PAX 3 Review – 2020 updated!

Author Rating: 7/10

Ease of Use: 7/10
Temperature Settings: 7/10
Chamber & Heating System: 6/10
Vapor Quality: 6/10
Battery Life: 7/10
Aesthetics & Manufacturing Quality: 9/10

The PAX 3 is an impressive and innovative portable vaporizer for dry herbs. The complete advanced kit, which is pricier, comes with an attachment for wax, crumble or butter extracts as well. Over a million PAX 3’s have been sold, with seemingly most of them being satisfied customers. Will you be the next PAX 3 owner? Read on and decide for yourself.

Note: We’ve refreshed some details here in mid-late 2020 to keep everything relevant!

Battery on the PAX 3

The impressive PAX 3 has a strong 3500MAH battery that lasts about an hour and half of continuous usage and takes about the same amount of time to fully charge. The manufacture says that the battery on this vaporizer lasts about twice as long as that of the PAX 2, the latter being a decent vape in itself.

What sets this vaporizer apart from its competitors is its intuition, as its heating element powers itself down automatically when you’re finished taking a rip. This really helps with saving battery life, and you can go a few days of some serious vape sessions without having to recharge. The PAX 3 achieves this with sensors on the mouthpiece that detect if you’re lips are on it, only heating up when it’s time to do so.

This doesn’t have to always be the case, just change the vape mode of the device – more on that later. Not only is this great for getting the most out of your battery life, but it can also significantly cut down on any wasted herb or concentrate. This is not something that most other manufacturers of conduction heat portable vaporizers can say with confidence.

In 2020, the Pax 3 still has some of the best battery life around! Impressive engineering to say the least, if you need good battery life, look no further.

Using the PAX 3 Portable Vaporizer

In addition to its long lasting battery, the PAX 3 has a speedy initial heat up time of 20 seconds or less. After the first rip, the rest of your session it will heat up almost immediately. The device is ergonomic and feels nice when you hold it. Its aluminum body is strong and durable. The design of this unit isn’t boxy like some other models – instead, its curvature makes for seamless transport in your pocket and filling. Some other vapes on the market today come with a ton of little, breakable parts, but that is certainly not the case with the PAX 3.

The regular cover to the heating element is for those sessions when you’re packing a fat bowl of dry herb. But if you want a smaller session, use the included half pack oven lid; it works much better for those quicker vaporizing sessions. The half pack oven lid only comes with the more expensive complete kit. Most serious vape users probably won’t be using the Pax half pack oven lid all that often though, as the entire bowl on this vape is on the smaller side, allowing for about 0.3 grams of dry herbs to be packed inside. The PAX 3 is a little less than 4 inches high, about 1.25 inches wide, and weighs around 3 and a quarter ounces. While it’s not the smallest, most compact portable vaporizer that you can buy, it certainly is discreet enough for vape sessions on the go without being highly noticeable.

To power up this device, all you do is press the button next to the mouthpiece once. Pressing it once another time will turn the device off. To change temperatures, press and hold the button, and the device toggles through the four preset temperatures. The device vibrates when it’s time to vape, and you can also shake the PAX 3 portable vaporizer to check the battery life and see what temperature it’s currently at.

The PAX 3 has four preset heat settings: 360, 380, 400 and 420 degrees Fahrenheit. Another thing that sets this vaporizer apart from other devices of its kind are its four unique vaporizer modes. If you’re someone who likes to use their Smartphone app with your portable vaporizer, you can use the app for the PAX 3 on your Apple or Android device to have more customizable temperature controls, going up or down at intervals of one degree. If you’re the type who likes to unplug and leave the phone at home, the four presets will suit you just fine, especially if you’re toking on dry herbs.

You can select with boost mode, efficiency mode, flavor mode, or stealth mode – all depending on what you’re up to that day. With boost mode engaged, the PAX 3 will stay warm for your entire session, which is ideal for vaping concentrates. When it comes to efficiency mode, the lip sensors are engaged and the device is dependent on when you inhale, so it won’t start heating up until you start vaping. This will save on both battery life and whatever product you’re toking on. In flavor mode, you will get the best, most robust flavor and aroma of your terpene profile possible. With the stealth mode engaged, the PAX 3 will reduce its heat more quickly after each toke, significantly reducing any kind of suspicious odor.

Vapor Quality

Just like other PAX models, the path that the vapor travels down is completely separate from the heating element, ensuring you’ll never get a hit that’s too hot or harsh on the throat.

Its mouthpiece is made from silicone and the rest of the air path is made from stainless steel. The vapor quality is on par or better than just about any device on the market today, although you won’t be blowing huge clouds with the PAX 3.

In 2020 the Pax three is fine for vapor quality. There are a lot of other units out there both cheaper and more expensive that give tastier, bigger hits – however that’s a very worthy sacrifice for the great user experience, large bowl, and incredible battery life.

What Comes With the PAX 3?

The PAX 3 Basic Kit comes with a USB charger, a cleaning tool, and two mouthpieces. The PAX 3 Complete Kit comes with all of the aforementioned accessories of the basic kit, and includes the attachment for extracts, additional screens, a packing tool, half pack cover and a carrying case.

The basic kit costs around $260, while the complete kit costs about $320. This price point is definitely higher than many other vapes on the market today, but with everything you get, when you buy it, the purchase might be worth it to you. A respectable 10-year warranty definitely adds value to the PAX 3 as well.


  • Extremely fast heat up time
  • Vapes both concentrates and herbs
  • Innovative lip sensors
  • Delicious vapor quality
  • Impressive battery life
  • 10-year warranty


  • The PAX 3 is in on the pricier side compared to other dry herb portable vaporizers  
  • The insert for extracts doesn’t close tightly, leaving a bit of loose opening
  • Hard to get big rips or blow thick clouds
  • Can be on the tricky side to keep clean
  • The metal body can get quite hot after a long session


Even in 2020 the Pax 3 is a top seller and for a good reason. Admittedly it is a little expensive, however the tech and features crammed inside is nothing short of impressive.

The bowl is large, the battery life is second to none, and the design ethos is certainly very good.

If you’re after for a stylish, simple, and effective dry herb vaporizer, the Pax 3 is genuinely hard to beat. If you’re a stickler for vapor quality, efficiency, flavor, and hit size, then you’d be better served by something like the Crafty+.

What do you think about the PAX 3? Do you own it and love it? Let us know in the comment section.

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