DynaVap Titanium CCD

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DynaVap Titanium CCD

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A replacement DynaVap Titanium CCD for all DynaVap models, this is the little piece that fits inside the bowl and acts as a screen. Occasionally, these will get gunked up and clogged, restricting the airflow and hurting the performance of your device.

To clean a Titanium or Stainless Steel CCD, simply remove it from the DynaVap tip and let it soak in isopropyl alcohol for roughly 15 minutes. Scrub with a cotton swab if any grime is really stuck in there.

If you’re getting bad flavor from your e-rig, try cleaning both the atomizer and the glass piece and see if things improve!

Compatible with all DynaVap models but made particularly for titanium tip DynaVap models like the OmniVap XL.

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  • 3 x DynaVap Titanium CCD

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dynavap logo DynaVap is a USA based vaporizer manufacturing establishment. DynaVap builds smokeless and battery-less portable vaporizers or as some refer to as one hitters. Also, they design and manufacture all their vaporizers in-house in the USA. The Shadow M and The M are their most popular vaporizers. And not to mention if you are a fan of colorful vaporizers then you would love their Omni vaporizers which comes in various sizes and colors.

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