Universal 10mm Bubbler

Brands: Tools420

Universal 10mm Bubbler

  • Universally fits any 10mm bong adapter
  • Provides cooling hydration to your vapor
  • Comes in Regular and Mini Sizes
  • Easy fill/drain design

CAD $27.99$29.99 

10mm Bubbler
10mm Bubbler
10mm Mini Bubbler
10mm Mini Bubbler


Portable, Powerful, Perfect

The universal 10mm Bubbler and 10mm Mini Bubbler is what you need to level up your vape game. The power of water-cooled vapor packs a punch in all the right ways. Enjoy the coolest, smoothest draws yet with this powerful piece.

How to Use

Place the bubbler underneath running water for a few seconds to fill. The water will level itself perfectly and drain the excess. To empty blow on the mouthpiece ensuring all the water has drained. To clean built-up residue soak in isopropyl alcohol or shake the tool with an iso/salt mixture inside.

Additional information

Weight.1 kg

10mm Bubbler, 10mm Mini Bubbler


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