G Pen Connect Glass Adapter, Male

G Pen Connect Glass Adapter, Male

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The G Pen connect is a rather unique dab vaporizer and is a fun party trick when putting it on a bubbler. If you want to connect to 18mm water pieces, then this adaptor is what you’ll need! The G Pen Connect only comes with a 14mm glass adapter by default.

Most old-style bongs use an 18mm connection, so if this can be cause of your vaporizer from not being compatible with it. Also some newer style bongs use a 10mm connection.

To clean out the glass adaptor for the G Pen Connect, we recommend soaking it in isopropyl alcohol and then rinsing and drying before putting it back on.

This Package Includes:

  • 1 x G Pen Connect Glass Adapter, Male

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G Pen Connect Tank

Additional information

Weight.01 kg
Dimensions1 × 1 × 1 cm

10mm, 18mm


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Grenco Science

Grenco Science, Inc. or G Pen is a registered corporation in the United States of America. Grenco Science develops advanced and user-friendly portable dry herb vaporizers. Primarily, they offer 4 dry herb vaporizers including G Pen Pro, G Pen Elite, G Pen Gio and G Pen Nova. Also, unlike its competitors, generous Grenco Science donates a portion of their net sales to tied up non-profit charities. And, they also offer a vast variety of affordable accessories and merchandise.

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