Dynavap Tiny Bubbler

Brands: DynaVap , Tools420

Dynavap Tiny Bubbler

  • Fits on all Dynavap Vaporizers
  • Creates for a more smooth and flavorful experience
  • Includes a carb hole for controlled airflow

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This tiny pocket bubbler for the Dynavap is one of our favorite accessories ever! Adding just enough cooling to smooth out the hit yet while retaining all that good flavor, we find it’s a perfect little addition to any Dynavap.

Small but Fierce

It stands up on its own and is just about 2.75″ tall. there’s even a small carb hole to control your airflow.

For a truly portable and functional water piece that can be taken on the go, the Dynavap tiny bubbler is one of the best choices around and we use it both on the go and at home. To clean built-up residue soak the pieces in isopropyl alcohol or shake the pieces with an iso/salt mixture inside.

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dynavap logo DynaVap is a USA based vaporizer manufacturing establishment. DynaVap builds smokeless and battery-less portable vaporizers or as some refer to as one hitters. Also, they design and manufacture all their vaporizers in-house in the USA. The Shadow M and The M are their most popular vaporizers. And not to mention if you are a fan of colorful vaporizers then you would love their Omni vaporizers which comes in various sizes and colors.


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