Utillian 420 vs 421 Review

With the release of the Utillian 420 back in 2018, the brand made a name for itself by offering a high quality portable vaporizer that offers solid vapor, a sleek, compact design at an affordable price. Due to the popularity of the 420, and the demand for a bigger battery and more temperature flexibility, the Utillian brand responded with slightly more expensive 421. Is the higher price tag on the 421 justified, or are you better off just going for the original 420? Keep reading and decide for yourself!

Product Features:

Utillian 420

  • Easy to Use
  • 4 Preset Temperatures
  • Sleek Metal Design
  • Affordable
  • Fairly Discreet and Portable
  • Solid Vapor Quality

The Utillian 421 vaporizer offers all of the same notable features that the 420 does, with some added bonuses like:

Utillian 421

  • 6 Preset Temperature Settings
  • Better Digital Display
  • Longer Battery Life
  • Airflow Control

How They Work and Ease of Use:

Both of these units are very simple and straightforward to use. Even a newbie who is completely unaware of how to vape can quickly unbox either of these devices, do some quick burn off to rid the unit of manufacturing residue, pack their dry herbs, set their temperatures, and start vaping.

Temperature Settings:

The 420 has four preset temperature settings at 5-degree intervals, ranging from 190C to 220C. The 421 device adds more flexibility to the temperature settings, offering two more to make it six total preset settings, ranging from 180C to 230 C. For best results, we recommend using a mid-level setting with both of these devices. The high settings can be a bit harsh on your throat, although that is more so the case with the highest temperature of the 420.

Heating System:

Both of these units use conduction heating, which you’d probably expect to find at such affordable price tags. The adjustable airflow on the 421 is what really sets these two units apart as far as heating goes, because you can customize your vape hits to exactly how big of rips you like to take. We recommend grinding your herbs as fine as possible when using either of these devices and not packing them down too tightly.

Vapor Quality:

The vapor quality on the Utillian 421 and the Utillian 420 are pretty similar. There’s not too much of a noticeable difference as far as vapor production and flavor between the two. The 421 might offer slightly better vapor production and larger clouds, just because it is a little bit more powerful than the 421. The boost feature on the 420 does add some extra power to the vaporization experience, but the added temperature options and airflow valve give the 421 a bit of an edge as far as vapor quality.

Battery Life:

The battery life is one area that really differentiates these two devices. The Utillian 420 has a 1700mAh battery that will last users about an hour, or between 4 and 6 sessions. The Utillian 421 has a 2300mAh battery that lasts about 90 minutes, or between 6 and 8 sessions. The battery life is one area you’re paying for if you make the decision to go with the 421 over the 420.

Aesthetics and Manufacturing Quality:

When it comes to build quality, these two units are practically identical. Both of the vape bodies are both made from anodized steel, they both have a glass mouthpiece and a ceramic chamber. The Utillian 421 does measure in as slightly taller and feels a little bit better in your hand, but the Utillian 420 is no slouch in that department. With the 420, it will only display the current temperature. The 421 will display both current and set temperature, and also the battery life. It’s not a big deal, but it does justify the slight increase in price of the 421.

Portability and Discreetness:

Both of these units are highly portable and discreet. The size of 42 is slightly larger, but that doesn’t take away from its discreetness. You’ll have no issue fitting these flask-sized units into your pocket and might be mistaken for a standard e-juice vape if you’re looking for discreet tokes and want to avoid being seen. The cover for the glass mouthpieces is a nice touch, meaning that you won’t have to worry about that part breaking while you’re transporting it.

What’s Included With these Devices?

Both the Utillian 420 and 421 come with a USB charge cord, extra screens, a packing too and a cover for the mouthpiece. Both of these devices come with a 1-year warranty, which is about what you’d probably expect for their affordable price tags.

How to Clean:

Both the 420 and the 421 devices are easily cleaned and maintained with a brush. It is recommended that you give the units a cleaning after every two or three sessions. Purchasing something like a Zeus Purify Kit will ensure you that your unit is always clean and germ free. For more cleaning tips be sure to check out our post “Quick Tips on How to Clean Your Vaporizer”.

Summary and Comparison:

The Utillian 420 price is very affordable, and offers a good starter device for newbies looking to enter the vape game. The Utillian 420 VS its sibling the 421 does come with some noticeable differences, such as the wider range of temperature options, longer battery life, and the adjustable airflow that the 420 doesn’t have. For a few dollars more, you can add a bigger battery, an airflow control option and additional heat settings.

One knock on both of these devices is that they aren’t compatible with concentrates. If you’re looking for a device with dual functionality, we recommend checking out the premium model from the Utillian brand, the 721. It’s a bit more expensive than both of these, but also adds convection heating along with its ability to vape concentrates.

What do you think about our Utillian 420 VS Utillian 421 comparison review? Which one would you prefer? Do you own either one? If so, what do you think about it? Let us know in the comments.

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