Crafty+ (Plus) Review – The upgrade we’ve been looking for?

Author Rating: 9/10

Ease of Use: 9/10
Temperature Settings: 8/10
Chamber & Heating System: 10/10
Vapor Quality: 9/10
Battery Life: 9/10
Aesthetics & Manufacturing Quality: 9/10

We’ve checked out the Storz & Bickel Mighty and Storz & Bickel Crafty before and overall they’re some of the best dry herb vapes on the market. The Crafty did lately get a 20% battery life update, but now Storz and Bickel have given the Crafty a well-deserved upgrade. Is it what we’ve been craving, or just a cash grab disguised as an upgrade?

At around $279 USD, the Crafty+ is not a cheap herb vape by any means! A premium price-tag must mean premium features, surely. Oddly enough, there are less things in the box with the new Crafty Plus.

Check out our Crafty+ vape review here for more info! If you need more help finding the best dry herb vape for you, check out our Dry Herb Vaporizer Buyers Guide here for more info!

Highlights of the Storz & Bickel Crafty+

  • More powerful heater, warms up quicker
  • Much better battery life (7-9 sessions)
  • Same form factor and size
  • Top notch vapor quality

Downsides of the Crafty+

  • Poor temperature control options
  • Non-removable battery and uses Micro-USB charging
  • Expensive
  • Less things included in the box

Review: Crafty+ Vaporizer 2019

Vapor quality of the Crafty+

The Crafty and its bigger brother, the Mighty, have been known as two of the best herb vaporizers money could buy. Only few other units like the powerful Tubo Evic, RBT Splinter, and Firefly 2+ even come close. With that being said, Storz & Bickel decided to mostly keep things the same, using the same bowl, cooling unit, and hybrid heating tech found in the last model.

However, the Crafty+ now gets up to temperature noticeably quicker (around 1 minute total) than its predecessor. This means the heating tech or circuitry has been marginally upgraded. How does this work out in practice though?

Well, it’s better! How much better? Noticeably, but not overwhelming. The new heating system they’ve throwing inside definitely allows the heater to push out more power and keep up with those big and heavy draws better.

The taste is about the same as the original which is very good, but it’s not at the top compared to other high end units like the Firefly 2+ or Arizer Solo 2. Cloud production and power seems to have marginally gone up which is a good thing for sure.

With that being said, how different is it in reality? Well, we’ll need some more time to tell you. It seems to hit better and easier than the original Crafty, and feels a little bit better than the Mighty, though without as cool of vapor from the extended cooling unit found on the Mighty. It can power through a bowl faster, heats up just as fast, and with equal battery life!

Budget dry herb vapes are blown away by the likes of the Mighty and the Crafty already, and don’t really hold an edge in a head-to-head battle. If you have the cash, we’d recommend splurging a bit and going right into the deep end.

It works just as well with concentrates as the original Crafty, which is fairly alright. Not the best, but certainly above average. We’d recommend a dedicated wax vape for use with concentrates though.

Through a bubbler, the Crafty fills it up well and provides for some huge and satisfying hits that really pack a punch. You won’t find many portable herb vapes that can keep up with the Crafty Plus.

Crafty+ Plus Vapor Quality

Temperature selection of the Crafty+

A big complaint people had over the original Crafty vape was that complete temperature control can only be had through the iOS/Android app. This issue hasn’t been solved however an improvement was made. You now technically have three pre-sets you can choose from! That’s not that great still since we’ve found many budget dry herb vapes to have full spectrum control.

The first two settings are able to be programmed in the app, while the third will always go to the top end of the temperature spectrum, capping at 210°C/410°F. This is actually pretty substantial since most of us can say we mostly only use a couple temperature settings anyways.


New: While the iOS app for the Crafty+ and Volcano Hybrid is still unavailable after Apples ban of vaping-related app from the App Store, Storz & Bickel has recently announced their website application which can control the devices Bluetooth functionality!

You can also use the “Bluenet” app as a way to also access the Storz & Bickel app page found here: Web App. This web app will function for the Crafty, Crafty+, and Volcano Hybrid vaporizers.

Still, for such a deeply anticipated upgrade from such an expensive vaporizer it feels like a cheap dry herb vape compared to devices like the Arizer Go and Healthy Rips Fury Edge which both have displays and complete temperature control.

Build quality of the Crafty+

The PEEK body is a terrific choice, and we can understand why they haven’t moved away from it. While an aluminum or an alloy body would be nice, how lightweight and durable the existing body is makes it hard to move away from. It has excelling cooling, great durability, and a stealthy look. Not to mention the medical certification the device has, it’s a completely understandable decision to not stray away from it. Still, we’d prefer an all-glass or ceramic vapor-path to preserve the flavor from your herb.

Storz & Bickel is known for their top-notch customer service and good reliability rates. They won’t throw out a cheap dry herb vape without going through their typical German process.

Manufacturing Quality and Packaging

With that in mind, we have no doubt of the longevity of the Crafty+. They include a good warranty and throw in the box less than you used to get with the old Crafty! It comes with the device itself, charger, a dosing capsule, spare o-rings and screens, and charging cable.

They used to include a cleaning brush, grinder, and loading funnel with the old model. Sad to see these accessories go.

User experience

Not much has changed on this front seeing how similar it is to the old. It’s very practical and easy to use since filling the chamber, taking a hit, and all that is very easy. Sharing with a close friend or complete strange won’t be an issue at all. The new body design feels marginally better in the hand and looks slightly more attractive, but very slightly so.

Cleaning the Crafty vape has always been a bit of a pain and the new Crafty+ is about the same. While the brush can clean the cooling unit screen easily and effectively, you’ll want to give the cooling unit a deep clean every once in a while. No matter if it’s a budget herb vape or top-end premium product, you’re still going to have to clean it!

Soaking some Q-Tips in isopropyl alcohol and scrubbing any areas with build-up will help a lot, and we like to soak the cooling unit in a small glass of iso for around 10 minutes to get it squeaky clean. Definitely a lot more involved process than with most other vapes.

Crafty+ Plus and Storz & Bickel Grinder

Storz & Bickel Crafty+ cleaning tips!

  • Use 90%+ purity isopropyl alcohol (most pharmacies will carry this)
  • Use cotton swabs to get to the head-to-reach places
  • Deep clean every 10 sessions!
  • Wipe the screen clear of debris every few sessions.
  • Let the cooling unit soak in iso for ~10 minutes and swirl. Remove o-rings before doing this!

Portability and Size

Adhering to the current formula, the Crafty+ is about the exact same in portability as the old. It’s still quite small, very durable, and surprisingly light. You can toss it in almost any pocket or bag and have peace of mind knowing that it won’t come a part or get damaged in transit. In fact, we’d say it’s a perfect portable for someone who is doing all sorts of adventures – hiking, skiing, or advanced couchlocking.

It’s certainly one of the best portable herb vapes around and we highly recommend it if you’re out on the go frequently. The addition of dosing capsules makes reloading and re-filling super seamless. Definitely a top pick for the person on the go who doesn’t want to bother with reloading a chamber so much.

It’s pretty stealthy with its matte black finish and hides well in the hand, but keep in mind the considerable amount of smell it’ll put out! Though dry herb vapes smell a lot less than smoking does, you’ll still stink up a closed space or large room a minute into your session.

Crafty Plus Portability and Size

Battery life of the Crafty+

The new Crafty+ has much better battery life than the original! While it isn’t removable (which we were all hoping for), you can now expect around 7-9 sessions per charge! This is almost twice of what the original got. Some voodoo magic is happening with the new circuitry and heating they’ve gone with. Battery life will vary depending on your usage habits.

Still, we really hoped to see a removable battery and at least USB-C charging. While now it’s not as necessary to always keep it charged up, we’re mixed. It’s a solid upgrade over the original but doesn’t quite completely satisfy us.

Final verdict

We’re a bit torn. The Crafty+ definitely does have some significant improvements in battery life and heat-up time, but the slight increase of performance and marginally better temperature control isn’t anything to write home about. The new body design looks and feels a bit better, but it’s roughly the same all around and you’re not missing out on much.

It’s hard to say whether we recommend it or not considering how we’ve only been able to test it for a short while. It’s definitely better than the original Crafty, but not quite the upgrade we were dying to see.

With that being said, we find it to be a perfect replacement for the Mighty now and until the Mighty+ comes out, we designate the Crafty+ as the new best portable dry herb vape.

Giving it USB-C charging, a removable battery, an OLED display with full temperature control, and the same Storz & Bickel quality to really rock our socks off. If you’re looking for a top notch portable herb vape and have the money, then go for it! If you’re after a budget dry herb vape, then we’d recommend looking elsewhere. The Crafty plus is not cheap!

If you’re looking for a cheap dry herb but want the performance of the Crafty, check out the Utilian 722, Boundless Tera V3, and Boundless CFX.

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11 comments on Crafty+ (Plus) Review – The upgrade we’ve been looking for?

  1. Avatar for Bryan G. Bryan G. says:

    I’m a medical marijuana user and people all over Reddit were saying to get the Mighty vaporizer but I went for the Crafty+ which I find to perform really amazing! I use the dosing capsules and load up 40 at a time with the dosing capsule filler which I find to really be the amazing part of this vape.
    Since I vaporizer throughout the day I needed a device that was easy to load and reliable and the dosing capsules made that perfect. Now, the battery life is on the okay side but I can get through a whole day of vaping 5 minutes each around 7 times a day before needing to fill it up again.
    If I would make any changes I’d request a removable battery or even 2 batteries. Fine product though as we all know those pesky Germans make a mean product!

  2. Avatar for Bas R. Bas R. says:

    Yo imma be REAL I scraped together coins for mad time before I could afford myself a present and thinkin yah im going to spoil myself because I smoke kush a lot and need a heavy hitter. Ppl on reddit and stuff told me to get this vape and at first I was really cheesin bcuz I couldn’t even get a hit from it. Had the mouthpiece on sideways LMFAO put it it on normally and didn’t even get high for 10 minutes. 10 minutes later I was so freaking high like my first ever bong rips wtf this witchcraft shud b illegal lmfao arrest the makers. 100% worth gets me lit AF Sour Diesel all day

  3. Avatar for Graham L. Graham L. says:

    Was really hard to clean my Crafty plus vape but I figured it out and after like 3 months of using it it’s like back to new again! hits are great battery life is alright and its really small. Interesting design but I like it and its surprisingly light!

  4. Avatar for Harold F. Harold F. says:

    A+++++ shipping speed customer support was very friendly at helping solve a problem and were kind enough to include a free gift with my order. Great experience, will update the review once I try my shiny new crafty plus!

  5. Avatar for Thomas C. Thomas C. says:

    Ah memories of my first joints come rushing back since this vaporizer gets me extremely high. The bowl accommodates a lot of weed so for heavy users like me its quite a good thing. I’d normally smoke a gram joint but now I only use like 0.3 grams to get the same amount of high AND I can eat the vaped weed after which gets me super high. Would recommend

  6. Avatar for Darryl F. Darryl F. says:

    Looks weird power tool like my dad gave it to me but its really light and small and doesn’t overheat and hits really hard. Taste is really good clouds are thick overall really good vape 10/10

  7. Avatar for Franco Franco says:

    I’ve been unlucky I guess. I just recently bought a Crafty + directly from Storz n’ Bickle website and the battery is worst than the original Crafty I had bought in 2016 and that it died on me last year. With the original Crafty I could get at least 3-4 sessions, around 45 minutes. With the Crafty + I was expecting at least 70-80 minutes but I not been able to get past 3 sessions with a fully charge battery. I think it’s not lasting more than 40 minutes. I think that maybe I have a faulty version and it’s brand new, only 6 hours of operation. It’s been less than a month I bought it while I was in Europe travelling. I live in Brazil and unfortunately a RMA process is very complicated for me cause Storz n Bickle won’t ship to Brazil I think. I’ve also noticed that my new Crafty + vaporizer always dies on me everytime I still have 20% of battery left when looking at my iPhone Storz n Bickle App battery display. It sure looks like a battery leak, or something related to a faulty battery. It really sucks!!!!

    1. Avatar for Tools420 Tools420 says:

      Hi Franco, we’re sorry to hear about the issue you are having with your Crafty +. Even though you are located in Brazil and the RMA seem complicated, we still recommend contacting S&B for a second opinion, if they ship to Brazil then they most likely have a support team for that region. We’ve recently found out some issues can be resolved by simply draining the battery completely and recharging the unit. It resets the system and the unit will function perfectly fine.

      1. Avatar for franco godoy franco godoy says:

        Hi, thanks for replying! I’ll run a few more tests with my brand new Crafty+ to see how the battery is lasting before a Initiate an RMA. Brazil has very complicated customs and I’m afraid that If I have to send my Crafty for repair, when S&B sends it back to me, considering they will ship to Brazil, even though I bought my Crafty in Portugal directly from them, that it could take weeks or months for it to get to my hands. There’s a chance that it could be taxed by customs, 50% over retail price, cause it’s imported item, and even if S&B send it as an RMA repaired product, you can’t trust Brazilian customs, they could tax it if the want to, or send it back to Germany, cause there’s no regulation in Brazil for e-cigarretes e vaporisers and they are considered forbidden items for sale here and still we have many online stores that sells vaporisers and e-cigs. It’s a grey zone, so it’s a very complicated situation to deal with customs in this regard and I would like to avoid it if possible. But if my Crafty is really defective, I’ll have to deal with RMA and cross my fingers.
        I’ve just charged my Crafty+ using my OG Crafty wall plug charger instead of the USB connected to a laptop. I’m using a timer to have an exact idea of how long my battery will last til it dies on me so I know precisely how many minutes it’s lasting with a full charge. Do you know if having bluetooth set to permanently on has anything to with its battery draining too fast? Anyway, I’ll let the battery drain completely like you said and recharge again and see if it helps. But one thing that I found strange is that sometimes using the iPhone App I see the battery display displaying 2 boxes ( 20%) and suddenly the Crafty+ dies and needs charging? Isn’t that a sign that the battery has issues or is leaking? Thanks for helping out!!

        1. Avatar for Tools420 Tools420 says:

          It’s still a good idea to contact S&B for trouble shooting advise before going through the process of RMA.
          If the bluetooth is set to permanently then yes the device will always be searching to connect to a Bluetooth device and that does take a % of battery.
          It’s hard to say if it’s the battery or the app showing incorrect battery life. We had that issue ourselves once where the app was showing more battery but the device was drained. We had to disconnect and connect to the app for it to reset. I think with apple banning vaping apps there won’t be any updates available for the iOS app and people may run into compatibility issues with new vaporizers. Try S&B’s new web app (link above). Let us know about your findings.

  8. Avatar for Henrick R. Henrick R. says:

    Was a hard decision between the Crafty plus vs Crafty but I think it’ worth it to get this one. The battery life is good, the app has a lot of control but the hits are UNREAL! Big bowl too I stuff like 0.3g in there and that’s honestly good enough for 3 sessions. Haven’t tried the capsules yet but I’ll give em a go soon enough.

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