  6. Using an alcohol wipe or (pour some rubbing alcohol on a cotton pad), clean the inside of the mouthpiece, and then rinse with warm water
  7. Make sure to clean the wood rings with soapy water instead of the rubbing alcohol
  8. After cleaning put the unit back together, and before using it again turn the unit ON and set it to the highest temperature to burn off any excess rubbing alcohol that may still be in the unit

Note: Do not clean the Chamber O-ring replacement seal (red washer) with rubbing alcohol.


Although from the same family, the CFX and CF are quite different, and offer very unique vaping experiences, so we feel it’s very difficult to compare them.
Offering full convection heating, the CFV shines when it comes to vapor flavor, and herb preservation, but not so much when it comes to convenience because having to halt your vaping midsession to stir the bowl could be rather annoying to some and the battery life was found a bit wanting, so that could be a bit of an inconvenience as well.
Now, on the other side of the coin is the CF/CFX, which offers absolute convenience for an on-the-go lifestyle thanks to its long lasting battery, and simplicity when it comes to operation. Although they produce satisfactory vapor quality with all your herbs with zero technique required and with total convenience, you simply will not be able to compare the quality of vapor or the efficiency with your herbs with what the CFV will give you!

Boundless CFV Vaporizer Accessories

Final Thoughts about the Boundless CFV

The CFV is a great value for a convection vaporizer in that price range, offering good flavor, cool features and accessories, and portability to carry around with you if you need to. However, there is room for improvement in some areas such as the battery life. The battery life is lacking in this unit and if you’re looking to vape long sessions throughout the day then you may want to consider other units like the Mighty or the FireFly 2. But if you’re looking for a convection oven vaporizer and don’t mind keeping your recreational sessions short, and you enjoy a flavorful and tasty vapor that won’t break the bank, then we would definitely recommend the Boundless CFV vaporizer.


If you already own the original CFV, we can’t say that we recommend buying the new one. However, if you are looking to purchase a vaporizer for the first time, the oven and airflow upgrades to the latest CFV model are attractive and worthwhile.

If you have any questions about this review, or if you just simply want to share your experiences please feel free to leave us a comment and! Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for important information, sales, contests and much more that you don’t want to miss! We appreciate you taking the time to read and have an awesome 420!

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    Good convection vaporizer at a reasonable price, fast delivery and I’m happy with the customer service

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