Tools420 Vape Charger (6000mAh)

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Tools420 Vape Charger (6000mAh)

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If you’re in the market for a high quality vaporizer charger that is compatible with just about every device you can buy, you’ve come to the right place. The Tools420 power-bank and vape charger is a perfect investment or gift for the vaporizer connoisseur. This vape pen charger is compatible with any vaporizer that charges via a USB charging cable. The Tools420 vape charger is also compatible with any other electronics that charge with USB, such as smartphones.

Powerful Vaporizer Charger

The Tools420 vape charger is powerful, clocking in at 6000mAh. You’ll have no problem providing juice for your favorite vaporizers with this dab pen charger. Most devices tend to take less time charging with this vape charger than they do with their own proprietary chargers.

Compatible With Most Devices

The Tools420 vape charger is compatible with just about every device that is on the market today. Most vaporizer enthusiasts use one of the following units, so it’s got you covered.

Airvape X Dabber Aurora G-Pen Elite Utillian 721
Arizer Air 2 DaVinci IQ Kandypens Prism Utillian 722
Arizer Go (ArGo) DaVinci IQ 2 Kandypens Prism plus Utillian 620
Boundless CF DaVinci MIQRO Litl 1 Vapium lite
Boundless CFC Firefly 2+ Pax 2 Yocan Evolve Plus
Boundless CFC Lite Flowermate Slick Pax 3 Yocan Evolve Plus XL
Boundless CFV Flowermate V5 Nano Pulsar APX Yocan Hive 2.0
Boundless CFX Focus V Original Source Orb 4 Yocan Pandon
Boundless Tera Focus V Pro Utillian 420 ZEUS Arc
Crafty+ Focus V Tourist Utillian 421 Zeus ARC
Crafty Ghost MV1 Utillian 5 Zeus Smite
Any USB Compatible Vapes
Get yourself this well made vaporizer charger today, and never worry about the battery life of most devices ever again. Feel free to ask us any questions if you don’t see your device on the list – reach out to us either in the handy chat, by phone, or by email. Happy vaping!

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16 reviews for Tools420 Vape Charger (6000mAh)

  1. Avatar for Anonymous

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Charges as expected

  2. Avatar for robert f.

    robert f. (verified owner)

    very handy thank you

  3. Avatar for Dean D.

    Dean D. (verified owner)

    Nice little free gift. Great to charge up cell phones, etc. I keep this one in my motorcycle tank bag, so I can charge my phone as I ride.

  4. Avatar for Care M.

    Care M. (verified owner)

  5. Avatar for Care Martin

    Care Martin (verified owner)

  6. Avatar for Anonymous

    Anonymous (verified owner)

  7. Avatar for Suzanne

    Suzanne (verified owner)

  8. Avatar for Chad C.

    Chad C. (verified owner)

  9. Avatar for Anonymous

    Anonymous (verified owner)

  10. Avatar for Erica

    Erica (verified owner)

    Got this lil lovely as a bonus with my Arc!

  11. Avatar for Matthew Jones

    Matthew Jones (verified owner)

    This is a handy tool for the kit

  12. Avatar for Anonymous

    Anonymous (verified owner)

  13. Avatar for Hans Steffen

    Hans Steffen (verified owner)

    I love the charger, it awesome little bank for cell or vap

  14. Avatar for Kevin

    Kevin (verified owner)

    Not as many charges as I thought I’d get from it, but still better than my last external battery!

  15. Avatar for roger t.

    roger t. (verified owner)

    Je peux rechargé mon crafty + 3 fois cool !!!

  16. Avatar for Marie Josee Gauthier

    Marie Josee Gauthier (verified owner)

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