Edibles in Canada – A guide to taking weed edibles and everything else you need to know!

With edibles in Canada being legalized, this has opened up a whole new valley of consumption of our favourite flower. In this essentials guide, we go over how to take edibles, why the edibles high is different than smoking, and what to do if the high is too intense among other things.

Whether you’re a newcomer or seasoned cannabis smoker, we’re sure you’ll find some good information in our guide to weed edibles! 

Why edibles are different than smoking

For experienced users, a strong distinction between the high from edibles and smoking can be made. While smoking seems to last around 3-4 hours, edibles can easily be 8-12 hours or more, depending on dose and your own physiology. There’s a lot more to it too.

The high from edibles is much more psychedelic than with smoking weed. Your thought patterns, senses (touch, hearing, etc), and general body feeling will likely be very different than usual. For some this can be uncomfortable.

But, why is eating weed different than smoking? This lies in some ‘fun’ chemistry.

While smoking exposes us to certain cannabinoids like Delta-9-THC, THC-V, and others, edibles exposes us to one particular cannabinoid which smoking does not: 11-OH-THC.

11-Hydroxy-THC occurs when weed is metabolized in the liver, which only happens when it’s eaten. It’s this special little molecule, 11-OH-THC, which makes the edible high so different than smoking/vaping weed.

How much to take

You’ll want to start low, for sure! While this strongly depends on your familiarity with being high, your tolerance to cannabis, and own unknown physiology, we always, always recommend starting with less than you think! It’s hard to recommend a specific number, but 7.5-10mg is a safe starting place. 

Yes, you might see 50mg, 100mg, and even 500mg weed chocolate bars or cookies around, and some people can tolerate 100mg in one sitting, this is not a good place to start! Those people are often daily stoners with a much higher tolerance or dab kings who take huge hits a few times a day.

Legal cannabis edibles cannot contain more than 10mg each anyways, so this makes this all the easier to stay low. Even then, if it’s your first time with weed or edibles, take half and see how you feel after 1 hour!

Edibles take longer to hit?

Yes, smoking hits you almost right away, but edibles need to be digested and metabolized before they start giving us that space journey. If on an empty tummy, you might feel this in as low as 30 minutes, but in general edibles can take up to 1 or even 2 hours to start churning the mind.

This is where some of the danger lies, as a newcomer may eat some weed cookies, 15 minutes say “Hey man, I feel nothing” and declare they’ll eat two more. Now, 40 minutes later they’re far too high and now this party is way too overwhelming and the soul seems to be splitting from the body. 

Go slow, wait an hour or maybe even two before taking that second bite. You may be very surprised, and instead maybe take a puff or two from your herb vaporizer or joint – it might just be enough to lift you off the ground and put things into motion.

Can you eat raw weed?

Sure, go ahead, but you won’t feel any effects from it! Sure, we’ve all heard the tale of that one guy or friend who ate a nug and got blitzed. It doesn’t work like that and they maybe placebo’d themselves into feeling high.

Why does eating raw weed not get you high then? Well, that’s because cannabis needs to be decarboxylated before it’s ‘activated’ for use. So what is decarboxylation?

Decarboxylation is essentially converting THC-A into THC. The body does not process THC-A to get you high like THC does. So, it’s a waste of weed essentially to eat it raw! Decarboxylation happens when cannabis is exposed to around 130°C/266°F. 

Fun fact: You can re-use the used weed from vaping for edibles as there’s still THC in there and it’s already decarboxylated! Check out here to learn about what dry herb vaporizers are if you’re not familiar with them yet!

What to do if too high from edibles

The first thing to do when too high from edibles is:

Know that You are safe and everything is going to be okay!!

You’re not going to die and everything is going to be okay! For newcomers who accidentally eat too much weed edibles in one go, it’s possible that paranoia, a freakout, or even self-hospitalization happens in some cases. These are understandable overreactions and indeed everything is okay! 

You may feel incredibly uncomfortable, but edible weed is very safe, and once the high passes, you will not be harmed. Unlike being blackout drunk, there is basically no chance of weed itself being able to cause bodily harm or death. 

Other things to do would be get some simple sugars in (from fruits, candies, or other), find yourself in a comfy and familiar place, and distract your mind with music, a warm bath, drawing, games, or whatever you please.

While taking edibles seems like the easiest, friendliest way to go about it for newcomers, edibles are actually very intense and rather unpredictable in many cases. You may even ‘green out’ and throw up, which some of us have had to endure. It’s not all that bad, but still unpleasant and undesired. 


Weed edibles are a new and fascinating thing for many and seems like the best way to dip your toes into the wonderful world of weed. However, they can be unpredictably intense and oftentimes strange. It’s best to definitely start with lower amounts and prepare beforehand a day of activities.

Start low. Take 5-7.5mg to start if this is your first rodeo. 

Wait for an hour or two to let your body fully process the edibles, the come up can take an unexpectedly long time!

Plan beforehand! Don’t be in an overwhelming or unfamiliar environment. Going out to the bar, club, or even a house party might be unwelcome as you might find yourself just wanting to sink into a bed, listening to music, and chomping away on snacks or fruits.

If you’re a newcomer to weed in general, maybe it’s better to start with smoking or even better, a dry herb vaporizer to get your toes into the water gently, as edibles can at times be rather unpredictable!

We hope this guide helped you out and you’re able to take a thing or two away from this. Until next time!

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