Is a Dynavap induction heater worth it?

Maybe you’ve seen the rave and crazy about induction heaters for Dynavap vapes and you ask yourself, ‘is a Dynavap induction heater worth it?’ While we’re immensely fond of the Dynavap lineup, there is something that isn’t so nice about it – torching it in public. Rather, even torching it with friends in private may get you some strange comments and looks, likening it to a crack pipe or the other. Not cool, bro.

Induction heaters for a Dynavap have been often called a ‘game changer’, but is this all stoner hype or is there truth to that? We’ll answer that in a bit and tell you about the differences between an induction heater and torch lighters, and which is best between them all. Read below for more!

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The different ways to heat up a Dynavap

Not just induction heat and torches work, you can also use a candle, conduction heater (MistVape Beast), or even a regular Bic lighter. Still, torch lighters seem to be the cheapest, most reliable, and affordable way to properly heat your Dynavap. While the heat-up time will definitely change the vapor you get from your Dynavap, this is a factor to consider – induction heaters give entirely different vapor quality.

Using a slow method like a candle or Bic lighter is a good way to bring the entire bowl of weed up to a higher temperature than say a triple-flame torch. The herb gets up to a high temperature slower, and warmer when the cap clicks than say a triple-flame torch which will heat up and click your Dynavap within seconds.

This gives bigger vapor density and a heavier hit at the expense of time and convenience. But what about an induction heater then? How does an induction heater even work?

Well, they heat up the metal parts via electromagnetic stimulation. The metal itself has its molecules energized via electromagnetic currents, heating rapidly and uniformly. You’d expect with a very fast heat-up time to get wispy vapor, right? The results? Quite surprising.

The different ways to heat up a Dynavap

Induction heater vs torch for Dynavap

So, many people decided the Dynavap is the best vape to quit smoking with, and they’re pretty correct there. The familiar joint-like size, manual heating, mouthfeel, and aesthetic make it very friendly. An induction heater we’ve found really cements this idea. Rather than torching, you just toss it in the little heating hole and let it warm up. Click. Joint-like experience has been drastically improved.

It’s so hard to describe without actually trying it and I personally wasn’t a believer until I tried one. I went to a buddy’s place, tested one out, and click. The next day I bought a DynaVap. The joint-like experience is wonderful and truly a game-changer, not just in the aesthetic, but the performance too.

Induction heater vs torch for Dynavap

Performance of Dynavap with Induction heater

Truly, the Dynavap is one of the best dry herb vapes on the market today, not just for its price and aesthetic, but its performance too. While you can finely-tune the performance using single, double, and triple-flame torches and heating position, how about with an induction heater?

Well, it’s incredible. Really. The AVB comes out perfectly consistent and roasted every time, the vapor is incredibly dense, and still well flavorful. Often times you can extract an entire Dynavap bowl in just 2-3 dense hits, depending of course on the technique you heat with. Using an induction heater is super easy as well and the joint-like experience is just amplified. To take it even one step further be sure you have a bubbler or the Dynavap Bong Adapter nearby. This puts the power of water-cooled vapor in your corner!

With safety, we can say the induction heater gives much better performance than with a torch. What about portability though? Well, even portable induction heaters are a bit too bulky and while it was fun to stuff it in my jacket pocket and take it out to a café, it’s not quite so practical, and heating it with a strange box in public is still a bit strange. So while the Dynavaps are great vapes, they’re still not exactly the most practical and best portable herb vapes around.

Performance of Dynavap with Induction heater

Titanium vs stainless steel tip for Dynavap induction heaters

While the Dynavap lineup has differing tips and materials, the debate of Ti vs SS tip for a Dynavap also pops up when induction heaters come into the equation. With that being said, the typical ‘it’s a matter of preference’ line comes up. Having tested both, they both provide rather similar vapor quality, the difference being heat-up and cool-down time.

If you’re sharing with groups or using a water pipe, then the stainless steel tip is the way to go. For solo sessions and super-fast heat-ups? The titanium tip is your top option. In all honesty, it doesn’t matter too much and other people on Reddit and forums seem to think likewise.

Titanium tip vs stainless steel tip for Dynavap induction heaters

So, is a Dynavap induction heater worth it?

That’s still a hard one to say. Induction heaters are a bit pricey and for that cost you can get yourself a second budget dry herb vape for taking out on the go.

 With that in mind, the joint-like experience is drastically improved, the performance is a tier above using a torch, and it really is a bit of a game changer. So much so that I rushed to get a Dynavap the next day with my new shiny induction heater in hand. In fact, I’ve already had three Dynavaps before but gave them away as I had no need for another herb vape.

So, there you have it! Our comprehensive overview of if an induction heater is worth it or not. We hope this helped make up your mind and decide to/not get an induction heater. Let us know how you feel or please send a message and we’ll get back to you with any questions at all.

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