Top 7 Stealthiest Portable Vaporizers with Largest Chambers

What are the stealthiest, most discreet portable vaporizers? Which portable vaporizers have the largest chambers? These are two of the questions that we get asked the most. In this blog post, we’ve got you covered. We will give you a list of seven of the stealthiest portable vaporizers with the largest chambers. We even went the extra mile and gave you the exact dimensions of each of the vapes, just in case you want to get extra geeky and technical. Enjoy!

1. G Pen Elite

The first vape that makes our list is the G Pen Elite from manufacturers Grenco Science. The G Pen Elite has one of the biggest chambers out of all dry herb portable vaporizers on the market today. You can pack up to three quarters of a gram into this device, which is impressive. To be precise, the chamber size is approximately 0.7 grams.
Grenco Science definitely wanted the G Pen Elite to be ergonomic. While the G Pen Elite is slightly bigger than some of the other units on this list, with dimensions of 4.5″ high and 1.5″ in diameter, you’ll have no problem being stealthy and discreet toking with the G Pen Elite.

G Pen Elite Chamber

2. G Pen Pro

Next up on our list is the G Pen Pro, also from Grenco Science. The G Pen Pro is very similar to that of the G Pen Elite, only with a slightly smaller chamber and diameter, along with a bit of a lower price tag. The chamber size lets you pack about a half a gram (0.5g), which still holds its own against just about every other portable vaporizer that isn’t named G Pen Elite. At 4.5″ tall and with a 1″ diameter, you’ll have no problem concealing your vape hits with the G Pen Pro.

G Pen Pro Chamber

3. Atmos Vicod 5G Second Generation

The third vape on our list is the Atmos Vicod 5G Second Generation. With the ability to pack about 0.5 grams into the chamber, this is definitely a vape with one of the largest toking capacity. The dimensions are 3.5″ high x 1.5″ wide x 0.5″ thick, which will fit in your palm, practically regardless of how small your hands might be.

Atmos Vicod 5G Second Generation

4. Boundless CFC

Another vaporizer on our list that allows you to pack a full half a gram (0.5g) of material into the chamber, the Boundless CFC is a solid pick if you’re looking for a vaporizer with the capability to toke on as much material as you can. At 4.5” high x 1.5” wide x 0.75” thick, the Boundless portable vaporizer definitely falls into the category of stealthy, discreet and compact.

Boundless CFC Chamber

5. Exxus Mini

Number five on our list is the Exxus Mini. The chamber on the Exxus Mini is anything but mini-sized, allowing you to load up to around 0.3 grams into the chamber. While this is a bit less than the previously mentioned vapes on this list, it’s still a very nice size, accommodating for larger sessions. The smallest chamber on this list is still bigger than most of the other portable vaporizers you can buy. Clocking in at 4” high, 2” wide and 1” thick, the Exxus Mini most certainly fits the bill of being a stealthy vape that has a decent sized chamber.

Exxus Mini Chamber

6. Pax 3

Number six on our list here is the Pax 3. The Pax 3 offers a chamber that is ever so slightly larger than that of the Exxus Mini, yet smaller than other portable vaporizers on this list at approximately 0.35 grams. With dimensions of only 4” high, 1.25” wide and 0.75” thick, this unit is one of the most compact, discreet and stealthiest on the market today.

Pax 3 Chamber

7. Airvape XS

Last but not least, rounding out our list of the stealthiest portable vaporizers with the largest chamber sizes is the Airvape XS. The chamber lets you pack about 0.35 grams of material, which is again smaller than some of the other vapes on this list, but still gets the job done in style. The Aivape XS has almost exactly the same dimensions as the Pax3, only difference being a 0.25” wider. The Airvape XS portable vaporizer is 4.0” high, 1.5” wide and 0.75 thick.

Airvape XS Chamber


While you are searching for the stealthiest portable vaporizer with the largest chamber size that is perfect for you, please keep in mind that the chamber capacity of your vaporizer is highly dependent on how finely ground your herbs are, or the bulk of the concentrates that you’re trying to vaporize, and so on. Most vaporizers will work best if you grind your dry herbs as fine as possible, and avoid packing the chamber too tight. This will allow for optimal airflow and the best possible vape tokes. Also, the amount of dry herbs you can pack into a device is different from that of concentrates – so keep in mind those differences when making your decision.

Let us know what you think! What is the stealthiest portable vaporizer with the largest chamber size? Is it one that we mentioned in this article, or someone completely different?

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