Focus V Carta Everlast Atomizer

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Focus V Carta Everlast Atomizer

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The Everlast atomizer for the Focus V Carta is the perfect piece is you want a long lasting atomizer which is more reliable than the original which comes with the unit. Designed with longevity and reliability in mind, it comes with a 6 month warranty.

If you’re tired of replacing dead atomizers and constantly spending money on new ones, then it’s definitely worth upgrading to this one.

It uses a titanium bucket and heating element. The quartz bucket (sold separately) is also compatible with the Everlast atomizer. This is an OEM unit made by Focus Vape.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Everlast Atomizer w/ Titanium Bucket

Focus V Carta Accessories:

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Focus V

focusv logo The Focus V brand is from Las Vegas Vegas, Nevada. Their Carta V2 portable dab rig is one of the best. Focus V is a newer brand that doesn’t have a lot of products out right now. The manufacturer says their 2-in-1 Carta portable dab rig is the first of its kind. Gone are the days of dangerous dabbing with cumbersome torches. With E-Rigs like the Carta from Focus V, you can enjoy delicious dab rips on the go, wherever you are. In addition to their Carta V2, and older Cartas, they also offer a red version of the device. The new red version is called the Crimson Carta. This device comes with new features like a custom atomizer made from silicon carbide and better temperature flexibility. This is an upgrade over the older versions of the Carta portable dab rig. The Crimson promises to provide even better flavor and smoothness with your dabs. And with their Focus app, you get a bunch of new options for customization. The V-Focus brand also has a ton of accessories and add-ons for sale. We look forward to seeing what kind of devices this exciting brand will release in the future.

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