Utillian 620 Bubbler

Brands: Tools420 , Utillian

Utillian 620 Bubbler

  • Achieve longer draws and cooler vapor
  • Easy fill and drain design

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This isn’t your childhood bubble wand. This is the Utillian 620 Bubbler, the next evolution in your vaping experience. Consider this your pocket-sized superpower as you enjoy longer, hotter, and smoother hits. It will be hard to vape out of anything else once you get your hands on this!

The Power of Water-Cooled Vapor

The difference is obvious when it comes to water-cooled vapor. You’ll see your hot hits become instantly cooled and hydrated. Achieve those temperatures you wouldn’t dare venture to before, and start enjoying your vaping experience even more.

How to Use

Fill the bubbler under running water for a few seconds and it will do the rest. Allow any excess water to drain, take the Utillian 620 mouthpiece out, and simply replace it with the bubbler. To drain, wait for the bubbler to cool off then remove the bubbler and blow on the opposite end until water is completely gone. To clean built-up residue soak the pieces in isopropyl alcohol or shake the pieces with an iso/salt mixture inside.


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utilian logo Utillian, a renowned brand known for making high quality portable dry herb vaporizers. Known for its ease of use, sophisticated designs, and magnificent vapor generation, they have been offering portable vaporizers for years now. With 8 pre-set temperatures and single button design, their recent launch was Utillian 721. Their 721 also packs with amazing 60 mins battery life. And, not to mention it also comes with a magnetic mouthpiece and supports convection heating. Rest of their line up includes Utillian 421 vaporizer and Utillian 420 vaporizer. Both vaporizers come with glass mouthpiece and 60 mins and 45 mins battery life respectively. Above all, they have launched a brand new powerful yet portable Wax Pen Utillian 5. And, rumors are that they are about to launch Utillian 722 an upgraded one to Utillian 721 which may feature better battery life and more optimized temperature control.

Questions & Answers

Terry Young
HelloDo you have a bubbler for a Utillian 722?Thanks

The 14mm whip bubbler fits the Utillian 722 if you place the whip directly into the hole of the 722 if you take off the plastic mouthpiece. Check it out!

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