Tools420 Vape Charger (6000mAh)


Tools420 Vape Charger (6000mAh)


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If you’re in the market for a high quality vaporizer charger that is compatible with just about every device you can buy, you’ve come to the right place. The Tools420 power-bank and vape charger is a perfect investment or gift for the vaporizer connoisseur. This vape pen charger is compatible with any vaporizer that charges via a USB charging cable. The Tools420 vape charger is also compatible with any other electronics that charge with USB, such as smartphones.

Powerful Vaporizer Charger

The Tools420 vape charger is powerful, clocking in at 6000mAh. You’ll have no problem providing juice for your favorite vaporizers with this dab pen charger. Most devices tend to take less time charging with this vape charger than they do with their own proprietary chargers.

Compatible With Most Devices

The Tools420 vape charger is compatible with just about every device that is on the market today. Most vaporizer enthusiasts use one of the following units, so it’s got you covered.

Airvape XBoundless CFVFocus V TouristUtillian 421
ArGoBoundless CFXGhost MV1Utillian 5
Arizer AirBoundless TeraG-Pen EliteUtillian 721
Arizer Air & Air 2CraftyKandypens PrismVapium lite
Arizer Air 2Dabber AuroraKandypens Prism plusYocan Evolve Plus
Arizer GoDaVinci IQLitl 1Yocan Evolve Plus XL
Arizer SoloDaVinci MIQROMightyYocan Hive 2.0
Arizer Solo & Solo 2Firefly 2+Pax 2Yocan Pandon
Arizer Solo 2Flowermate SlickPax 3ZEUS Arc
Boundless CFFlowermate V5 NanoPulsar APXZeus ARC
Boundless CFCFocus V OriginalSource Orb 4Zeus Smite
Boundless CFC LiteFocus V ProUtillian 420Any USB Compatible Vapes

Get yourself this well made vaporizer charger today, and never worry about the battery life of most devices ever again. Feel free to ask us any questions if you don’t see your device on the list – reach out to us either in the handy chat, by phone, or by email. Happy vaping!

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